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today I’m going to share with you 10 tips to burn fat believe me you will see drastic changes and you will lose weight [Music] number one is I want you to ask yourself and kind of envision yourself of how you visualize seeing yourself in the future and what your goal is something that I find that is super powerful is simply just grabbing a piece of paper and I want you to write down what your goal is and the reason why you want to lose weight while you need to burn fat to keep that very fresh in mind to keep that very present number two is to look at what you’re eating something that I recommend is that you actually do a diary of what you eat so take three days and write down every single thing that you eat many times we eat so many things that at the end of the day we don’t even remember so if you write down exactly what you’re eating then you’ll have a clearer picture of how your diet is looking like so eating for weight loss or for burning fat is just eating more plant unprocessed whole foods for example raw foods are high in fiber content they’re high in water content vitamins and minerals not only raw foods but also for example legumes so think of beans chickpeas lentils all of these high fiber foods help you feel satiated faster so in turn you’re gonna be eating way less calories way less fat than if you were eating like animal protein or just very high processed high fat foods so now that you know that you want to eat more plant-based foods make a plan look at my meal prep videos these are amazing because you will take one day out of your whole week and you will be able to meal prep for the rest of the days and once you have your meals prepared it will be so much easier to follow through number three is cardio exercise cardio exercise really helps to burn more calories it’s not about not eating it’s about eating correctly eating right eating healthfully but also putting in some cardiovascular exercise and/or just pump up your hearts get your heart rate going even just a brisk walk as long as you’re going a little bit more than 40 minutes a day walking then that’s gonna help you to lose weight number four is strength training this is very important I know that many people who want to burn fat or just want to lose weight they just focus on cardio if you want to burn the fat then you have to do strength training why because muscle burns fat essentially that’s exactly what it does if you have a no idea about strength training I really recommend that you follow my friend Tory Washington he has an amazing guide and it’s super simple you can download it on your phone or your computer on your tablet you can take it to the gym and you can follow it literally all you have to do is do what he says and you will see amazing results I will leave the link below here to where you can get it and I actually use it myself as well number five is hydrate drink water literally I carry this with me every where water will really help your digestive system it will help you absorb minerals nutrients vitamins better it will help you sleep better it will even help your energy levels when everything is aligned within your body that essentially just makes you lose weight because being overweight being sick is not normal being healthy and at a normal weight that is normal number six is to eat potassium rich foods potassium rich foods will help you actually absorb the water and keep the water in the muscles bananas coconut water avocados all of these are high in potassium believe me these are good healthy foods for you so number six potassium rich foods number seven is to keep your stress levels low because what happens is that when we’re stressed we’re tensed up we’re literally tens physically and that affects our whole system look at every stressful situation as an opportunity for growth for empowerment to be better and just learn to appreciate life and see how beautiful it is it really is a gift number eight is make a plan literally write it out there’s nothing like seeing it physically like writing it down and saying okay this is what I’m gonna do Monday this is what I’m gonna eat Monday this is what I’m going to do Tuesday and so forth so if you know exactly what your plan a your plan B and your plan C are gonna be then you’re gonna be better prepared to actually achieve your goals number nine is to track your progress I recommend people to take pictures to measure themselves or weigh yourself and there’s nothing like having numbers like having the facts and seeing it for yourself also when you’re tracking your progress make sure to not judge yourself love yourself as you are in this moment because also know that losing weight and burning fat will not bring happiness in the end what brings happiness is really accepting yourself and loving yourself exactly how you are number 10 is to make a commitment with yourself literally look at yourself in the mirror and say I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do this because I love myself enough to do this and I know that it’s not gonna be easy and I know that sometimes it’s gonna be hard but I know that I can do it and remember that it’s a learning process so even if you fall down that’s good because you’re gonna learn from that but the most important thing is to make a commitment with yourself well we have information it’s easier for us to make changes and remember it’s about changing habits and making it a lifestyle and I know I know for sure 100% that you got this you can do this so those are my 10 tips to burn fat to lose weight and what do we say ready let’s do this by the way these let’s do this t-shirts are on my website robe and accomm so if you’re starting your health journey I recommend that you get one and just get even more motivated I will link the link below thank you so so much for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe let me know in the comments below if you guys like this video well you guys thought and also if you have any other tips that you want to add I created a PDF with these 10 tips that you can download on my website Robinette comm and I will leave the link below I send you guys a big huge hug bye [Music]

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