10 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners – Improve Flexibility

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Audio Text:
hi welcome my name is golden I’m going to lead you through a basic yoga routine it’s going to get you more flexible lean and that body you want you ready okay we’re going to start with Sun a so begin with your feet hip-width distance apart you’re just going to roll down and relax your hands down towards the ground we’re just warming up our legs here you can grab opposite elbows maybe sway side to side this is called ragdoll pose then place your hands down and step your feet just a little wider if you have a map just right outside of your mouth place your left palm down and open your right arm up to the sky so you have something on your shoulder and you want to show it to someone above you exhale down opposite hand right hand down bring your left hand up to the side beautiful now tilt put your feet back together so your big toes touch and your heels are slightly apart inhale to a halfway lift so place your palms on your shins or if you’re very flexible you can place your fingers on the ground and inhale look forward creating a nice flat back reaching the crown of your head towards the wall in front of you exhale bring your nose to your knees email all the way up to Mountain Pose reach your fingertips up towards the sky and relax your shoulder blades down and back beautiful inhale here now we’re going to do a little back bend bending right at your bra strap with cactus arms and lift your chest towards the ceiling just a little one your first one inhale back up Mountain Pose and then fold forward inhale halfway lift now for this one you’re going to place your pants down the ground about shoulder width apart step your feet back into a plank position bring your body forward about two inches and then chaturanga when you try to round where you want to bring your elbows in to your sides squeezing your ribcage create a 90 degree angle try not to go below that stop with your 90 degree angle turn your feet over and then inhale to upward facing dog now this is the more advanced position this is a little challenging for you just place your legs down on the ground this is perfect to pull your shoulders back lift your chest chop your toes and exhale to downward facing dog let’s take a few breaths here since the start first downward facing dog you want to pull your weight back and up and relax your heels down towards the ground know that if you’re feels don’t touch the ground that’s totally fine inhale look up to the top of your mouth and take a set up tweening your fingers press your toes together inhale halfway lift exhale full-forward knees to nose or nose to knees inhale rise up to Mountain Pose exhale small back bend maybe get a little more here than last time in us straight up exhale dive forward inhale halfway lift find lengthen your spine exhale plant your hands down step back let’s go through that chaturanga again pull your weight forward bend at the elbows you’re getting those nice firm arms here lift your chest exhale downward facing dog again take a few breaths here settle into your down dog pull your weight out of your shoulders so you can dump your weight into your shoulders like this and over time you’re going to start to feel a to shoulders so consciously pull your weight back and up so that most of your weight your feet instead of in your hands and your shoulders beautiful inhale look up to the top of your mouth between your hands and step up between your hands last one inhale halfway lift exhale fold your nose towards your knees inhale all the way up find a bigger back than this time so using all of your lumbar and thoracic spine look back behind you inhale exhale fools or refugee from your hips inhale halfway lift lats chaturanga for finished sequence open your chest exhale downward-facing dog next up we’re going to move into our warrior one and warrior two inhale your right leg up to the sky toes facing the ground so I’m not turning my leg out and splitting open keeping my hips in line exhale step through to a low lunge you have to use your core to get and put that foot down silently turn your back foot down so it’s at a 45 degree angle so this would be parallel to back from your back we’re going to a 45 degree angle and really keep our hips facing forward rise up this is your warrior one so to open up here from warrior one to warrior two we’re just going to open up to the side bringing your foot parallel to the back of your mouth and seem nice and low into your warrior two beautiful so you’re creating a 90 degree angle with your front knee your back leg is nice and straight and you reach you with energy and opposite directions inhale forward exhale your right elbow to your right knee this is extended side angle reach your left arm up overhead or maybe past your ear then inhale reverse your warrior keep your knees bent reach back avoiding your knee joints stretch feel stretching your side want to make sure it smells stretch me back that works and come chaturanga and I was last inhale upward facing dog and then back to downward facing now I’m going to do that on the other side then you’re going to have a little breather okay inhale your left leg high exhale step through low lunge turn your back foot foot to 45 degree angle keep your hips facing forward get nice and low work those legs open up warrior two inhale here exhale extended side angle now that if this is like totally a breeze for you you can let that arm go and reach all the way down to the ground the last option is to take that aren’t up off the ground really using your core reach so now you know the different levels inhale up beautiful and wiggle your arms down bring your foot step back chaturanga inhale updog exhale downward facing dog take a few breaths here inhale look up to the top of your mat take a step up inhale Mountain Pose bring your hands into your heart center feel your heartbeat see you’ve got your heart rate up a little bit nobody does help you to lose weight okay namaste is for joining me today and I’ll see you for the next segment make sure to like you subscribe you

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