5 Easy Tips To Lose Weight Fast!

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4 Weeks Diet

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hi guys welcome back to my channel as promised this video is a five tips on how to lose weight fast these are things that I’ve just worked for me lately I will show before and after picture in this video somewhere or as a thumbnail so there is a difference and my body is finally getting back on track and it’s dropping weight a little bit faster because as you guys know I was having some problems so I’m really excited and it’s keeping me motivated so I just want to share these things with you just keep in mind that they’ve worked for me I don’t know if they’ll work for everybody but you can experiment like I do all the time forgive me if I’m looking at my phone I did write them down just so I can make sure I get all the information that I want to get out and let’s get started so tip number one I’m going to start with the most boring thing first because I feel like I reiterate this a lot drink water drink at least half of your body weight in water in ounces each day and that should really help them with that being said cut out juice cut out alcohol cut out soda oh my goodness cut out soda anything sugary all that cut out the only thing I will say I’ll have from time to time is the Trader Joe’s like all-natural cranberry juice with no sugar added and I’ll just dilute that in water but otherwise just water and drink after bucket number two drink long or green tea now I was having a lot of issues with tea and I found out that I’m intolerant to caffeine however I kind of went back to the basics this time and just decided look if I break out I break out and but I’m going to go back to the tea that helped me the most so when I was working at Teavana like three years ago um I drink monkey picked long tea religiously now I will say that it is a little bit pricey so it’s one of those things like it’s really kind of weigh out the pros and cons start with the start with a small amount and if it works for you I would really invest in it but it works wonders there’s something about it that has a special enzyme that helps release fat from the body it helps speed up your metabolism if you drink it after or before your meals and I really noticed at that time and I’m gradually starting to notice now that I am a little bit more hungry or after I eat not right after but like I’m getting hungry hungry or each time and the last time that happened to me my metabolism was speeding up and it was burning off my food so long tea right now I’m having an okay time I haven’t had any like severe breakouts or anything like that so I’m crossing my fingers that I do okay because I love this I feel like it’s been helping me for the past week and a half just get back on shock so it’s only been a week sometimes my reactions are delayed with green tea it’s like a couple days and then I’m just like I have all these breakouts so green tea or long tea both help speed up your metabolism they’re great for you I would spend a little bit of extra money on the loose leaf tea I’m not getting paid to tell you guys this once again like I tell you with everything because tea bags I tried to just go the cheaper route and it just didn’t do anything so if you do go pick up you know along tea from Whole Foods or whatever even though it’s organic it’s not loose leaf and it was this one specifically the monkey picked long tea from Tijuana if you don’t have a TV on it you can get it online I’ll link their website in the description bar but it helps a lot tip number three don’t skip breakfast along with that do not skip any meals throughout the day even if it’s something small for a snack if you’re feeding your body consistently your body’s going to get used to that and it’s going to understand that it’s okay to burn off the food that you just ate and it’s because it understands that you’re going to feed it again so when you starve yourself throughout the day your body has to hold on to everything that it has and it won’t start releasing that fat until it knows that it’s going to be fed I hope that makes sense that’s kind of the only way I know how to explain it so you guys understand but yes don’t skip any meals but do not skip breakfast if anything so that is my tip number three this is going to seem kind of weird um and this is something that I’ve just had a good experience with and I’ve noticed that’s interesting pineapple now obviously in moderation don’t just go feasts on pineapple all day every day but I have about like one or two Spears of pineapple I get mine that are already cut from Trader Joe’s you can totally cut your own and just save them in the refrigerator throughout the week but I noticed pineapple has something to do with something I do not know the scientific term I have googled it before to see if it was it would help you lose weight because my cousin and I when we live together we like couldn’t understand like why we were like looking extra thin at one point and we determined it was the pineapple I don’t know why but for some reason incorporating it into your diet I know people say like oh it has a lot of sugar oh that’s not I personally if it’s a fruit I don’t worry about the sugar number 5 this is where it gets a little bit tricky because I understand not everyone has the same exact schedule and not everyone can just not eat after 8 o’clock but not eating after 8 o’clock for me helps a lot now I have a very regular schedule my job I’m at work at 9 o’clock and I’m off at 1 o’clock so I know that at 8:30 I have my breakfast but I love and I have a snack and when I get off I have lunch and then a snack and then whatever and so forth I don’t eat after 8 o’clock sometimes I don’t eat after 6 or 7 o’clock it just depends if I’m hungry or not of course if you’re like really hungry I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a small snack the healthy found these are tene before bed but do your best not to eat after 8 o’clock now if you are someone that does not have a nine-to-five because I was a server for a very long time where I was working till 2:00 in the morning and I didn’t eat it like 10 o’clock but I wasn’t going to bed until 3:00 in the morning because of my work schedule so I would have liked to eat a chicken and some vegetables in the kitchen so you just kind of have to figure out what your schedules like and what time you decide not to leak to eat after they say don’t eat like two to three hours before you go to sleep and that’s just something you’re going to have to experiment with but I notice that if I don’t eat after 8 o’clock the scales drop I’m here every Monday and every Wednesday so please don’t forget to subscribe on your way out I would love to see you Wednesday I collaborated with smart girl world and leave created some guilt-free desserts for you guys so part one will be on my channel part two will be on hers and I really enjoyed hers so please don’t forget to check those out on Wednesday and I’ll see you guys next time thank you guys so much for watching

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