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what’s up guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m so excited to bring you this video it is a real-time 15-minute fat burning workout most of my workouts are like this and I’ve trained this way I guess four times a week and all about high intensity bodyweight exercises that’s worth but I’m promote a lean and toned body and I want to make this workout to show you that you can just go into a bedroom I’m in my bedroom right now I did have to move the furniture around a little bit but I just want to make this 15-minute fat burning workout to show you that you can achieve your results at home you don’t even need a gym membership you have two circuits in each circuit there are four exercises you will do each exercise for 30 seconds and do the one after the other you repeat each circuit three times the circuit one has four exercises will do 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds and then a 30-second break you will repeat that another two times so you’ve done it three times if this is confusing you don’t worry like I said this is a real time worker I will be doing the entire thing with you I’m already sweating in my room because it is boiling hot so my sweat has begun it is a time workout I worked out perfectly for 15 minutes and we’re using 30-second intervals I’m going to use this timer on my phone like I said I’m doing the wake up with you so you don’t need the timer but I will be putting the timer on the screen somewhere all right let’s get started with circus number one your first inside is just what starting in three two one let’s go just one you want to make sure that your knees are not over top of your feet and really push you like one of the back getting back into the just whatnot and it works it really push it up strong [Music] okay five against a lady who shot [Music] I’m amazed if you want you so strong and turn on processing blocks anyone can you can water bottle shop I mean Queen [Music] movement going is buggy [Music] [Music] [Applause] going in to stop this out basically go make massage your legs like now in peanuts everybody’s workin fine and try to keep your stomach splash Oh [Applause] [Music] all right 97 number one done have a 30-second break [Music] you oh sorry I set my timer oh I swear I did six seconds get ready for round two of that first circuit again yes sir John’s one in three two and one let’s go jump off make an explosive really sink down deep into that squat and push up explosive movement only assault containment what happening that every single exercise every single movement totally worth it and second I need to tap this up top down Jimmy drop down I’ll make sure you’re moving the whole time good nice stop you need to make a modification do that do one cross for your body [Music] [Music] [Music] you really engage that four main exercises form so if you want to [Music] oh okay done second session done Studies on the break and then you are doing that so that one more times make me fun x2 bet you have done it make it really explosive then ask you to get a one-minute break we’ve seen things really push yourself on this last one okay eight seconds if you were doing these workshops I’m going as hard you need to get three let’s carry on last time you got some pain it deeply in that one example we will close up [Music] without fun car charger at least three on your toes yeah please drop down to your knees listen to your body not down to your knees if not keep putting one last one [Music] block X plus a whole budget [Music] I’m going to break for me right commemoration one timeout will going on to number two one minute break [Music] I can never ever find the right word there’s no way this is real life there’s no study of the right girl talking don’t say that if you drop it reduces up to against we I repeat get three plants that’s rotting skin is three to one let’s go skating how about standing was saying on supplier and not and quick speaks battle doers so this is working to ask for part of their price so Alex would think about supporting calm and you are tied up to mate and Bangkok really good your shoulders up high get your boy hasn’t strong go to your baby down sticking at your head all the way to the wall honey good bones the try to be as quick as possible to really burn out those shoulders my favorite exercises p.m. having shoulder issues that lit up introductory refers robot veggies popsicles your hand if what if we jump up if you need to cross your way to get up try you always make the like promise that’s like in front talk about I’m just want to find this is the highest of all of them froggy squat pulses likewise elbows in to walk here into the inside of the side and then do down just trying to create your handle on floor you never stand up you don’t train your legs what you feel like is all that mean quick movement I know the old one but it turns your closet if your quads are burning you are not doing this for me once quick enough so it’s all that being that in quick this room is like a sauna whoa all right now just this don’t sound so sure you are paying that two more times you have 15 I can grab a drink if you want I don’t have time 10 seconds in the next I’m going to skiers in three two one oh okay he is back and alone quick yeah I know what is doing the only husband up muscle memory if you ever need help [Music] nobody [Music] I don’t really engage the cloth amazing sometimes they love you ringing that’s not right thank you helps making rock hunting it really nice [Music] missiny okay so now we do you see IQ you can back up one mess would be its created quickly identify you know you have picture like being with the weather how many times were you want mature I want you to notice the one on an older versus told me I want to show our best friends because my life my happy and in rocks are whoa baby my quads are burning look at this I hope you guys up waiting like I am if not clean your windows on a summer day like this and then is your sunshine okay one time one time things are done this is your burn out there nine seconds burn it out everything you’ve got it all in the ground three two one go this is a lot of town okay so I need to make so my mom does too because we know we saw this guy shove it up see what out there oh thank you very much you’re crazy oh think of the 3d holder [Music] [Music] I’m literally dripping sweat I hope you guys are too let’s wake up all of that pushing your limits and going as fast as you can anyone can do those exercises that it’s about using explosive and powerful with your movements if you enjoyed that fat burning session please give a thumbs up give it a lot of sizzling comportment so make sure to subscribe because the upload new videos every three days I’m going to take a shell because I’m literally dripping everywhere and my mom like I spilled some water off the ball on the floor to my goodness well mobile next minute my sweat is everywhere love you mom hey guys

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