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10 Simple Tricks to Eat Less (+ lose weight)

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hey guys it’s Clancy and today I’m going to be doing a video that I think most of you will find quite helpful I don’t care who you are I’m sure at one point in your life you’ve been like yo I gotta really eat last but you don’t really know how so I thought of 10 simple tricks that can really help you eat less and I have been actually planning this video for like three weeks I kind of wanted to just to get like the 10 biggest tips that I think are the best so whenever I thought of one I randomly go into the notes of my phone and type it up and then finally today I realized I had 10 and I was like 10 is like such a classic number like I’m a sucker for like even-steven great numbers like if it was seven I would’ve been like no but 10 that’s that’s just ten is just tons great so yeah let’s just get started the very first tip is to make your food count and what I mean by that is that you can’t pick foods that aren’t going to fill you up and you can just pick foods that have no nutrients in them no macros macros or protein fat and carbs and an example of this is basically like not a person on the grocery store not really 98 percent but all of those snack aisles any type of junk food really like Twinkies or cakes or host that any of that it’s just not going to fill you up it’s like a waste of calories and you’re just going to be hungry right after what you want to look for an order fill you up are two main things first is fiber oh my gosh this is huge I swear like fiber just naturally makes you so full never I pick up a food I like to be mindful doesn’t have a lot of fiber and it will actually fill me up and what it does have a lot of fiber it’s kind of getting like a great bang for your buck kind of type thing and another thing is protein protein also fills you up quite a bit and those are two things that you want to look forward to see if they’re in your food because you do want to get filled up the next thing I know you’ve heard so many times and you might be ignore me right now but hear me out and it is to eat breakfast and that’s just a breakfast a big breakfast and they are probably thinking why would I want to waste my calories so early in the morning that’s annoying no way and here’s the thing when I say breakfast I don’t care what nutrition to say personally my advice isn’t stuff your face on the second you wake up that’s not how I think of it personally I don’t need breakfast until so late because I’m not hungry or I’m too busy but I do make sure I get in three meals I mean honestly it could be recommended that you do like five small meals like that but I do make sure I get an me that I need but the thing about breakfast and having a big breakfast is that you are not going to feel as full throughout your day so by just having a flimsy old egg white omelet which is what I used to have personally I found that I was so hungry like an hour later just because it didn’t have the fiber that I needed I recommend something like oatmeal or healthy cereal healthy obviously it’s nothing to be healthy but I don’t mean like Cocoa Krispies or Lucky Charms I mean you can research and find personally I think the whole Kashi brand is amazing filled with fiber packed with protein at least the one I eat and it makes me feel so full so you really want a big hearty breakfast and I know this sounds like a broken record you’re like oh my god shut up but I’m just saying it really has helped me a lot and you might want to try it out if you don’t already another big tip is to pre-portion your foods probably the biggest thing and the biggest problem I think Americans more than any other country has also other countries maybe but America is like huge is that we eat and we eat and we eat and we eat so much and we’re used to these huge huge portions and it’s just not okay our bodies physically cannot handle that much food you have to eat at a restaurant and it is great when you get a whole plate full of food and it’s oh my gosh this is amazing but you really need all that know and you really shouldn’t have all of that the best thing to do is to proportion your food know how much you can’t happen how much you’re going to have don’t just take a whole bag of something and start eating and get lost in how many you have literally put it on the plate so that you know how much you need so that you are controlling how much you’re eating and if you know when you’re preparing your meal you’re so hungry that you’re going to dump everything on do it the night before when you have a nice full stomach pre-portion your foods because it’s when you’re really hungry you’re gonna want to dump it all on your food but you have to remember that when we’re so hungry we think like I always say I can eat a baby giraffe I don’t know what that even means but I’m just like I could eat a baby giraffe right now I’m so hungry but honestly if you’re like three bites of my meal I already feel like whoa I’m not even hungry anymore so it’s just we we think we need so much more than we do another huge tip is to use smaller plates I know this sounds crazy but this is actually something that I do and I find actually works basically when you put your food on a huge plate it seems like not that much and like oh my gosh and even eat that much I’m not even eating that much I could use so much more than you even kind of check yourself in thinking you’re not even that hungry when you use a small plate it is stuffed to the brim like I like to just stuff ever like I have two salad bowls at my house um one is huge and one is medium the medium one my salad is like overflowing out of it the huge one my salad barely fills it up so you’d think I’d want the huge one because well I don’t think so ver flan but just mentally I like having a stuffed full because it makes me feel like I’m eating so much and it’s just personally a this this tip is huge for me tip number five is to eliminate your weakness if you have one and you probably do personally I feel like we all have one food that we just can’t eat normally we don’t have a normal relationship with it and maybe this is just me but you know what maybe it is just me personally chocolate is something that I had to eliminate and grapes which is really weird but honestly chocolate it’s like I needed to have it every single day and I would eat so much of it and I just couldn’t have a normal relationship with chocolate like yeah I mean I probably could now if I wanted to but it’s just so much easier for me to just eliminate it completely I haven’t had chocolate since October of 2012 and you know what I’m happier without it so and it was my favorite thing in the entire world then over the summer I developed an addiction to grapes and ah honestly there’s no eating just five grapes for me I need to have like 50 which is crazy and I know I know I don’t need to I do have a lot of willpower let me say but it just it doesn’t satisfy me to have five that’s what I’ll say like when people say oh my gosh you go to such extreme lengths just eliminating food from your lifestyle personally for me it’s either all or nothing and having a little bit just doesn’t satisfy me and that’s just my personality so if you can just eliminate that weakness just get over it it just it’s not going to have a good place in your life so what does that beet ship store if you have a certain dessert food that you know when you eat it it’s just you’re eating way too much of it or you eat it way too often just eliminate it it has no place in your life number six to keep a food journal and it was heard about this and I was like honest I’m not gonna write down my food how is that even helped but I think it really does help in the beginning of this year I kept a little food journal where I wrote down every single thing I ate and it just made you so accountable to everything if you were to just you know let’s say I take a handful of chips or something you might not think about that but then when you write it down like oh I don’t want to write down handful of chips like Wow and you realize whoa that really does that up that could be a hundred calories right there and it’s like whoa I think should start like adding things up and realizing it’s like crap tip number seven is to plan ahead this is huge for me I just know what I’m going to eat every single day because I basically eat like the same four things so I know exactly what I’ll have every single day if you don’t plan if you don’t know you can just start eating like a whole bunch of crap and you just don’t know like I can’t imagine not knowing what I’ll be eating every day today I just knew exactly what was gonna have for breakfast lunch and I know what I’m having for dinner I’m going out to eat um so just knowing like it’s half the battle I swear you then nothing will take you by surprise no oh man like this came up and now I’m eating this now I’m eating a whole crapload like none of that it’s just planning ahead really really does help number eight is do not over restrict okay like don’t be too oh my gosh I’m just gonna eat you know what is for lunch and then this and then that if that doesn’t work for you a lot of people actually I know a lot of my friends come to me whatever they want you know how eating healthy and stuff like that because they know I’m very into that and they all come to me I swear I just been one of them with all right tomorrow I’m just eating this this in this I’m like alright that ends up to like 1000 calories and guess what you’re not going to do it you can’t be unrealistic with it even even some of them do abs like 1500 calories which is like a night which is a fine amount to eat but I’m like guess what no add in something in there because you’re not going to last you can’t go from 100 to zero to go from eating all this crap to just poop nothing like oh now I mean I completely healthy you will break I’m telling you you will you’ll binge and then that’s like taking two steps back okay so I definitely recommend not going from zero to 100 real quick real quick tip number nine is to leave a little bit of something on your plate at the end of each meal personally I don’t follow this I just don’t however I read somewhere I can’t remember where this was a few months ago but if you were to leave like this much of what you’re eating at the end of every meal you can save about I think it was like fifty calories a day and then that adds up to like and that adds up Slyke over 300 calories a week which is huge you know my especially your char lose weight and I know you might think this is like wasting food and how could you but I don’t know personally is it that little amount I don’t really think so for me though when I say I eat every drop what I put on my plate I mean like I will eat my salad and I will like there won’t even be a shred of lettuce left I just eat everything and you know I’m not trying to lose weight at the moment so it doesn’t matter but if you are eternal lose weight I definitely do recommend that and it kind of gets you in the habit of not like heading like devouring food however if this makes you feel too hungry after and stuff it’s kind of more for people who especially if you go out to eat at restaurants I feel I’m not necessarily like if you have to take a little sandwich for lunch you don’t believe a huge bite left but Conner of I feel like maybe stick to it if you go out to eat at restaurants that would be a good idea and then lastly number 10 this is probably the biggest one is to be honest with yourself a lot of the time we go to reach for that bag of chips or you know some chocolate or just junk food in general we’re not even hungry we’re simply bored or just not even like oh it’s not even hunger and it’s just huge in our culture in our society just to mindlessly eat food I mean I swear like you go hang out at a friend’s house to a party they set out a bowl of chips and before you know you’ve had 50 and were you even hunger to begin with no and I always do a specific test whenever I’m not sure if I’m hungry or not that sounds weird but sometimes I’m like yo I could really go for some carrots I’m so hungry and then I’m like wait are you hungry and then I do the test could I eat a banana right now personally okay I will eat bananas but I’m not I’m not like I can’t explain it like they kind of disgust me unless I’m eating it the thought of bananas and the smell of bananas disgust me so much so when you’re really hungry it doesn’t matter what the food is what I’m starving I will eat a banana because I need food so if I’m not in the mood for that banana if I’m saying no I wouldn’t eat that banana right now then guess what you’re not hungry because your this is just like trying to a fixation with your mouth so yeah that’s just a personal test I know you can do that with anything if you don’t like you know I don’t know burgers poop or something I don’t know you can do that test so yeah I really do hope these tips helped I tried to think of the best ones and the ones that really can help let me know which one you thought was the most helpful and comment down below and also let me know if you’d like to see more health fitness getting in shape type videos leave any requests you have for those what you want to see and that’s pretty much it so I’ll talk to you guys later bye um I thought of ten simple tricks but and I hope this video how he’s broke down leave town find I know the chain personally I wasn’t I would because wow it’s getting hot in here and developers from a long way and it was her whoa hair glance say goodbye to my picket fences say hello to palm trees and fascism say you got a phone you don’t want some kissing

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