5 Critical Ketosis Tips

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hey guys I’m back in this video we’re gonna talk about the five critical ketosis tips now I’ve done a lot of videos in ketosis and some of you are new some of you have been to my channel for a long time so I’m going to put some more links down below so you can get caught up but these are like really important tips there’s a lot of ways to do it incorrectly and there is a right way to do it these are the the correct ways okay so what happens when you do a ketosis diet it’s like taking a diuretic you’re gonna dump a lot of fluid through the body because when you’ve been you were burning sugar fuel you were retaining fluid and now we’re cutting up the sugar you’re going to dump a lot of food this is why some people can lose like 10 pounds in a week that’s not fat that’s fluid and with the fluid comes the elimination of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium so we must put that back and a lot of times people need to add more electrolytes with more fluid so I’m not against drinking more water especially if you don’t overdo it but we need to put that fluid back make mental note of this one right here now waste elimination if you get constipated on this program you have to handle that because what happens is the toxins in the fat cell that’s stored in there are also released when you burn this fat so if you don’t have a good elimination system the gallbladder is working the liver and your get constipated that is it’s going to back up to the thyroid you know you get the keto rash create a lot of problems so there’s two situations one if you were constipated before doing this program and you’re still constipated it’s okay to take an herbal laxative in the meantime just to get things going that’s more important than thinking you’re going to be addicted to a laxative or if you became constipated on this program that means that either you’re you can’t digest the kale or the types of vegetables or the fibers and the vegetables so switch it up go back to so maybe some romaine lettuce as compared to some of the cruciferous and add fermented vegetables and if you even need maybe a mild laxative tea like a slippery elm bark smooth move tea go ahead and do it very very important to get that elimination going good and I also like to use symptoms that indication to see what wrong like for example when you switch from sugar burning to fat burning a lot of times you might get tired in the transition that means that your body is utilizing more B vitamins it’s using more sodium so you better start putting back in the B vitamins if you get tired or flu-like symptoms and some sea salt I like to use nutritional yeast okay so that’s a that’s very very important now the other thing is you want to watch watch your fat you know some people they get this oh they get this program oh I can start eating tons and tons of fat they start overdoing it their livers not up to digesting that their gallbladder is getting blown out they get right shoulder pain they get the keto rash all these issues because they’re not used to digesting all this fat and if that happens you need some gall bladder like purified bile salts but I would go a little lighter with the fats to see if you can digest them so your gall bladder can adapt to that we need sunsets but we don’t want to overdo it okay okay then we get to number five which is the quality food you just realize that every single calorie of food that you put in your body is replacing your body parts okay so the last thing you want to end up is looking like a crackhead right yeah so to avoid that to avoid looking very unhealthy as you lose weight you want to have grass-fed foods like grass-fed animal meats things like that you want organic Wow caught fish pasture-raised eggs okay so if you want to avoid looking like a crackhead and you want to look healthy go ahead and put the quality back in and put your comments below I’ll talk to you soon

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