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hey everyone how’s it going so it’s coming now it’s actually winter and straight out which is fine we’re in and jump off but yeah it’s some up in Oh like most places so I’m just going to share some of my tips on how to lose weight so before I get started with the tip I’m just going to explain the logic behind losing weight and explained it in a very simple scientific way is that if your energy expenditure more than your energy intake then you’re going to lose some weight it is basically the same as the in calories deficit but people are always so freaked out when they hear this term calories it’s just calories it is no horrible horrible thing just calories so just calm down count down so I long as you’re living weight in some sort of calorie deficit you might be very low or not whether you know it or not if you’re losing weight you are in calorie deficit so to this way you can improve your lifestyle you put choices making healthy food choices and all sorry exciting so now I’m going to share can tips with you guys on how to lose weight effortlessly maybe not so effortlessly for everyone but I reckon they are all very easy to implement so yeah offer drink lots of water I’ve spoken about the importance of drinking water before I can’t stress enough about drinking water think about maybe train is what a day especially if you’re exercising you guys drink more because you’re going to be more dehydrated so drinking water is going to help to flush out the excess water from your body so we all have those days that we wake up feeling we’re really fat it’s probably just water retention so just drink lots of water flush out the excess water and you’re going to feel a lot leaner also the second tip is to sleep how amazing is that so basically if you don’t sleep enough then your body is going to produce more stress hormone which is associated with weight gain and also muscle recovery and also lack of sleep is going to affect your energy level especially when you’re at the gym so you’re not going to push yourself as hard they’re not putting as much calories because you’re doing a half-ass job no so yes sleep and also lack of sleep is going to produce more hunger hormones so how should is that lack of sleep is going to give you more stressful with more hunger hormone lack of energy burden has calories so sleep regulates the two other very important hormones one is letting the other is curl in so lesson is basically the hormone that regulates our energy level and golden is our hunger hormone so Berlin is the hormone that triggers our appetite making us feel hungry so if you’re not sleeping enough your body can produce more of this hormone making you hungry sorry tries to sleep seven to nine hours a day very very important as I’m sure you’ve heard of this a lot of times but getting vegetables is very very important very important so different varieties of vegetables not going to get the vitamin A B and they are really great for skin and magnesium which is great for muscle recovery vitamin C top down and Australia so many benefits so I’ll be sitting here all day I’m going to talk about the benefits of getting vegetables so vegetables are normally quite high in fiber which creates that volume and it takes longer to digest so it makes you feel fuller for a longer time on such minimal calories so I normally eat about 300 grams of vegetables for my lunch and also for my dinner and I also eat a lot of sweet potatoes because they are more dense in calories which is what I need as well so now I’m just going to show you a couple of assholes that are pretty rich in nutrients and also very low in calories right more specials on really low in calories this set for like Apple kind of bananas or vegetable but so a hundred gram of kale is only 49 calories and a hundred grams of zucchini is only 17 calories per gram of sweet potatoes 86 calories which is still pretty low a hundred pounds of broccoli is around those four calories 100 ml spinach is only 23 calories and I love delicious so much so yeah this are just some of the very very nutrient rich fish Falls there are obviously lot of vegetables that you can eat that cabbage brussel sprout they’re already great what’s number four is to eat out less sorry from the restaurants are usually quite high in sodium and also a bigger portion like way bigger maybe not a depends on where you’re from but the portion is usually quite big in Australia I tend to open eat when I’m feeding yellow because I don’t really want to waste the food and also food from the restaurants are generally higher in sodium which makes you want to eat more and also drink more and then you’re going to bloat up and you’re going to feel fat so what you can do is to take away some of them if that’s awful number five in five yes it’s body trying to avoid eating percent food like packaged food potato chips package sauces so a lot of processed food not all of them but most of them are really high in sodium and also high in Asheville oil and vegetable oil is really high in omega-6 so if you have an imbalance between your mega six and three then you’re going to cause inflammation in body so that’s going to be if you and you’re not going to great and also the studies that show that too much omega-6 may increase the chance of having heart disease so try to cut down those potato chips those sprite stuff like fried chicken yeah pretty much also when you’re trying to lose weight you tend to feel hungry and that’s because you’re not eating enough or not enough of the right food because I don’t really feel this way so what you can do is to eat food that keeps you satiated it so put a high in healthy fat and also fiber I’m going to help you with that so don’t be afraid to eat foods that are high in healthy fat things like avocados chassis flex ch-53 high in fiber and it’s just special in general you can also try to add coconut oil to your diet I personally don’t like the smell of coconut oil especially with my vegetables or meat or whatever I just don’t like to smell sorry if you like coconut oil that’s great number seven is portion control so I think that’s the problem that most people have is to over eat or some people under eat so what you can do is to meal prep so you split your portions and make sure that you have really rich nutrients in every single one of them so you don’t feel hungry or you don’t feel too full so that’s something that’s really helpful when it comes to losing weight wellness is to do some sort of cardio obviously you can choose to do your favorite type of cardio I don’t really want for you to do heat career because that’s my favorite it’s very important for you to enjoy your workout so if you prefer to go or run and go for it but heat color is my personal favorite because like creepy and I love it and also increase and afterburn effect even when you stop working out so the proper term for the afterburn effect is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption so a POC in short so the more intense your exercises then the more oxygen your body is going to consume afterwards which then leads to more calories burn and some studies claim that it burns up to 24 hours that’s crazy so that’s the reason why get cutting is so great when it comes to losing weight so Hikari also helps you to be lean muscle and not losing the muscle mass while you’re trying to lose weight and that’s very important as muscle it’s more metabolically active than fat so basically your metabolism will increase as your lean mass increases so all you need is a 15 to 20 minute workout smash it out and I have most of this on my channel and I’m going to link some of them in the description box so check it out cardio it’s not the only way to lose weight by to this some ways and for those of you girls are afraid of lifting weights don’t be afraid because you’re not going to get bulky especially when you’re trying to lose weight there’s no way that you are going to get bulky without being in calorie surplus so try to lift some weights so strength training is going to produce an after burn effect as well which is EPOC so after you finish your workout your body is still going to keep burning because your body is going to try to repair those muscles and some studies claim that it burns up to 38 hours so that’s crazy you can’t get that from aerobic exercises so try to leave some weight don’t be afraid guys or girls girls guys as a matter don’t be afraid so I personally do some strength training hit carrier and also some bodyweight exercises so maybe try to start with one or two days of strength training today dokie courier and see how it goes well so the last tip is to clean your place I know this is not a groundbreaking tip but I know a lot of us can be quite lazy to clean the place I was definitely not a fan to use the vacuum and recently as far I love to vacuum my place because it makes me sweat and also the fact that it is quite cold over now so I want a vacuum away so that I stay warm so that’s pretty pathetic yeah try to take more responsibility at home vacuum the place or and want to slow the dishes I don’t know just do something yeah so those are my 10 tips I hid small but I wanted to keep it short and simple if you want to know more let me know and give this video a thumbs up and also you don’t have to incorporate all of these tips all in one day just take it slow and maybe make one or two tips in a day or one day slowly apply them all the time because if this is not your way of living it can be quite challenging but I reckon they are all quite easy so yeah I hope you guys enjoy today’s video please give this video thumbs up if you find it helpful because it really helped me out and I also want to thank you guys so much for all the support I’ve been visiting recently it’s really amazing I’m really really thankful I’m also really happy that my videos have helped you out oh yeah that’s all I want to say for today and I’ll see you guys

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