10 Weird WEIGHT LOSS Life Hacks!!!

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well now that I almost just died from a lemon seed let’s proceed with this video hey guys today we’re going to be learning 10 weight loss hacks for the new year to help you get in shape and achieve your goals if that’s something you want to do if that’s not something you want to do okay you can wash anyway you know I don’t discriminate so you can judge me if you want but I like many other people had a resolution that was health-related this year and one of my new year’s resolutions was to have Carrie Underwood’s legs I mean like physically had them like I’m not gonna like go cut them off in her sleep um though I did think about it but achieving the goddess miss that are her legs like can we just take like five seconds to appreciate that is one little motivator for me to get in shape and I wanted to look up some weird little hacks that you guys can try for weight loss or just getting healthy this season so so yeah let’s just go so studies have actually shown that coconut oil can aid in weight loss because it’s quickly absorbed into the body for energy and it’s not stored as fat and it can seem kind of scary if you don’t like coconut like me but it was actually pretty good so just consume one to two tablespoons a day No well we’re not doing the cinnamon challenge stop but we are going to be smelling some cinnamon because this increases your sense of alertness right before a workout and it kind of motivates and energizes you naturally instead of using caffeine which can later hinder you in weight loss now by saying exercise less here I mean for a shorter amount of time at a higher intensity don’t go on the elliptical for an hour do 15 minutes of crazy sweaty heartrate pounding exercise this is the best kind of exercise you can do for weight loss and there have been so many studies on it and these moves are not qualified so I will link below some actual experts and go check them out and do their HIIT workouts props to you if you’re actually going to do this one but if you have a warm shower for three minutes and cold for 30 seconds it actually relaxed and contracts your blood vessels which helps you sleep which gives you more energy and helps you lose weight it’s just me myself and I solo ride until I die cuz I got me so here’s another natural way to boost energy before a workout and to increase your metabolism it’s to massage your ears so if you’re not feeling up to it massage your ears and who would have thought that that would help you but it does there’s research behind it folks please remember that this video is called weird life hacks everyone I’m just as appalled as you are oh this one is my favorite chewing mint gum which is something I do frequently sometimes I actually feel like I’m addicted to chewing mint gum but I guess that’s a good thing because it increases your productivity it increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain and stimulates your nervous system so heck yeah you oh yeah so this is for all my fellow lazy girls out there lazy boys if you’re watching lazy boys like a recliner or people who enjoy horizontal running you know you can get a good workout while in bed or you know on the ground you can use pillows you can do a bunch of ab and leg exercises and stretches I do this all the time and then it’s easy access for when you’re tired and you want to stop and go to bed heck yes number eight is something I am NOT as into because I get very sensitive to spice but eating spicy foods helps increase your metabolism as well and no that doesn’t mean you can sit there and eat hot cheetos and lose weight you need to eat like hot peppers and hot healthy things you know got my BOB right now I love the tach because I love watching TV so ever commercial break do an exercise for that commercial break do squats for the full five minutes do push-ups for the full five minutes it’ll really just make your lazy time actually productive missed pretty much and lastly but not least we want to wake up with water every single day it’s such an easy step to add to your morning routine that will seriously help boost your metabolism if you have two glasses of ice-cold water every single morning I just realized how ugly my face is when I drink water hello well rested and drying at least one of these things you learned in this video please give it a thumbs up and maybe share it with your friends or something like that and I hope you guys enjoyed I wanted to make kind of a fun yet helpful video like I always do and yeah that’s the kind of stuff I do here so as always I want to give you two options so please go ahead and pick one as always when I’m not posting videos which is a lot I will be on social media Instagram Twitter a snapchat a geek I’m just kidding I don’t what the hell is keek like I people on Instagram rows like cake me and I was like why would you want me to kick you in the face honey no I’m just kidding and I figured out it was keek and it was like a weird like porn thing no I’m just kidding it’s not but um I don’t know what it is so what was I saying follow me on my social media I like all that stuff and then yeah please subscribe for good vibes and I will see you guys in the next video bye Bri this whenever you you you

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