28 DAY FAT BURNING MEAL PLAN | DAY ONE (with calories and macros)

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hello you food prepping legends its Laza from the baking mat gym addict here okay folks with the right meal plan and the right discipline you can get seriously lean in just 28 days because of my genetics I find it fairly easy to gain muscle on my arms and shoulders and I don’t really carry much fat on those areas but holy moly it is tough for me to get my belly to look shredded the times when I have been lucky enough to get any kind of AB definition is when I have been super strict with what I’ve been eating and I know there’s more to life than getting nice toned abs because they’re basically a vanity metric rather than a measure of overall health and fitness but hey if you’re looking for a tough challenge to transform your body and understand what you’re capable of through discipline then why not try and get some nice toned abs I personally like to try and get lean so that one day a long time in the future when I’m an old wise wrinkly Chinese woman I can say to my grandkids hey this is a photo of granny when she had abs so this meal plan is one I found on muscle and fitness calm and it’s actually a meal plan for an adult man so I’ve tweaked it a little bit to suit me the three main principles are to up your protein intake reduce your carbs and drink at least one gallon of water a day I’ll put a link to the article in the description box below so that you can read a bit more about it later but for now I will show you our typical day looks like if you want me to make a video showing you what some other typical days look like then let me know by liking the video and leaving a comment the total calories and macros for the whole of day one will look like 1578 calories which breaks down to 213 grams of protein 115 grams of carbs and 31 grams of fats reqtest on this day will look like half a cup of oats you can see here that I’m making two days worth of food so I don’t need to cook the whole thing again tomorrow I just pre measure the Ortz into two little boxes so that when the morning comes all I have to do is to add water before cooking the Ott’s I’ll be eating my oats with half a cup of juicy delicious strawberries for breakfast I’ll also be eating six egg whites cooked with one yolk you can prep your eggs however you like one time I food prepped a heap of eggs by boiling them and at new york’s and you can see how i do that by clicking the video popping up on the top of your screen right here but today i’m just going to dump the eggs into a frying pan and make an omelet i don’t mind eating the omelette cold with some sriracha sauce but if eating a cold omelette makes you feel a bit queasy then don’t bother your we head about meal prepping and just cook your eggs from scratch in the morning okay so the macros for a breakfast look like 483 calories which is made up of 40 grams of protein 59 grams of carbs and 11 grams of fats alrighty moving on to meal number two this will be half a cup of green veggies and six ounces which is 170 grams of chicken breast I just boiled a pot of broccoli and a pot of asparagus for the chicken breasts I just sprinkled a heap of mrs. – two Puli seasoning on top of a big pile of chicken breasts and then I put the chicken seasoned side down onto a pan sprayed with olive oil that way you can season the other side too while the chicken is cooking if you saw my kitchen tour video then you’ll know that I keep all my seasonings near the cooker on a lazy susan which is super convenient because you can reach all your condiments in an instant i buy my seasonings and lots of other yummy things from iHerb comm so if you want to go shopping on that website and want money off your first order then use my personal discount cord SBC five one five you can chop up the bigger bits of chicken and two smaller bits of chicken with a pair of kitchen scissors and you can do this while it’s in the pan to help the chicken cook faster once your chicken is fully cooked with no pink bits in the middle just use a pair of kitchen scissors again to dice up your chicken I find that using scissors can be a real time-saver rather than cutting up the chicken on a chopping board with a knife and Plus that means you only have one item to clean instead of two items which is good so once you’ve weighed out your food the macros for meal two will look like 57 grams of protein and minuscule 3 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fat this works out at 315 calories moving on to meal 3 I’m going to have 150 grams of chinna and spring water mixed with 1 tablespoon of fat-free mayonnaise with that I’m going to have 1 cup of spinach and one big piece of pizza this is actually a nice piece of Lebanese bread which I bought from my local charcoal chicken shop if I was to repack this lunch again I would definitely put the chyna at the bottom of the box then the spinach on top of the Chinna and then the pizza bread on top of the spinach so that the bread wouldn’t get soggy I can be a bit of a silly-billy sometimes oh well no use crying over soggy bread so once that’s all packed up nicely meal free will look like 46 grams of protein doctor eight grams of carbs and four grams of fat this works out at three hundred and fifty-one calories okie dokie if you’re wondering what meal 4s is just a simple protein shake try name for about 30 grams of protein and your shake I’m a big fan of the strawberry ice away protein shake because it tastes good and mixes into the water really easily protein shakes are a pretty convenient if you’re looking to put on muscle and enhance your physique because protein helps to heal the small tears in the muscle tissue when your weight training in the gym macros of your protein shake will obviously vary depending on what type of protein powder you use but if you aim for one that gets you about 30 grams of protein per serve you be alright and today we finally have meal number 5 which will be a chicken salad made with six MCS of chicken breast which is around 170 grams you’re going to have about 100 grams of cherry tomatoes 1/2 a cup of broccoli and 1 cup of spinach you can add 2 tablespoons of Italian dressing or if you like some sriracha sauce to jazz it up a bit but if you choose to have it with the dressing then meal 5 will look like a whopping 55 grams of protein 7 grams of carbs and 6 grams of fats this works out to a total of 319 calories ok so that’s an example of what a typical day looks like on the 28 days to lean meal plan which I found on Muscle & Fitness comm if you want to see what the rest of the days look like then give the video a cheeky thumbs up and a lot Lord another video like this shortly if you want to be friends with me then stock my Instagram page and Facebook and I will see you all in the next video keep up the awesome air for everyone it’s all worth it in the end I promise speaking my gym addict oat

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