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hi guys I’m welcome back for another video today my sister and I are going to be making some naked bars naked bars sell for up to a pound each and you can actually make them costing twenty P in this recipe in our house we don’t actually have a food processor so we are going to be using good old-fashioned elbow grease but of course it would be a lot quicker and a lot easier if you do have a food processor but let’s get started with the ingredients the original recipe said 60 grams of pecans but they are more expensive than walnuts so we went for sixty grams of walnuts 60 grams of unsalted cashew nuts ten medjool dates is stupid to buy pitted dates and depict them yourself we’ve got a huge box about the same size as my head from Sainsbury’s for three or four pounds which is very good for medjool dates half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon cow powder wasn’t actually in the original recipe that me and my sister wanted to add it along with the orange which isn’t actually an orange I believe it’s a tangerine so we’re going to use the rind of the orange and some orange juice from it too but a cheaper alternative for cacao powder would be cocoa powder I know in the US you don’t have these bars but don’t worry I am here to fix that this recipe will hopefully change your life these are all raw ingredients that are naturally yummy because of the natural sugars in it they are wheat dairy and gluten free and for all you vegans out there they are vegan friendly too now this is a step where you place the nuts into the food processor and blitz them up along with the module dates something what should have taken about 30 seconds a minute took us about 20 minutes but it was great therapy we did a lot of arm muscle movement and body strength whoo-hoo so I first started off by crushing them with the back of a rolling pin which then didn’t really work as they are just shooting out of the bowl and going everywhere my sister I do give her the credit for this she came up with a great idea of cutting them with nice big machete knife out this mixture you can make at least eight bars eight to ten I’d say we then did the exact same for the figs and cut them all up but the figs were more mushy once we’d pitted them and you could just kind of mash them up with your fingers for people with the food processor you just put the dates into it and just blitz it up as well Oh lovely that’s how date should be you could’ve bought a date block oh you tell us now yeah you might date look if your mixture is too crumbly then just add another day and you know remix it into the mixture in the original naked bar recipe there are raisins but we didn’t really want to use eggs my sister doesn’t really like raisin so that fine we just improvised we then realized we probably should have added in the cacao powder and the orange earlier but it doesn’t matter we did it here if you don’t like walnuts or pecans you can actually use peanuts or perhaps you prefer peanut butter and then just use one left shake or something I’m thinking of retrying this recipe and using peanut butter or even speculoos I know that will be just delicious it’s a little bit sticky at the moment due to the orange juice but we are going to add some cocoa powder or some cacao powder whatever you have how much mm-hmm also a fun fact you can store them in your fridge for up to three weeks ours don’t actually last that long but if we were to make a big enough batch then you know it’s nice to know that you can keep them for a good old month so now I’ve got a nice dough if you can cool it that and we’re just going to put it in a Tupperware box and flatten it out so it’s about 1 and 1/2 centimeters thick but ours was a little bit thicker but then when it came out we just sliced them in half we used the back of the spoon to push down all the corners so you know it didn’t go up at the corners and it was like a weird shape it was nice and flat my sister then scored it with her amazing knife skills then we covered it in some cling film before putting it in the fridge for they say 4 to 6 hours preferably overnight but we couldn’t wait that long we actually put it in the freezer for half an hour and then got a bit scared so we put it back into the fridge so then we took it out of the fridge after about 4 or 5 hours because we couldn’t wait any longer and it looked so good so then we had the issue of trying to get it out it wasn’t actually too hard we just recut the bars and sliced off the edges to make them all neat and then that meant that we got some little extras to try I know you only out for 10 days you don’t need anything else what why not Matt for you know there are 10 dates in there that day look just demanding food you are terrible here we have beautiful little montage here is my sister amazingly dropping the balls into the cacao powder we got our cacao powder from TK Maxx and HomeSense which is the weirdest place I’d never have thought I’d be able to buy it from there but you know just if you wonder it’s time for some of your tests my sister made something for you oh it’s dark I’ve been stolen by an alien let’s go ahead we had made some bars some fingers and some truffles oh my god you’ve got trouble on your face yeah that rub bit more I think I’m gonna try a truffle as I’ve already tried a finger it tastes just like a truffle I really like the orange I think I keep them you can’t really taste the cinnamon in it but the cashews are very nice the nuts give it a good crunch personally when I make this again I think I’m going to make the fingers as the bars are a little bit too big and this is actually very filling I now see why naked bars are so small but if you would like to make this then I’ll leave the recipe in the description box below and semi photos on Twitter and Instagram as I’d love to check out your pages describe your videos every Thursday and I’ll see you next week have a nice day bye bye

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