10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

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hey guys does it a year fitness model for Miami today where you can do under 10 minute ab workout you can do right home we’re just going to go through each workout for about a minute so I have my phone with my timer so just follow me we’re going to start with a push-up to plank so you’re going to just start in your push-up the session make sure you keep your abs tight and then you’re just going to go down something and right back up okay so we’re going to do this for a minute so get ready to start make sure you keep your stomach tight and breathe we’re halfway done hang in there with me okay ten seconds left stop next we’re going to move into scissor kicks so I’m going to lay back on your on your back you’re just going to scissor so about eye level and come down we’re going to do that again for a whole minute make sure you keep your abs tight okay that’s all point your toes extend your legs all the way out and don’t touch the floor well halfway done just work out this targeting your lower abs so you can get a nice six-pack last ten seconds stop next we’re going to do you’re going to lay down all the weight on your back you’re going to raise your legs up and back down make sure you lift your butt off the off if you are spending my time for a minute and let’s start last one now we’re going to move into mountain timers so you start out and push-up position and you’re just in the plan all right we’re going to do that for a whole minute again okay let’s go make sure to keep your butts up in on your abs tight sad seconds left so now we’re going to do the same you’re going to start up and push up and you’re going to do to the side okay let’s go try to bring your knee as high up as you can and twist okay now we’re going to move into rotating planes so you’re going to start start off in plank position and just rotate all the way to each side okay I’m going to want to EXCI start out in plank booty down lose it all the way up quartzite and to the other side okay we’re going to do the overhead again let’s start who got 10 seconds left last one and stop okay next we done we’re going to lay it down on our backs and then we’re going to braise one night at a time make sure you keep your knees straight if you can’t go as high doesn’t matter just as long as you happens all the way straight and never touch the floor okay let’s go point your toes keep your stomach nice and tight ten seconds okay that’s why we’re about to delicious regular crunches so we finished by hand out okay so you’re going to lean up all the way and then just crunch I’m sure you rest your neck on your hands okay let’s go squeeze through your stock ten seconds left there you have it nice little ab workout under 10 minutes once again my name is Jessica please like and subscribe to the page and I’ll keep making more videos thank you guys

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