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[Music] two days post-christmas which means that we feel sick we’re very very full of Christmas food so we haven’t trained in three days literally we just sat down all day and eaten just do it all that Christmas stuff maybe today’s the day we get active again move our body but in true soufy and curt style we don’t just want to move a little bit we want to move a lot so what often trained separately because he does more bodybuilder kind of like weight lifting sessions and I do hips functional workouts but today we’re going to train together we can collaborate write up a session and this is going to be a get back on track blog starting with an epic work at all I’ve eaten for the last yeah week is free donut mix sure just chocolate he’s been having like M&Ms I’ve just been baking for people which means I eat half the butter before I give it to them so like we feel sick we’ve just been eating I’m sweating already I’m gonna get changed out of my skirt then we plan in my head what kind of session I want to do time to write up this full circuit with exercises remember always really hot so we’ve got after I put one see squats crab-walk chin-ups we’re gonna repeat that three times let me go to SEC 2 which is air bag ropes wall balls air bubbles we repeat that three times so it frees sleds garrix lat pulldown shoulder raises again oh whoa repeat let’s not do that let’s not do that for Road burpees barrels of the sit-ups go 3 times 30 seconds to 1 minute between each round we’ll see how we feel we want to make sure you’re doing every exercise to the best of your ability and we proper form and because we pick 12 by the 12 rep you want to be able to know [Music] [Music] first one down I’m pretty tired the mosaic fatigue so quickly look the world brutal like the best but they’ve just burped and to my chin ups I did tend I tried to attend every time so they were all assisted with like a resistance band but I feel good now so I’ve got one for me was a good warm-up and now I’m ready till I can kill it so we need to stop talking but then I get out of the mood ok your cardio fitness is way too good [Music] take it to complete if you’re not sweating off the circuit to then some wrong yeah even with the wall ball first try to like throw as high as you can and don’t just go through the motions don’t just like chocolate in the air forceful and impactful as possible shoulders are burning legs are cooked I definitely had it been on it too close to workout because I could like to feel my belly [Music] I move between sets dying and he says he are you kidding I’ve seen so much I should be like so shredded oh I feel better after circuit three then I did after circuit two yeah I just feel tired you’re dying burpees aim right but I love burpees I hate the roller hate the rope I like the roll hate burpees last one actually defeated really [Music] okay sure how’s good that was a really good session because I just had so much energy because I ain’t so much at Christmastime I know I had loads of energy eat too many snacks and not yeah my portion control yeah I really think that refined sugar is probably the one of the worse things you have in your diet so I feel horrible right now I’m just so sad right now like I really okay so obviously tip number one for getting back on track is smash out a big workout breaking a sweat and as Troy Bolton once said get your head in the game do you know what that quotes from high school musical you like there’s two reasons if you’re not in the mood to Train if your body is genuinely tired listen to your body and maybe you do need a rest day on the flip side feel like there’s this threshold honestly my most memorable and amazing workout is when I feel that threshold when I feel that bump and I’m like oh I can’t move others like I don’t want to do anymore if you just keep going and you overcome that little bump the rest of your workout is so so powerful and so much better so usually a cardio exercise that’ll get me through that threshold rolling through it the worst but it’s great and as I’m growing oh my god I don’t want to do it anymore and then if you just keep growing everybody becomes numb you just keep going and you’re like oh tip number two you’re getting back on track it’s always having healthy food accessible I’ve always said when I had my own apartment I would have a veggie patch Thank You Kodomo put my amazing Christmas present lemon tree lettuce beetroot eggplant capsicum would be so cool if I see a worm I’m gonna die I hate worms point taken we have like half analysis we have like half an hour you’re ready for this Susie good job says thanks I don’t know how to do it lovely Oh gotten enough in here it’s a gun for your team here [Applause] [Music] and then when you walk out the door you see lovely plants just need to hold yourself up while your water there mate welcome to it car of fun I like don’t like the separation like I can’t see you properly yeah it’s a cramp must all – yeah we don’t bring it no no he’s stupid see this is the way that he really talks to me I spit on you you’re an OD subscriber you might remember every Christmas holidays we go up the coast of my family it for like five days our goal is to not go to the gym at all while we’re up the coast usually we can visitors pass to a gym and we’ll go to the gym every now and then think this year we were like way more functional and outdoorsy with our workouts so I think what it’s gonna do like my ebook runs and things like that for tip number three for getting back on track it’s all about that h2o life sprouts you even hydrate I can have a huge meal and I’m like why am I still hungry and I eat and eat meat and I’m like snacking all the time and then I realized it’s dehydrate and encourage people to walk around with like 1 liter of water everywhere I mean like even if you’re at home and you’re going from room to room bringing a water bottle bring it in your hand cuz you’re more inclined to drink it by the way today is the 31st of December so I need to solidify my resolutions I’m definitely going to put a water kind of resolution in the list why you going this way you go to the other way let’s take you south these guys north [Music] I wanna be [Music] that’s like heaven now I just ran into went to the bathroom following my journey for a while now you know that I was having some problems with my PCOS and amenorrhea and not having my period for like ten months got really really lame really low body fat percentage literally just living my life to look a certain way and now I’m Way more balanced and I’m at the age now where I obviously want to start thinking about having kids in the future my biggest focus has been getting my period back and bouncing out my body I cannot believe I just got my period always dreamed of the day that I could tell you guys oh my gosh like you would myself I did it through holistic practices and nutrition come we actually did it and I think I’ve ever been so happy to be bloated in my life this is gonna be the best 2018 of having really good our next activity is going to segue into tip number four this is kind of the tip so you can share it have an extra activity outside of the gym I’ve been through this where you feel like being active is only the gym and only training where it doesn’t have to be like that Kurt and I broke back to live very active lifestyles so yes we go to the gym and we train in we do circus but we also like to be adventurous and do fun things so Kurt’s gonna go surfing now I’m not gonna go surf you go to the gym that’s totally fine and I think gyms are awesome to get a really good sweaty session in if you only do the gym sometimes it can get boring and black stagnant so it’s important to do fun activities they tie in nicely with your workouts – totally let’s do it [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] we had a Mexican do that just because like why did we have a Mexican Dame why not this because Oh Kenyatta’s and I got my own special little period pinata my next loves will obviously be like how I got my period back and going in depth of my news resolutions because I was gonna talk about them here but I feel like this vlog has already been very long but I really hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did please give a thumbs up give it a like because it really puts my channel and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye you

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