10 Secrets To Lose Weight Without Exercise! Healthy Eating Tips

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what’s up guys is Caitlin B and welcome back to motivation Monday oh hi I’ve got so many questions from you guys ever since I think I first started going to you so I thought I would narrow it down to my top 10 ways that you can eat healthier and in turn lose weight disclaimer of course I’m not a nutritionist this is just the tips that have been working for me and that I’ve seen the most results from I’m also not guaranteeing that you are going to lose weight I’ve been eating healthy for the past like year and a half or so I still haven’t seen like extra results in the past at least month especially by doing most of these things so even I’ve seen results and you guys will too but if you are someone who is coming from like a college diet pretty much and just eating a lot of processed foods and fast foods then you are probably going to see like extra results if you do all these things but even if you just do a couple of them my first tip of course if you watched my last motivation Monday video is to swap processed foods or Whole Foods not the restaurant but I do love me some Whole Foods you guys want to know everything about how to do this reset if you want to try it out for yourselves and I will put the video right up here the info bar bub you can check it out after this video but basically you are just omitting processed foods dairy added sugar lutein and alcohol from your diet for 30 days now set seems like super undoable for you then just try to do it like even two to three days a week I talked about in that video but I’m just going to reiterate that you can definitely alter it to your needs by all means you do not have to give up gluten but it’s just something that keeps you bloated and that’s something that may make you feel like intolerance so that’s why bro meaning it but the main thing here is just to get rid of eating processed foods packaged foods and try to eat more Whole Foods into your diet my next tip is to eat in season knowing what produce is in season is gonna make it so much more tasty and you’re gonna actually crave those kind of foods as opposed to dreading them I cannot tell you like how many times I’ve had like a fruit that is not in season and it tastes so disgusting to me that I just don’t even want to eat it also when it’s in season it’s also widely available and oftentimes it’s cheaper so it’s a win-win cranberries spinach kale leeks Brussels sprouts all of these foods right here I’m gonna put a list of them right here are all in season in February I know not everyone is going to like this one but this is to add hot sauce to foods hot sauce is a condiment that has virtually no calories no fat and it’s pretty much no other ingredients besides chili now you do have to be careful and be sure to look at labels I know Tabasco is like my favorite i just think tastes the best and it doesn’t have many other ingredients in it and I know a lot of other hot sauces tend to have edit ingredients xanthan gum salts unnecessary ingredients so make sure it’s healthy and that you’re not just like putting into your body got hot sauce is great because it actually revs up your metabolism and it keeps you from scarfing down your foods because it is obviously hot and when I add it to my foods I notice that I eat a little bit slower and obviously the slower you eat the more your brain actually has time to tell you that you’re full and to stop eating so you tend to not overeat when you add that to your foods so it’s definitely helpful upgrade your foods now this can be super super easy especially with some breakfast staples oatmeal is one of my absolute favorite breakfasts because it’s super filling and it’s super tasty and it’s quick to make you can easily upgrade your oatmeal by first swapping out your package instant oatmeal for actual steel-cut oatmeal I’m telling you guys the packaged stuff even if it’s from Trader Joe’s it often has a bunch of added sugars to it and other ingredients that are so unnecessary once I stopped doing that I felt so much more full from my actual oatmeal when I get steel-cut oats and you can get this at the Whole Foods Trader Joe’s pretty much any kind of grocery store it’s just in a can when I’m making steel-cut oatmeal it does not taste good on its own because there’s no sweetener and I don’t want to add like artificial sugar to it so instead what I like to do is just chop up a banana and also a handful of blueberries and I’ll put that in when there’s still about like a minute a minute and a half left of the cooking time for my oatmeal and that way it just like melt and it’s super gooey and warm and honestly the banana adds the most sweetness to it ever they don’t even need any other sugar and then I top it off with some cinnamon which is a metabolism booster and sometimes I’ll add a spoonful of crunchy no salt almond butter so I’m going to work out after we’re just add a little bit protein it’s such an easy switch just to go from packaged oatmeal to like actually making your oatmeal it does not take that much longer but you’re gonna feel so much more full so much more satisfied and you’re not gonna have those cravings cut back on your condiments or swap them for healthier alternatives I will admit ketchup is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine I’ve always loved ketchup and just like dousing it on all of my foods but it is so highly processed so many added sugars and like Heinz is the worst for you because there’s so much corn syrup and it’s disgusting but honestly Heinz ketchup does not taste good to me anymore ever since I switched to a Trader Joe’s ketchup if you’re someone who cannot give up on ketchup make the switch from your super unhealthy ketchup they are probably eating to a healthier alternative and you can find those most likely at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or any kind of more natural food grocery store that you have around you the Trader Joe’s won I believe does have added sugars but it’s more like natural sugars as opposed to corn syrup and it just tastes a lot better still not like good for you but it’s definitely just those easy switches are going to make difference but if you can cut it out that is even better trust me it gets easier like I loved ketchup and like so much of it on all my foods but ever since I started this 30-day reset it’s got so much easier to the point where like I don’t even crave it anymore and I started swapping my condiments for healthier things now I know this is probably still processed but again I’m kind of tweaking this to like my own meat but I will go for a healthy Dijon mustard that doesn’t have any added ingredients to it and there’s no like sugars or anything put hot sauce on there sometimes that’s all you need to train yourself to live without the ketchup and once you stop having so much sugars your body starts craving what you’re actually eating so instead of like what I used to crave is more unhealthy foods I start craving healthier foods my next tip is to swap your sweet tooth mostly just after dinner I like to just like have like a snack and I used to go for cookies or ice cream packaged foods but my favorites are apples and peanut butter or even bananas and peanut butter acai bowls are my jam I ate so many of them in Hawaii I think I have every single day while I was in Hawaii well you can also make them at home a banana an ice cream is great like you shouldn’t deprive yourself you shouldn’t feel deprived but you should still allow yourself to have those little unhealthy things here and there obviously but easy swaps like this are just going to make a big difference because I definitely add up my next tip is to meal prep when you don’t know where you’re going to be making that week in your foods you’re gonna most likely make bad decisions oftentimes I find when I used to do this like especially in college I would eat snack foods while my food was in the microwave or cooking like whatever because I’d be so hungry at that point and let myself get to that breaking point where I’m like shaking I need food so then I just make really bad decisions that’s a super bad habit to break but it’s super easy if you meal prep especially like on a Sunday just set aside like an hour to to just like cut up your foods for the week put them in Tupperware and then you know what what foods to expect that week and you always have it on hand because if it’s on hand you’re gonna want to reach for it when it’s all washed and ready for you we are all about convenience and that is like the most convenient thing that you can do for yourself it’s also not bad to make like big batches of things especially like soups and stews and stir fries it’s also a really good idea to have some recipe staples it’s not bad to eat like the same foods all the time if you know that you’re satisfied when you eat them you feel good why not make them all the time like you don’t have to have like the super fancy recipe every single meal my next tip is to keep a staple grocery list one that you can always go back to for me I always have fresh produce spinach onion garlic brown rice potatoes avocados and bananas and blueberries those are always on my staple grocery list and I go grocery shopping more often and just get less foods because I like to get produce when you have that staple grocery list you’re going to be less likely to go in the middle of the aisles which is the most unhealthy sections of the grocery aisle then your groceries are going to be more expensive because you’re just grabbing anything that you find appealing at the time and also when you do that you’re gonna pick things that oftentimes don’t go into a recipe whatever I do that I just spend so much money and I don’t even use half the stuff like it goes bad my next tip is something that you probably heard non-stop but I’m just gonna say it because why not stop the sugary drinks I know it could be difficult you are someone who’s addicted to coke but that’s really bad but you can switch to something really disgusting like Lacroix honestly if you’re addicted to soft drinks so try to limit it you have to wean yourself off that I feel like it’s not something that you can just stop but maybe do it every other day for a while and then starch and maybe just do it twice a week three times a week and then eventually once a week or zero times a week would be the best because those are just so many aimless calories and sugar that your body does not need and that’s easily the culprit of gaining weight for a lot of people I honestly don’t love these by any means but I also don’t love Papa Lacroix is great because it’s just carbonated water and natural flavor but definitely something to look into if you are looking for an alternative my last tip is to eat less sodium honestly probably the hardest for me because I grew up just loving salt and I would eat fast foods all the time and I would just ask so much sold to all my foods it was honestly kind of disgusting but I’ve gotten a lot better lately but you know it’s still something I’m working on a really easy fix to do if you love salt is to just omit it from your cooking so when you’re like making a stir fry for example a lot of recipes call for putting salt in your recipe but it’s really unnecessary like you do not need to do that at all this often times when you’re serving the food when you’re eating it you’re gonna add salt to it anyway like just on top of it it’s gonna be a lot more satisfying when it’s on top right where your tastebuds are and you’re gonna taste the salt so if you are doing microwavable meals why’d you omit those but if you are doing them really look for low sodium or like no added salt sodium makes you bloated it retains your water and also you just look super super tired I know for me I have really bad under-eye bags whenever I eat salt or like dehydrate myself it just gets so bad and that is the biggest culprit of it all so alcohol just makes those like super crazy okay guys so those are my tips I believe that was ten if it wasn’t I apologize but I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want more motivation Monday videos definitely give this video a thumbs up to let me know I’m also going to be doing an update on my 30-day reset my results from it if I’m gonna keep going with it that will probably be the next motivation Monday so stay tuned for that if you guys want to see my last motivation 1-day video again I will put that in the info bar above as well as some other what I eat a day videos just to get you guys inspired but I hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you guys very soon

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