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4 Weeks Diet


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let’s go on YouTube I wanted to make this video because I have a lot of people asking me how to lose fat how to lose weight especially for beginners you know a lot of people like I’m lost I don’t know where to start some of you might be like you know I’ve heard out of time between your videos Heidi like shut up I’m tired of you saying that whereas some of you guys are like I don’t watch our video I don’t remember hearing that that’s new to me so in Julie tip number one is going to be drinking more water that might be something repetitive that you’ve heard from coaches isn’t really important because your whole body is composed of 67% water your whole body and if you’re not containing up water you’re neglecting your by especially if your lifting weight because your muscles are composed of 80% water if you’re not drinking enough water your body is going to respond to vessel your workout so losing weight some people told me I just don’t like water I don’t wait tape this for hours and days when I drink that one coffee spice up your water add cucumbers add mint leaves adds like fresh lemons and make it fun make it pre looking you know that that actually helps me is when I add mint or lemons and stuff like that it just makes it more fun to treat to stop drinking high-calorie soda and juices the other day I went to the store and I saw a root beer and there was 75 grams of carbs in it 75 grams of carbs in a soda that is insane also nurses juices Simon breads real juice it’s like all sugar it’s sugar water if you’re going to drink juice you know try to get freshly squeezed orange juice or freshly squeezed watermelon juice or something like that no more soda no more high-calorie sugary juice that is not even real fruit finding ways to get higher protein you know it you know meat is it a great option if you are a vegan or vegetarian find foods that are high in protein teen is going to give you that feeling of fullness that’s why I’ve always believed in eating full and natural foods I know you guys see me eating like jumps in sometimes like giving you pizza or pasta and stuff and and that’s great you know it’s fine find a balance when natural foods are very volumous to have a sandwich from starbucks and it’s but a $67 little breakfast sandwich whereas I can make a plate of eggs and oats and you know add cheese here or add this there and add some fruit and it take it’s a lot of food to make up particular calorie the next tip is going to be eating without instructions so what I mean by that is I’m sure you guys have been there before where you’re sitting in front of TV and you’re eating potato chips or you’re eating your food and you end up overeating because you’re distracted and I’ve been there I’ve had those kettle code freaking jalapeno chips and all that I’m saying a handful and I’m watching TV and I get so into what I’m watching I eat I look back it’s gone I don’t have clothes here for that it’s sad and you are prepared for the food to be over portion your food out don’t put this huge serving of food on your plate and then watch TV or watch YouTube video because you’ll end up overeating to help some people shut up yes exactly you’re welcome to any I guess so next tip is going to be sleep more and stress less first of all when you’re stressed out about whatever’s going on in your life I would be friends family business all that stuff it’s going to cause stress on your body and when your body is stressed out your body weight people on it fat I’d like to London water we’re just trying to stress last meditation or doing something once a week that you love something that’s going to just like call me or surround yourself with like good people positive people people with good vibes if that goes a long way I can’t tell you how important that is and I as I’ve been there I’ve been around people that aren’t as positive and aren’t as driven and motivated and it is hard it’s really hard sometimes it can cause stress on your own life it doesn’t mean that you have to completely shut those people out of your life perhaps limiting your time spent with them really trying to surround yourself with like good people good vibes good energy because it goes a long way and it causes a lot less stress on you mind body try to get sleep I’ve been their mother in college and I slept like 2-3 hours nights and I’m getting goes to bed at night and it did cause a lot of stress on my body as well when you’re not sleeping when you’re not getting adequate sleep doing what you can to get that sleep I understand that not everyone has a luxury to be able to sleep eight hours a night who has that luxury he’ll know who has it laundry do you think you saw how that load your dogs have that luxury do your best to get as much sleep as you can next kid is going to be consumed less alcohol I didn’t think that completely I’m just saying consume less you know if you have a person that can completely cut out alcohol and you’re like I don’t need it I don’t want it not even good good for you but I like my occasional glass of scotch or whiskey obviously for Preston stuff I really like don’t drink and it’s not like I need it I can obviously go without it but everyone Salaam I’m gonna go have a glass of scotch a glass of whiskey and alcohol is really hard on the liver especially when you are a heavy drinker your body uses your liver to convert stored food into energy for later your body also uses your liver as a filter can get rid of alcohol and toxic substances feel like you’re in through sweat so that’s why if you know someone went out drinking the night before I smell like alcohol you know not one of their breasts felt like their skin smelling it and it’s from sweat smell the alcohol so that’s why it’s hard you if you are a heavy drinker you know just putting a lot of exhaustion your liver when you are a heavy drinker so just keeping in mind that you know heavy drinking and drinking a lot can really be exhausting on the liver and you want your liver to be okay because you want it to convert that food into stored energy so later so just being just being cautious and keeping in mind that a lot of people when you do go out drinking or you do have a drink a lot of times it is mixed with sodas heavy juices sugary syrup you know a lot of people recommend drinking wine you know cause it’s the Occident sentence some men will get immunity oxidants with your with you wine basically keep drinking to a minimum if you have a goal to me I would suggest really not drinking at all cause all you can boot ecole you guys are quick to mess up oops I just got you guys to know I haven’t put normally position really yeah dude way like I don’t feel normal with him you should get that checked out yeah the problems they’ve done I think maybe you should watch this video on 10 click you know what it was made by you I think I will drink more water only a treat more water maybe honey can’t work more God you talk about hiding boasting it so mad cooking your food with coconut oil and this is something that some doctors swear by it registered dieticians I did work for a homeopathic doctor he was like all for it and so we went over different articles together different articles written by doctors registered dietitians that were all about it there is a lot of health benefits to coconut oil one of my favorite things about it is it has a higher smoke temperature if I’m being really strict on a prep I basically cook all my foods in coconut oil and the reason for that is that coconut oil has a higher smoke temperature you’re actually not supposed to cook at high temperatures with it because it can turn rancid in your body and actually turn from a good fat to a sad fat if I am prepping for a show obviously like every little thing house so I will be more aware of that or if I’m cutting or something like that I will cook all my foods coconut oil anyway is trying your best to cook as much as you can with coconut oil flat keep in mind that it does have you know it is high in calories it is a fat so just being careful you know don’t like mother every single meal in coconut oil because it is high in calories and then also limiting heavy dressings and sauces on your food try to keep your ranch BBQ ba Thousand Island dressing all of that trying to get to a minimum or just not at all but personally when I’m cutting or trying to get lean I don’t have ranch I don’t have barbecue sauce I don’t have Thousand Island if I get through the restaurant I say sauce on the side so I’m kind of in control of it I’ll either not use a sauce at all or I’ll just use a tiny tiny bit all right next tip is going to be using a pink or brown salt instead of white salt so if you guys don’t mean you guys know that I do not use white table salt for anything it pink salt has so many benefits to it my top three favorite things about consult is that it has 84 trace minerals in it it helps your body detoxify and it helps hydrate yourself about over bloating you so it’s not going to cause you to hold on to a lot of water and it’s because it keeps your body hydrated well but it doesn’t make your body hold on to an excessive amount of water and the soap next tip is going to be limiting your sugar intake and trust me I know how hard that is because I freaking love sugar you guys know me I love donuts I love cake I love cookies I love the little sugar cookies with the frosting on top and I’m obsessed with like I love sugar but when I’m cutting when I’m trying to get lean I really keep it to a minimum I will either do sugar free or I will just not do it at all if you don’t have to take sugar completely out of your diet but really limiting it to natural sugars so try to stay away from processed foods trying to eat more and like your sugar it’s nature’s candy is let’s reflect about nature’s candy having you know berries like in the morning and before after workouts that would be a good way to have your natural sugars the next step is going to eating more complex carbs carbs come into to perform simple and complex simple is going to be quick energy like juices fruit and complex carbs are going to be slower digesting quinoa rice oatmeal try to have more carbs that are slower digesting and this kind of ties into the previous tip which is you know reducing your sugar intake so maybe instead of having you know tons of fruit for every single meal maybe turn that down just a little bit and adding more complex carbs to it so having like a really really having a balance not just having simple carb fruit for every single meal alright guys that’s all it’s just I have for you today hopefully you enjoyed this video if you did give a thumbs up comment below subscribe to my channel I appreciate you guys and if the video gets enough thumbs up I will make a part two series where it would be another ten tips on losing fat losing weight all that much stuff so thank you guys for watching and see you next video

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