10 Celebs Who Had MASSIVE Weight Loss Transformations

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being a celebrity is hard we see your eye rolls but consider this no one else in the world has their identity so linked to their appearance normal people have other stuff going for them but a celebrity by definition is an image and an image needs spectators to exist celebrities come to understand eventually that body and mind are more important than viewer satisfaction these are the celebs that made big adjustments in big ways some did it for themselves and some just to keep the fans and paparazzi satiated it’s a difficult balance to maintain but it’s not hard to balance us subscribe to the riches so we can give you tons of entertaining videos it doesn’t take much effort and why not like and comment while you’re here will reciprocate the love Gordon Ramsay you think this chef would know how to keep himself thin but anyone who’s seen a chef knows this is rarely the case because if you can make the best food in the world how are you not supposed to sample it enter Gordon Ramsay well never a beast by any means the irreverent cook has gone in and out of healthiness and weight around 250 pounds at his heaviest after his wife Tana a fitness expert had a couple critical things to say about his flabbiness Ramsay hit the gym with fire the results are staggering Gordon lost 56 pounds at last update meaning he’s only 195 pounds on a 6 foot 2 inch frame and he didn’t just lose the weight he got ripped we’ll let you see for yourself Ramsay hired a personal trainer cut out dairy and healthy breakfast and increased his water intake not to mention the intense exercise regimes that make up the bulk of his time and his body he now competes in Ironman competitions not bad for a 51 year old Susan Boyle physical appearance was never on Susan’s side that’s why she became famous the huge difference between the beauty of her voice and the strangeness of her look this begs the question what her boys have been noticed if she looked conventional don’t think too hard cuz that’s the Susan Boyle we have today after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in two 16 the Britain’s Got Talent star was forced to make a health change the first step was throwing away the cakes and sweets she called the bane of her life then she exercised and dieted to give her body a fighting chance now Susan Boyle is slim pampered and revels in the celebrity aesthetic it’s almost as if uniqueness opens the door to celebrity but conformity maintains it we’re glad that Susan changed her look for herself rather than popular culture Sam Smith Sam Smith has always been a little punchy but it’s hard to picture a Sam Smith who’s not heaviness of soul and heaviness of body is a match made in music heaven so it’s a little jarring seeing a skinny person belt out songs like stay with me but that’s exactly what now skinny Sam is doing the singer-songwriter lost 50 pounds in a few months through a crash diet detailed in the book eat nourish glow by Amelia freer the book and the Paleo diet it describes emphasizes eating the same way as prehistoric humans this means a hunter-gatherer diet rather than the process Western diet with which were so accustomed so replace grains dairy and sugars with nuts berries and unprocessed meat the idea is that going back to basics will rewire digestion and make us as trim and fit as pavement however Palio’s criticism centers on this exact point that modern humans have a much different digestive system in the first place thus rendering the diet redundant while it worked for Sam experts say it’s because of simple calorie cutting Addo speaking of large soulful singers Adele was the archetype for big bold and beautiful maybe her talent had to do with her diaphragm of which Adele had plenty though proud of her body the 15 time Grammy winner knew she could be healthier hence the new look though no exact numbers are known it’s estimated that Adele has lost 30 pounds through dieting some exercise played a part however even though she’s a self-admitted gym ofoh she dished most meat and dairy and followed the SIRT food diet which stresses plant-based consumption she dined on fruits and vegetables seafood rather than red meat at all the leafy greens that people hate Adele also credits reduced tea intake contributing factor the sugar more importantly a habit that escalated to ten cups a day for twenty packets of sugar their results speak for themselves and Adele could fit the physical moles of any popstar we wonder if that’s a good thing john goodman huskiness was part of John Goodman’s image the hefty actor was an imposing and humorous presence in film and TV bowling over the more aesthetic stars to become one of the world’s most popular actors from Roseanne to the Flintstones to the Emperor’s New Groove Goodman used his size to his comedic advantage but at the cost of his quality of life the actor got close to 400 pounds before deciding to change the Goodman of today barely resembles the Goodyear blimp of old after plenty of work and sacrifice Goodman has lost well over a hundred pounds cutting his former weight nearly in half quitting bad habits is what put the actor on the right track but it took years of dieting and exercise to drop the significant weight a Mediterranean diet and six days a week at the gym are what helped him get over the hump and Goodman now weighs just over 200 pounds good Anya John rebel Wilson of all the 2017 weight losses none are more impressive than rebel Wilson’s the Australian comic actress was defined by her heaviness when a celebrity is heavy for so long fans get used to it and it becomes hard to see a person as anything different than chubby rebel Wilson is herself regardless of how she looks and she’s proven that with a successful weight loss starting in 2016 Wilson began a health regimen that emphasized high intensity exercise and a high-fiber diet this included oatmeal whole grains fruits and nuts by the end of the year rebel had lost nearly 40 pounds she continued dropping the pounds through 2017 and now looks to have cut her waist size nearly in half Breville also attributes switching high-fat snacks to healthy alternatives like carrots celery zucchini chips and almond butter bad habits are bad for a reason and it’s no secret that getting rid of them has immediate health benefits at 38 Wilson’s full of good habits and good vibes and we hope this trend continued Jonah Hill is there any celebrity whose weight fluctuates more than Jonah Hill since entering the public eye in the mid 2000s Jonah Hill has gone from humongous too skinny to humongous too skinny again he’s now bordering on ultra skinny attributing his last weight gain to his role in the movie war dogs Jonah has since lost more than 40 pounds and looks little like his famous chunky so unusual for Hill he’s not just slim but muscular the actor has chiseled arms and noticeable biceps though not much is known about his recent regimen Jonah revealed his diet plan in 2012 after one of his many weight losses he gave up beer which was his own biggest sacrifice and saw results immediately Benny transitioned to a traditional Japanese diet which consisted of fish and soy based product Japan has a very low obesity rate so Westerners have adopted their diet for the benefit of many people it’s clear when dieting you can’t go wrong with soy green tea and fish thank God for sushi Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian has gone through quite the metamorphosis she went from a larger authentic woman to appearing rather synthetic in fact they all kind of look like something out of ex Mac enough it’s like Kylie is the prototype and the rest are jealous replicants so beautiful in her thickness Khloe thought this wasn’t enough and decided to up the ante she lost 40 pounds and the only weight that remains is solely in her butt Kobe blames the family for pressuring her into the decision describing a conversation in which an unnamed Kardashian told her that her size was hurting the brand she took this to heart and began the rigorous regimen that left her unrecognizable Khloe hit the gym five times a week doing a mix of high and low intensity workouts like squats planking jump rope and weightlifting she also maintained a diet that was dairy-free soy-free Juice free and soda free all for public and ten minutes Khloe doesn’t regret it however she feels happy and healthy and certainly conventional beauty fans aren’t complaining we just wish it was her choice from the beginning Penn Jillette one half of the famous magic duo Penn & Teller Penn Jillette was the big and loud performer in contrast to his short and quiet partner let’s stood six foot seven inches and weighed 330 pounds when doctors informed the magician of a 90% blockage of his heart knowing weight loss was the only hope to survive long enough to see his kids grow he went all in and we mean all in to lose the initial harmful weight penguin on a potato exclusive diet that’s right he ate nothing but potatoes for two whole weeks does the diet work to reduce weight dieticians wouldn’t advise subsisting on one type of food because of the nutritional deficit it would cause Gillette survived however and after two weeks began eating other vegetables and protein rich foods he lost 75 pounds in 83 days Penn went for meeting hamburgers and pizza to the tune of 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day to 1,500 to 2,000 calories all totaled the magician made 105 pounds disappear and now looks quite skinny in relation to his height though he’s certainly healthier the result is shocking monie there’s one common bond uniting midlife transformations and that’s kids since excessive weight reduces lifespans the fear of not being able to see ones kids grow up seems to be the best weight loss motivator after in comedian Monique with three young children to worry about felt having them grow up without a mother was more important than gluttony so she took action Monique lost roughly 100 pounds going from the size of a linebacker to a running back she also dropped six dress sizes in the process what we have now is a woman not defined by her weight but her attitude Monique achieved this goal by working out five days a week and making an extreme change in diet she dropped fried foods and red meat shrank his gallon of water per day and subsisted on fish fruits and vegetables she’s not shy about her journey and recorded her exercise routine to inspire many we’re certainly inspired because it shows there’s no limit to what someone will do for love so which celebrity transformation shocked you the most let us know in the comments and subscribe for more transformative videos while everyone else changes you can count on us for your daily dose of entertainment thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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