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11 Tips How to Get the Motivation to Lose Weight

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one of the hardest part about losing weight is staying motivated so what’s the solution you have absolutely no motivation for weight loss here are a few tips to use but when you find yourself being low on motivation 1 find your inspiration what will inspire you to stick to the changes that you have to make to lose the weight you want to lose is it to feel better physically and or about yourself is it to win the heart of someone you love is it to help prevent serious illness like heart disease diabetes or stroke is it to wear nicer clothes find your inspiration to make a plan you are more likely to stick to your weight loss goals if you have a plan to stick to trying to lose weight without a plan it’s like trying to drive to a place you’ve never been without a map GPS or any direction whatsoever you need a plan 3 set realistic and attainable goals focus on short-term goals rather than long-term goals if you want to lose 150 pounds you will be overwhelmed and likely discouraged if that’s what you are always focusing on however if you focus on losing 4 to 5 pounds a month you will remain motivated because this is much more realistic and attainable for hire a personal trainer if your budget allows hire a personal trainer a personal trainer will not only guide your workout sessions but he or she will be able to keep you on track and motivated 5 challenge yourself a little competition can be good for you join a spark challenge for that extra push you need to meet your goals as well as the support from others who are going after the same goal 6 reward yourself take a look at your small goals and each time you reach one of those goals reward yourself don’t necessarily do this with food but rather think fun go to the movies or a night out with your friends give yourself a present and buy something new it can be clothes shoes a CD a DVD you’ve been wanting something for your desk or anything that you want celebrate in your success 7 exercise should not be a chore and painful find a fun exercise activity that you can stick to try dancing spinning or just simply hiking outdoors listen to fast-paced music that will keep you moving while working out find an exercise buddy studies show that if you work out with somebody you are more likely to stick to an exercise program 8 vary your workout do not stick to the same gym workout to lose weight treat yourself with a variety of workouts like aerobics walking jogging running and more a variety of exercises retain your interest and motivation till the end of your weight loss program and further you workout with excitement and pleasure 9 eat healthy the healthier your diet the more energy you’ll have and the more motivated you’ll be this includes getting enough food because food fuels workouts 10 stop weighing yourself daily the daily fluctuations will mess with your motivation weighing yourself regularly that’s what successful dieters and those who manage to maintain weight loss do some step on the scales once a week or two while others find once a month is enough 11 read about it immerse yourself in fitness and you’ll be much more motivated to workout one of the best ways is to read Fitness blogs so that you can follow along with other people who have the same goals as you get involved in the fitness forums subscribe to Fitness websites so that you get daily motivation sent straight to your inbox now is your turn how do you motivate yourself what tips are you going to use which ones have you been using and how’s it going let us know by adding your comments below and if you are seriously looking for a fast and natural weight loss solution then I recommend you to click the link in the description or go to the short ww serious fitness programs calm slash weight loss and if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and share it with your friends on Facebook Twitter and Google+ thank you for watching and see you next time

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