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5 EASY tips for YOU to lose weight | Beginner Edition

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guess what losing weight it’s easy just listen to me for those of you don’t know me now mind those of you don’t know me I’m an idiot you don’t know me my name is Lauren may I have my youtube channel here for six years and I’ve lost 147 pounds ten and a half stone so I’m going to give you my five weight those tips if you’re looking to start your journey let’s say for beginners so five really simple things that if you do them you will see changes and results in your life sounds simple let’s go tip number one prepare your meals now work out what you want to eat that’s healthy obviously and prepare it if you’re one of these people which is most of the people in the world who has a busy life hectic with kids with life with job with everything then you will not have time in the morning to make your breakfast to make your lunch to make your dinner do it the night before or do it at the beginning of the week prepare chicken prepare vegetables have it in top ways so that you can grab it in the morning and go if it’s there already for you and you know what you’re eating is so much easier to control your life as they say fail to prepare prepare to fail number two cut out soda this includes diet soda this includes juices juices the light squash even if it’s sugar free sugar free just means there’s more crap in it don’t get me started about juices and sugar free and low-fat crap because nobody got time for that stick to water with natural fruit in it I love putting strawberries and blueberries and different bits of fruit in the freezer so obviously it’s summer at the moment so you can put in the fruit into your water and not only does it work as an amazing flavor I also chose the water so you have nice cold fruity delicious fresh water with no crap how’s that tip 3 don’t eat low-fat food do not eat processed food if something says only 1% fat per nah this means that they’ve taken out everything that’s good for you in and replace it with chemicals and sugar because sugar makes things taste nice so the fat might be gone but the sugar and the salt will be really high so do not eat processed food because it’s all rubbish I personally would rather have something that was full fat I’m not talking about eating a lard here say for instance I’m having my egg salad I have full fat mayonnaise I don’t have a lot of it I’ll have about half a teaspoon but it just gives you the flavor it means that you don’t need to have more of the low fat thing that’s full of calories full of crap and will only make you hate yourself because you are eating the low fat thing at the first place when really all you want is to spread the mayo on the stuff and eat it in your face you know what I mean number four eat slowly and without distractions I say this a hell of a lot but it’s so true if you’re eating for instance your foods here and you’re watching the TV and you’re talking to somebody and you’re on your phone do you think that you’re paying attention to what you’re eating do you think it’s possible brain it’s not it’s going straight from here to here before you know it you’ve got a clear plate in your thinking what can make next seriously trust me next time you have a meal no distractions I know this may be quite difficult because a lot of people have you know families and lives and even if you just have to like take your meal and go to a different room just focus on the food once you’ve taken out four put your knife and fork down and just think about the flavors think about the fact you enjoying it and when you’re satisfied stop even if you’ve got some left on the plate – stop stop you can eat it later it’s fine just eat until you’re satisfied not until you’re full and thinking I couldn’t eat another bite that is one of the most healthy important tips I can give you because it’s so mentally freeing as well as great on the body number five be kind to yourself you can write it like this so you have your phone you drop it and you get a small crack in the screen you’re not going to throw it back on the floor and smash it until it’s completely broken or you know you’re going to fix it so what is the point if you have like a bit of cake or you have a donor or you know pack your crisps – think I will have that christe’s now I might just go ahead and eat the whole rest of the Monty pack then go to the Dunkin Donuts and then go to it on the way home Oh a mini a small village we’ve all been there with it just think to yourself okay I’m a human being I’m going to put this behind me move on this is what I always do drink a big glass of water kind of think right I’m getting it back tomorrow it’s always a fresh start don’t even don’t live in the past and I’ll go in there that’s a good one that’s another good one number six I know I said I was going to do five foot you know you know I can’t count this is one of the one that’s going to help you know end mmm your body now I don’t mean no pain no gain thrush it out thrush it out I don’t mean thrash it out of the gym this could be putting the new trainers getting up half an hour earlier going for a walk now if you’re watching this in the you know I’m not doing that then fine don’t do it but if you’re not happy in your life and you’re not making changes then things aren’t going to change I realize this is quite a rude video if you want to see a change you need to make a change and if you make excuses then you’re not going to see a change so for all of those people who say I wish I could do it I wish sure you can you just need to follow these guidelines and given you in this video put them to good juice and you will see amazing changes in your life okay lose it like Lauren keep losing keep smiling nice easy

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