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3 Tips for EXTREME weight loss!!

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up you guys John Yin for obese de beast and it is my day off of both jobs stay which does not happen very often so I’m very excited about that so I figured since I’m off both jobs that will make a video for you guys to me a short one as you can see by the title you know what I’m gonna be talking about I want to touch on the subject of extreme weight loss so for people that have to lose like I like I had to lose over 80 pounds you don’t need 80 pounds 100 pounds 160 pounds of 200 pounds the thing that sucks about having to lose that much weight is you have to lose that much weight but the good thing is when you first start little changes that you make will be big changes in your body and so I wanted to bring up three topics that I think that will three changes that you can make that I think will help you in the beginning just three simple things you can change that will help you lose weight and that will just keep you going you need that rule that that helped me this is the basically stuff that helped me in the beginning that I believe that if I let you guys know hopefully it will help you guys out that’s why they’re making this video is to hopefully help someone out so um the first topic I want to talk about is uh drinking your calories so I know when I was heavier I used to drink soda all day long and I would drink probably about 1,500 to 2,000 calories with a soda every day you know I was drinking the two liter probably every day two liter or more every day so if you’re drinking your calories really look at what you’re drinking obviously if you’re drinking soda everyone knows soda is terrible for you so stop drinking soda but if you’re drinking juices and stuff like that look at the calories on them look at how much how many calories are in them look at how many servings are in each bottle you know I need that this Gatorade right here this has 80 calories but there’s two would have servings in this so it’s not 80 calories if you drink the whole thing it’s what 160 like 250 250 calories 230 calories something like that so you don’t I mean you have to focus on how many calories and how many servings are in each drink that you’re drinking um so the easiest way for me to do it was I just kind of stopped drinking anything that had any calories I mean I was just drinking like water or zero-calorie waters I like these right here these are like the Refresh they have um different they’re sparkling so like if you do like solo out like me they help you out I try to drink them all the time because I mean obviously you don’t want to have that be addicted to something else you wanna mean take something and then become addicted to something else so I drink these there’s zero everything I mean I’m sure there’s a lot of things that shouldn’t be in there that you shouldn’t be drinking but you gotta take the good with the bad so that’s something I very much recommend don’t drink your calories anymore and then moving on tip number two this is gonna be one that might be just obvious to a lot of people but I mean some people might mind that might need to hear this um stop eating out at fast-food places at least you don’t I mean stop just cramming your face full of stuff that you know is unhealthy for you stop going to McDonald’s stop going to Burger King yeah there’s tons of those places but don’t make that in place to me every single day you know what I mean don’t let that become part of your diet every single day is going to Burger King McDonald’s you know Nemean prep your meals get your buy your food cook your own food don’t let other people cook your food for you you know I mean do your do cook your own food for yourself don’t go to McDonald’s you know I mean here’s at that place there’s so many terrible things but if you just want to think about calories there’s a lot of calories and all those foods that they have there so you’d have to be careful and if you do go there there are healthier choices so you don’t have to get the Big Mac you know I mean to have the wraps to have the salads they have and then with the salads too you have to be careful with salads this if you just throw all the dressing that they give you on the salad that that salad is basically just as bad as a Big Mac for you so you have to be careful you know you have to read what it says that’s on the dressing in the dressing how many fat how much fat is in the dressing you have to be just just be knowledgeable think about just just read things you don’t mean this is another tip you don’t I mean that’s kind of in the same vein as the first one is don’t drink your calories is kind of just become informed about calories look at what’s inside of things you read this stuff this stuff is mint mint to be there to help you out it’s meant to be there because I mean it’s obviously there because they have to put it there but instead to help you out and if you learn how to read this stuff and kind of understand how it’s going to affect your body that’s really gonna help with your weight loss tip number three that I want to make this isn’t going to be something that’s kind of like physical that you can do this is more of a mental game is when you start losing weight understand that this is not gonna happen right away you know I mean this is gonna take time and you have to understand that if you’re looking at someone that’s already lost weight or is this is where you want to be and you’re kind of comparing yourself to them stop doing that because that’s just kind of just gonna make you sad make you mad make you frustrated with where you are if you already made progress if you’ve already made the decision to change you’re already further along than you were yesterday you understand what I’m saying so if you’ve already made that decision don’t let the fact that you’re not where you want to be stop you from becoming that person does that make any sense like if you’re letting the future you that you want to achieve mess up the present you that you are there’s no point you know I mean like just focus on yourself today every battle that you win every meal that you eat that’s healthy every workout that you get is all going to get you to the point that you want to achieve so I hope this video helps I know it was kind of random but I just wanted to put something out for you guys and I wanted to make a video that wasn’t 15 minutes hung for you guys to watch so tell me what you guys think about this video I know it’s kind of a short one I hope it helped anyone out I just I just want to be able to put out more videos frequently and doing vlogs throughout the whole day it’s kind of hard to do vlog every single day you know I mean some videos like this that only take me about 10 minutes to film a lot easier to get out to you guys so I hope this video helped anyone it helps one person that’s awesome seriously that that makes me so happy so if you guys like the video feel free to give it a thumbs up if you have any questions or comments please leave them down in the comment section down below seriously I love to answer any of your questions down there and if you guys are not subscribed to me already please do that I really appreciate it seriously and you’ll get an update on every single video that I put out um there’s one other thing yeah look up a fan

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