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Our 7 BIGGEST Tips For Starting Keto – Keys To Success!

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hey today we’re going to talk about the seven tips we would have for any newcomer taquito just starting out one through seven hitting the big seven I wish I hadn’t be seven when I started number one eat as much as you want starting off at least why we would say eat as much as you want a lot of people maybe disagree with this just let everything correct itself like because if you’re getting on keto you’re probably on a standard American diet and you’re overeating so if you’re just eating a lot of fats eventually that will just autocorrect so once you start eating a lot more fat you’ll just be for longer so eventually your body will adjust so that you’ll stop eating as much in to be as you were in the beginning yeah I think it just makes the whole process easier just keep your carbs under 20 but eat as much calories as you want for the most part I really had to take advantage of it because I was I felt like I wasn’t eating enough because I wasn’t eating cereal and I wasn’t eating sandwiches and your body adjusts so just let that take its course and also your body is not going to right away it won’t be as good at making use of all the fat you’re eating like when you’re on keto for a longer period of time your body’s very it’s very efficient at using the fat so it will make it even easier to eat a calorie deficit or just add your calories number two commit to it and do your research before starting add some babe one reasons being is you have this voice in your head right if you are not very resolute in the reasons you’re doing this and you don’t think it’s the right thing and you’re not positive that it’s the right way of eating for you that voice is going to start chirping in your ear you know and it’s going to be saying like you can have the the chocolate chip cookie I mean it mom make mom only makes them once a month right I can have a cookie right yeah I only make it once a month you won’t always get mom’s cookies yeah so see that voice is going to start becoming louder and louder and if you’re not very definite in why you’re doing this that can become an issue my immediate thought is like when I do diets generally I’m like okay when am I going up to my cheat meal into my diet market in the calendar yeah I get that off of that so um you know I was like we should just do it like once a week or you know as it was nice to have Matthew because he’s like no at least for the first like three months we should just go strict and that’s what we decided to do and it was easier to stick to it because I knew at the end of the three months like my body would have been adapted at that point and so doing a cheat meal it wouldn’t be as harmful because it’s easier for my body to get back into a state of ketosis and also just knowing the repercussions of a cheat meal is just like the drop in energy levels is the main reason I don’t even really want to do cheat meals that much I’m like probably just like stomach cramping and pain yeah it’s just such a momentary like pleasure for the long-term is not worth it number three number three is make a plan it sound similar to the second one but it’s different because we’re talking about a meal plan and so if you have stuff prepped and you can look at our videos because we do move that video if you’re you prepping it’s easier to stay accountable and once again all be seven starting off rules tie into one another so for making a plan if your meal prepping you’re gonna you’re gonna commit more you know you’re going to be more accountable and so it’s just important to know what you’re going to be eating before the week starts I’m a big fan of when I just start a different way of eating like when I start keto just eating pretty regularly like maybe five meals switch those in and out just stick to your basics you have to go to the grocery store you only need like ten items or something it’s pretty easy yeah now we cook different things like every single night we like to get creative but if you just have a set meal plan you’re going to follow that’s probably a good way to go to start it’s easiest number four accountability and is huge for us or for me at least was having math you’d make me accountable for myself because I would feel guilty and I would tell them that I cheated or whatever the cases but it’s important to have a partner or you know use an outlet like Instagram a lot of people do that so if you don’t have a partner you can just post pictures you can post what you eat and it just makes you accountable with a huge audience yep there’s a couple ways to go about it instagrams a good way another way is just to like tell one of your friends or something like I’m having this diet player family off the bat they’re going to question it oh you can email us and we can have like a little accountability email list which we were thinking about starting depending on the interest gauging interest right now so yeah you can do that get in touch with us and if you take like pictures before you know you’ll feel more motivated because you want to work out harder you want to take that next picture and look you know leaner fitter in the next picture so I mean just watching your body progress like looking in the mirror every day those are things that will keep you motivated mentally and that’s a huge department yeah also want to be working out when you start seeing results it gets addictive – yeah it’s six nights good once you get the ball rolling just like putting one good hard month and the balls rolling yeah number five is know what to expect before starting do your research this also ties into the other ones like they all do but um you want to know like the first week or two it’s going to suck there’s no way around that really you’re going to be tired your body’s not going to feel good you’re going to feel really sore it’s going to suck for the most part but you have to know that going in and that can’t be an excuse once it starts happening you leo my body feels bad maybe this isn’t the right thing to do that’s why they all tie in together you have to commit you have to do your research now your body is feeling bad you know it’s going to feel bad what were you started um stay accountable you’re going to be dropping like you know five to ten pounds each of the first two weeks just water weight because your body going to be holding less water and then when that starts slowing down when you start losing a pound or two or maybe even not lose for a week you have to know that that is something that might happen like you’re not going to be just dropping like this consistently yeah you’re going to start out the first few weeks you’re going to lose a lot of weight but it’s going to be mainly water so don’t let that deter you and then be like oh well I dropped to ten pounds now I can go acting normal eating because that’s not how it works you’ll gain it right back and we can promise you that yeah then when you start eating carbs your body starts carrying more water again so it gains back really quickly and this ties into number six which is trust the process this favorite thing it is my favorite thing of all time because if you just keep on doing the work you keep on putting you know you keep on keeping exactly things happen the ball starts rolling just gradual changes add up over time and it all is worth it in the end so this keto diet who knows a lot of things have changed from changed for us we are big believers now and like positive thinking a positive reinforcement if you think something’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen so if you tell yourself you can do this you can stay committed you can stay accountable you’re gonna do it positive self-talk absolutely big every morning wake up tell yourself how great you look how great or you’re gonna look once your body’s adapted and just keep on keeping yep number seven looking to cook new things you know not really necessary but it’s a fun part of the fun part in our opinion is learning to cook new things a lot of the new things you might want to learn to cook you can find at our website cuz we have a bunch of great recipes I just think it’s it’s kind of fun to like you know like oh I used to always make chocolate chip cookies how can I make chocolate chip cookies that I can eat without purpose right we have also a lot of links in our in our recipes that give you ingredients that aren’t that expensive so it’s not like going ketones you’re going to be spending more ingredients at all so don’t let that deter you also from like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies in a different way a lot of experimenting we’ve done really fun and not costly and we highly recommend that those are the big seven and these are seven things that I think pretty much anyone can apply and it will help them get a good start on the diet yeah these are definitely things that I wish I knew beforehand they would have made my journey better not that it hasn’t been great but we’ve also had each other so if you are going solo you know this is a video for you and will definitely help you get through that first two weeks at least if not months hit us with anything you guys would add to this list if you have other great tips for starting out so then the people watching this video can read your comments have additional information which is great um and if you want to partner emails as well because we want to keep you accountable and then you know we’ll update you we’ll let you know what we’re eating what we’re snacking on and you can keep us accountable it we’re just a big community RIT Aikido community yeah it’s Quito connect at gmail.com is our email subscribe to our channel check out our other videos we got a lot of great stuff like this we have some cooking videos if you want to learn how to cook for step seven just check out our other stuff check out a recipes thanks for watching you

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