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5 Tricks to Burn Fat and Run Better | Lose weight

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where my outside with my cows that into the fellas let me get a small clap and let me hear you say I’ll let me get a slow clap come on here sit down there are two reasons why I’m running first I’m participating in my first race and I need you to support me to do this you can follow me on this free app called fantastic you can follow my boots life encouraged me with comments likes and even encouraged it’s ordered to run you can follow my runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I hope to see you on my runtastic profile remember it’s free and the second reason is because I want to give you five tips to run better and lose that accumulated it baby invert arms moving your arms balance is the body during your run you don’t move them inward they should form a 90 degree angle and we should move them from back to front with your hands in a fist say how to step there are a lot of different opinions in my opinion if we support the impact on the hill it won’t be spread out on the foot but rather absorbed by the knee however if run stepping on the top half of the foot the weight will be cushon also our step will be more effective fast and will avoid injuries first reading there are many ways of reading depending on how fast you run one way is to hang once an exhale two way is to take two steps when you breathe in and two more as you breathe for position it’s important to lean forward slightly to help move in that direction this position is to a bright and Budin be correct ideally run it slightly leaning forward but with your body in line don’t arch your lower back relax your shoulders don’t stick out your butt looks straight ahead and sit here are two specific exercises that will help you naturally improve your running technique first stem and run in place feel how you fit histogram second try to jump as high as possible raise one leg and then you don’t you be the one remember I need your help because I decided to run my first race it will be to raise funds cancer and I want to collaborate since my mother when mother had breast cancer how can you help me it’s easy get the free app elastic where you can follow me life and cheer beyond with messages or emojis while I run this time I’m the one who needs your support now click on the link in the description box to follow my runs life runtastic comm slash users slash susana – java there is also a link to the application if you haven’t downloaded yet I wait for you

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