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8 Things You MUST KNOW Before Starting A Ketogenic Diet!!

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hey guys today I’m gonna be talking to you all about my tips to have a very successful and sustainable ketogenic diet if you’ve been on my channel and see my videos before hey again and if you’re new my name is Rachel I am a nutritionist from Brisbane Australia and I also earn a blog and a gym called apron lift so I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for around nine months now to help reduce symptoms and improve my PCOS a ketogenic diet can be an incredibly powerful tool when it does come to battling some health conditions such as type 2 diabetes epilepsy Alzheimer’s and PCOS just to name a few I believe there are a lot of unhealthy ways to do heaters such as all the bulletproof coffees and all the processed meats and that kind of thing I try to avoid that style of cater and I personally like to cut out any caffeinated or any stimulant products at all I have my dairy and nut intake at an absolute minimum and I try to focus on really really Whole Foods as much as possible and getting organic free-range etc etc if you’re after a food list I do have one that I put together in a blog post I put it in a PDF so you can use it as a shopping list and I will link that in the description box before I jump into my tips for making your character is sustainable and easy to get through as possible make sure you hit subscribe if you have not already and if you don’t have the notifications button on make sure you press that one so you can be notified when I do upload a new video for you guys alright time to jump into it my first point is to get a full panel of blood tests run every few months while you’re on keto and my second point is to get a jewel glucometer which reads both your blood sugar and your blood ketone levels and you’re going to test that multiple times a day you can get those ketone P sticks but after a while like the longer you’re in heater the less accurate they become so this is a more accurate way to read those levels point three is to check your sodium potassium and magnesium when you’re on a ketogenic diet all of these minerals are expelled from your body a lot quicker than they would be on a normal diet so the way that I like to do this is make sure I’m getting enough salts with bone broth make sure that I’ve got lots of avocados and you can also have almonds for things like magnesium and making sure you’re getting that potassium to point four is to be prepared and make sure that you always have snacks or something available I tend to always have some kind of food in my handbag just in case I get caught out but you just need to make sure that you know where you’re eating and you can plan for it my fifth point is to choose less processed foods this is going to make the diet a lot more sustainable over the long term for you so opting for like your grass-fed meats and opting for lots of fresh vegetables rather than going for those local bars and processed snacks that are made to be low carbohydrate but contain sugar alcohols my sixth point is to make sure you’re getting enough water you may be surprised by how much water you do actually require on a ketogenic diet this is due to the fact that your body is just not holding it the way that it used to so you’ll find that the amount of water you need to consume has greatly increased from what it was before my seventh tip is that small changes add up so when you are on a ketogenic diet little things like switching from a normal normal butter to a grass-fed butter is going to make a huge difference because it has a lot more minerals and vitamins in it that are readily available for your body so just making sure that there’s these little changes so like the the no processed foods cutting the sugars and ditching the processed snacks little changes bit by bit will make a world of difference point eight is to log your food you can do this in apps like MyFitnessPal or live some I recommend looking every day when you start and then the more you get used to the foods the less often you have to log I still like to log once to twice a week just to make sure that I’m keeping everything on track because with Keita it is very easy to accidentally under eat on your fats and you need to make sure you’re getting enough fats each day or you’ll be very tired if you learn anything from this video I would appreciate it so much if you would take a second of your time and give the video a little thumbs up for me it does help me out a lot and also I’d love to know if you are doing heater or low carb or anything like that if you’re struggling with anything in particular feel free to leave me a comment because that does help shape and tailor what kind of content I am making for you guys so something that I want to do is more sort of cure low carb tips because obviously that’s the lifestyle that I lead and I’ve had a lot of success with it so I want to be able to give you guys more advice when it does come to that as well hope I can catch you guys in the comments below if not I’ll catch you in my next video and don’t forget to hit subscribe if you are new bye guys you

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