12 FAST WEIGHT Loss Life Hacks: How I Lost 10lbs / 5kgs in 1 WEEK! | Get A FLAT Stomach FAST & EASY!

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losing weight is something a lot of us struggle with including me so these are the hacks I used on a daily basis that helped me to lose 10 pounds in one week so this is my before and after weight loss photos and as you can see before I looked almost pregnant bloated and really chubby from all the salty junk food and fat that I was consuming so after implementing all of these hacks I was able to lose over ten pounds and my after photos prove it I swear if you follow all of the tips in the hacks that I show you in this video you are definitely going to see results another resource I used was an app called life sum which hey they sponsored this video thank you so much you guys I highly recommend you download it because life some is a free fitness and weight loss app which documents your daily food intake your exercise and it also explains how you can lose weight based on your personal preferences so to download for free the link is at the top of the description below I find that walking really helps you to lose those pounds and I know you may think running helps but walking is just as good as running I like to put on my music and my headphones and just take a little walk I first fell in love with walking when I lived in Moscow for about 6 weeks and I’d always walk through the city I would do it just for fun but in reality I was losing weight and it was a great workout so if you’re confused as to what to eat life some actually has this amazing quiz and it’s a test called the life score test and it helps you to find out how you can get healthier and you get tailored feedback from the experts at life some as to what to eat and it’s structured around your own personal preferences my results stated that I should do classic dieting so it told me exactly what things to eat what not to eat as far as classic dieting goes and there aren’t any off limit foods just focus on how much you eat that’s what I really love about that particular diet eating ice has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to dieting somehow this tricks my brain into thinking that I’m eating a delicious crunchy snack and I can easily make it to my next meal sometimes I’ll just sit at my desk and crunch on ice and this way I won’t go and binge on junk food so if you don’t find regular ice appealing to chew on you can always make flavored ice cubes using your favorite sugar-free drink mix like Crystal Light or even smoothies or low sugar juice to get a little bit more fitness into your everyday routine take the stairs no matter where you’re at whether at school or the mall all calories that you can burn count trust me based on the life’s core test my results say that I should focus on eating healthy to reach my daily calorie goal it tells me how much my calorie goal is get rid of bad foods stack up on healthy things plan your meals and exercises in writing start carrying snacks with you these are all life hacks all by themselves and it also gives you a detailed look at the calories you need to lose speaking of putting things in writing make a list of why you want to lose weight this is really important because if you ever have a weekday where you want to go and eat at McDonald’s take a look at this list and remember why you’re doing this making it to my next meal can sometimes be challenging so to do so I like to sometimes have a cup of coffee or green tea just remember when you do have a cup of coffee or tea that you’re using artificial sweeteners like Splenda or stevia because you don’t want those calories to come with it to reduce high blood pressure as well as bloating and swelling in your body you got to cut down on the salt not only our carbonated drinks filled with sugar that will definitely make you gain weight but they’re also filled with bubbles that are gonna pop in your stomach and they’re going to bloat you stay away from coke life some has this excellent source of information especially when it comes to recipes so if you’re craving chicken you can just search for chicken and it will show you so many delicious recipes featuring chicken that is within your diet plan drinking lots of fiber especially Metamucil is something that I always love to do in order to let that waste come out of me a lot quicker than usual and the less waste in your body the better because that’s going to flatten your stomach and you’re gonna have a lot more energy and I’m pretty sure you can guess exactly what type of waste I’m talking about if you go out somewhere and you don’t want to bring a full meal along with you that you can eat bring sugar free gum with you it’ll definitely help you to make it to your next meal without binging speaking of your daily meals life some has this excellent meal recorder here all you do is you just click on breakfast lunch dinner snacks and then you can either add the food manually or you can scan the barcode of whatever snack or whatever food that you had that day it automatically counts the calories and the exact food that you had it does all the work for you I love it a lot of us who are adults like to have the occasional drink every now and then or maybe even drink socially if so remember these drinks are packed with calories and that’s the reason why you see so many beer bellies walking around just be aware of this because you may want to have a skinny margarita every now and then being on a diet and hanging out with your friends at McDonald’s or Taco Bell can be an issue so if you do happen to go to these places and you want to go out with your friends just have a cup of coffee this will definitely keep you from cheating on your diet let me know in the comments what you usually struggle with when it comes to losing weight I have to say it definitely has to do with my lack of knowledge and what I should and shouldn’t eat so that’s why I downloaded life’s um and they’re the ones who really did help me to lose weight if you would like to download it it’s absolutely free the link to downloads at the top of the description below best of luck in your weight loss journey and if you have lost a lot of weight let me know in the comments below thanks for watching and have a glitter full day

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