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32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

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hey guys it’s Kelly from Fitness winter calm and today I have a body way only cardio workout for you we’re going to be doing 45 seconds on with 15 seconds reps and then a B a B format I’ve included your warmup and your cooldown so let’s go ahead and get started alright so we’ve got a built in warmup we’re gonna start off with that 45 on 15 seconds rest structure but we’re going to start nice and light so that we like I said we have a built-in warmup so go ahead and get your feet moving we’re gonna start off with sidestep jacks so nice and light start on one side just step out and so you’re doing the motion of a jumping jack with your arms but you’re just kind of tapping lightly from side to side instead of jumping so increasingly these intervals are gonna get Swaggart and sweaty ER his first little bunch is quite easy while our muscles are warming up after that it’s gonna turn into a sweat best hopefully we’re halfway good start to pick up the speed as you get comfortable as you start to throw your body warm up ten seconds five all right so 15 seconds rest remember to always keep your feet moving never want to be still doing this so at least a boxer shuffle you can always make it harder if you need to we’re doing those [Music] kind of forces you to get a good stretch to all the way down lower yourself up squeeze your glutes push back up so if you’re not very flexible you can always come here bend your knees until you can get to the floor your hamstrings are tight ten seconds left five seconds all right now we’re going back to that send it around of those sidestep jacks so keep your feet moving for a little arm work in there as well for that warm-up two one here we go just side to side enjoy the easy stuff won’t last make sure you’re sitting up nice and tall to make you good posture while you’re doing these exercises make sure you’re not doing kind of half half-hearted jumping jack motion keep your arms straight try to move slower if you have to and get the full range of motion instead of doing a quick no not full effort version 10 seconds left to one all right get this key moving putting down into those walk down back those five seconds two one here we go I know I use variation of walk downs and my routines often because I love them they feel good but they’ve learnt so many different muscles there’s a lot of different ways in my violin you’re kind of fun about 20 seconds left 10 seconds to 1 all right so next up we are doing two knee pulls so we’re still and that logogram packed lower-intensity warmup period but we’re going to start picking up here after this so again if this is too easy step up the intensity of your rest otherwise here we are so we’re one two one two so this is nice and low impact if you want to step it up mm-hmm just add in some jumps you can always make things easier or harder as you need to otherwise we just hear all about what works for you go over halfway done try to get a little crunch flex your core while you’re doing this is definitely an ABS exercise as well as a cardio exercise about five seconds left all right next up we’re doing a lunge plus a rotation five seconds left here we go so we drop down into that lunge rotate rotate in the center we just come back up so your legs are probably can you start burning we are holding that lunge you’re also working your core about halfway already if you’re not feeling very warmed up yet or if you’re new to exercise you can just keep your lunge nice and shallow and just kind of step forward instead of a really deep lunge but if you want to make it harder sink down into it I’m here here spectre-2 one all right fifteen seconds rest so if you’re not sweating at all you know we’re several minutes and at this point we’re quite good ways in so you can start to really step up those intensities of both the intervals and your rest periods all right – knee pulls so like I said the harder version start jumping around and you can always mix it – so if you’re here and you start to get winded well your emotions start to get sloppy take it back down and honestly the combination of both is a really great way to make pretty much any routine you work for yourself and to improve your fitness really well because you can always alter it modify it and push yourself when you need to and then lay back when off in intensity a little bit but you’re not stopping just five seconds left all right so we’re doing that lunch facilitation like I said even more bit challenge step up your best best intervals two one here we go sit down turn to each side come back up so after this point of the routine now that you’re nice and warmed up you can also make it quite a lot harder by adding weight so holding onto weights while you do this kind of stuff makes it a lot more difficult got about 20 seconds left ten five right next up we’re doing two jumping jacks plus a lateral jump here so this is one of those exercises to make you feel a little bit I’m coordinating but that’s the whole point I’m teaching your brain to pay attention to what you’re moving so two jumping jacks plus from the center do your jobs here so you’ll notice I’m doing my first ladder jump and a different sign each time you’re going to want to do the same so if I jump last here you jump right first the next time I’m going to get more comfortable sky to jump further and further on each side to one my right next up yeah push it up Plus reach Oh drop down your match is about 105 seconds left here we got us up do the harder version push up they can tap your foot behind you come back down do another pushup turn the other way so not only are you getting all all the benefits of the push-ups there are tons they’ve hardly any muscles you’re not working during push-up also getting extra butt work the antics of core work because of that rotation is just a few minutes away from one great five seconds all right jump back up those lateral jumps plus Jax always remember make that the rest as hard as you need to you can do burpees if you want be my fist – jumping jacks – make sure you’re not holding your back remember it’s always okay this is if you’re really struggling take an extra break quick drink of water you can come right back into it just don’t walk away from it three two one rest take some deep breaths you can start doing push-ups right now if you want to take out that I’m older I started up pushup keep your core pulled in try to keep your spine women move back left about half way got about ten seconds left to run okay so here’s your water break keep your feet moving don’t go away too far and start right back in in just a minute you alright we’re ready to tackle the second half of this routine we’re doing the same thing we’re starting off for Swiss foot jumps plus a squats okay go ahead get your feet moving we’ll be doing some fun cardio here so one two three four drop down first cotton mill one two so try to leave a different foot each time so make sure you’re sinking down keep your back flat for that squat keep your weight in heels try to land soft on your feet for those jumps about five seconds left alright next up we’ve been play Jack with so this did you know a soft surface but actually I’m using my feet so your toes otherwise you’re here take your leg up as high as you can he’s the other leg up as high as you can no three jacks repeat this time leading with the different leg squeeze those gluts try to pull in your core again you’re working your entire letting this five to one right back to those flutter kicks or those Switchfoot jokes with the spots remember make that the rest as hard as you need you three two one here we go so one two three four down take a break me too three two one alright check down the mat for doing those pling checks again so do it this way so you can see what my legs are doing back here five seconds left [Music] here we go for those next up we’re doing a lunge plus it out ten seconds right here down top here up back up switch feet down over halfway right here seven seconds two one all right drop down to the floor you’ll be doing science it rises so I’m going to start out on my right side the next rule on my left so whichever way you do it remember so you don’t end up ignoring on your side two one here we go all right so up it’s rising up three we hit do you want to make this harder you can go on your toes just like this otherwise stand please just coach upwards try to keep this elbow joint right underneath your shoulder turn that this slide she feeling this in this hip when this outside guy as long as this side and of course your core your beliefs about five seconds left all right jump up can you do those weird balls again there’s one’s about alright so hands over head punch forward I’m down to the floor come back up start it over on the other side about ten seconds left all right so remember which side you’re on last time go ahead and lay down on the opposite side doing those hip raises again and then after this thing we have one more group left before I pull down you go up I keep it nice and steady never really rest on the ground you’re only hovering here so your muscles stay contracted the entire time that’s halfway 10 seconds left 3 2 1 right next up we’re doing the supine plank reach so this one’s kind of fun we’re gonna start on one side I’m going to start with this leg straighten out so the resting point of this motion is tucking your hand in right here and then we’re gonna press up so we get a lot of glute work on each side stretch before you tuck that down again you’re not resting here you’ll be hovering before you push back up so you should feel it in your thighs your upper body your gluts and your lower back try to use really smooth movements about 15 second flush right next up we have squats plus Silas so then do a lift on each side in between their squat here we go squat there we go well actually we’ll just do one sorry I lied so squat and then come right back up with your weight in that leg so you’re actually doing a lot more work each time on one of your legs so it’s a good way to build strength and balance and if you need to you can hold on to something while you do this but if you’re not it definitely takes a lot of core work honestly something like this is a million times better for your apps than any kind of crunch you could ever think of ten seconds left so whichever leg you had extended last time is coming in oh yeah sorry to do opposite leg position so we’re tacking it on this side this time here we go so we press the up come back down I remember not to let your body the rocks look around completely remember to keep breathing it’s really easy to hold your breath here squeeze the top two one all right when it relaxed we’ve got 15 seconds and then one more active interval then a cool-down and you’ll get your workout complete for the day to keep moving from our squat plus I like this here we go so down lift up I’m trying to make this as controlled as you can you don’t want to be just throwing it up there you don’t use monitoring you and control the entire time no cheating it’s tempting right just about 20 seconds left five seconds all right that does it for your cardio I’m gonna bring our heart rate down and stretch out those muscles so keep your feet moving for a second just some nice deep breaths here all right clean your feet nice and slow stretch overhead stretch as far as you can for the entire way it all the way the top now lean to one side ever so slightly gently as far as you can no the other more time on each side next we’re gonna swing down and then it’s circle towards one of our toes so slowly stretching the entire way down to one toe then walk slowly over to the other I’ll come back up so whatever your range of motion is you have to respect it and never push it stretch to where it hurts move nice and slow always no bouncing to try to get more range of motion just doodle you can do that once more so you should feel this in your lower back and the back to your thighs now go down once more opposite direction alright now were to go into a warrior on one side so one foot pointed forward when perpendicular arms out I mean into it as much as you need you to feel stretch take a couple nice deep breaths here and tip forward so rest your arm on your thigh arm straight up stay here for a couple breaths alright now fold forward and rotate your deep runners lunge go down as far as you need to to get a good stretch feel this in your groin here blows through these aside slowly up straighten that leg but keep reaching for that toe now you’re gonna feel this through the back of this side that’s straight now come back up same thing on the opposite side so point this work forward this one in line with your hands lean forward as much as you need to you to get a good stretch right now tilt forward straight in here open your chest up a nice stretch going forward over this foot that deep lunge and straighten that way which is breaching for that toe all right you know come back up mr. Cho front of those thighs watch your steps so you need to hold onto the wall for balance that’s fine otherwise pull your foot up as far as you meet you get a stretch to the front of your thigh switch sides all right now if you’ve got an open wall or anything to mess your hand yes we’re gonna do a chest stretch so place your hand against the wall straighten your arm and then slowly rotate away until you feel stretch all through here you know make sure you drink lots of water after this just lost a lot of water through our workout we need to rehydrate as soon as you can alright switch sides so opposite hand rotate away you feel a good stretch right now let’s walk down into a plank nice and slow I’m doing that stretch and you’re way up there now you’re gonna stay here and kind of walk so put your weight in one leg lift the other off the ground so you’re pressing your heels down towards the mat as much as you can to try to get a good cat stretch and switch keep it a nice fluid movement just hold it for a few seconds each all right oh come down this away deliver yourself to that man put your feet over and press up for a cobra stretch now push back hold over onto yourself or Child’s Pose so you should feel this through your shoulders as well as your lower back okay let it relax okay guys that’s it for this workout you made it all the way through congratulations I hope you’ll come back and work out with us tomorrow otherwise a good job this workout is complete

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