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Belly Fat Foods – Belly Fat Burning Foods – Foods That Burn Belly Fat

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belly fat food number one cinnamon cinnamon thermogenic properties helps to boost your metabolism and assist in stabilizing blood sugar levels it can make it easier for you to burn fat without excessive exercise cinnamon assists the bodies who process carbohydrates more effectively which helps you to lose more hours belly fat food number two cayenne pepper cayenne pepper increases your body’s thermogenesis basically it stimulates increased energy and fat burning cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which has been shown in certain studies to stimulate the burning of belly fat and boosts the body’s metabolic rate belly fat food number three coconut oil coconut oil contains medium-chain fats that enhance energy production which stimulates your body’s metabolism promoting weight loss certain studies have shown that coconut oil increases thyroid activity this activity helps to reduce adrenal fatigue which can contribute to excess belly fat it also boosts HDL or good cholesterol levels belly fat food number four leafy greens leafy greens are highly alkalizing jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants they are also filled with chlorophyll that helps to detox the body and they are very low in calories people who have excess belly fat are usually a bit acidic eating foods that leave an acidic ash behind contribute to fat storage so eating these greens helps to keep the body alkalized the more you can keep your body in an alkaline state the better chance you will lose excess fat belly fat food number five apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar Taine’s acidic acid which helps to accelerate the body’s production of fatty acid oxidation enzymes this helps to break down as well as eliminate existing body of fatty apple cider vinegar assists in removing fat out of the body before it has a chance to become stored in the belly area belly fat food number six whey protein whey protein can aid in reducing belly fat compared to other protein sources it stimulates chemicals in the digestive system that switches off hunger and promotes the feeling of fullness whey protein helps to modulate certain hormones that are beneficial to weight loss belly fat food number seven salmon salmon is high in omega fatty acids especially Amiga three which can help increase your metabolic rate the omega-3 fats in salmon helps to improve your insulin response making you feel fuller for longer also the monounsaturated fat in salmon can aid in boosting your metabolism as well which helps you to burn fat these are my seven top belly fat foods for weight loss which can be eaten on a daily basis to learn more about the best foods and what you can do to lose belly fat click on any of these books now

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