Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water Recipe

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hey guys Cassey here and welcome back to the cheap clean eights kitchen I know it’s been a really long time and I truly missed you too but I wanted to come back with a big bang with a recipe that you would really love love love so today I’m going to show you how to make my natural belly slimming detox water this is the water recipe that I use before big shoots before a big day event or something and I really want to just slim down and also of course I love drinking flavored water because it tastes much better than regular water though I do a lot of regular nothing on its regular water but flavored water with extra vitamins and minerals just tastes so amazing and it’s so good for you so we’re going to need for the natural belly slimming detox water our cement leaves and orange a lemon and a cucumber and of course water so let’s go ahead and start out with that lemon you want to cut it into a spoon of a slice as possible lemon is obviously a detox water superstar it has a cleansing effect because of the citric acid in with your digestive system so funny I love cutting these things this way because they look like bicycle wheels which was so pretty and then you want to go onto your orange right here just adds so much flavor see I’ve got a lot better at my knife cutting skills since the last time you saw me look I even have a skinnier knife I use have the big honking one that use for everything see it was progress oranges are so wonderful because they’re full vitamin C they taste great and they help strengthens your immune system meaning it fights off those pests and the fungi to really keep you healthy and strong alrighty and then your cucumber now the cucumber adds such a great spa-like taste to the water and in a very weird way I feel like it makes it kind of milky but a good milky like it just took so much longer than Jeff do you know what I mean I don’t I don’t know if I explain that the best way but that’s why I love getting cucumber in everything now cucumber is a perfect component for your detox water because not only does it taste great it also is anti bloating and has a lotta ant to help you get away from water retention and that is what causes the water bloating also be sure to stay away from sodium Laden foods the week before please not to make you bite hold on to everything stuck on to everything and then you’re not going to want to expel so drink more water to get all those toxins out and then finally your mid leaves and we will pick that off right before we put it into our infusion bottle so now we’re going to fill up our fruit infuser section with these vegetables and the fruits now it’s great to put it in here so that when you’re drinking it doesn’t get stuck in your mouth or the seeds don’t come in your mouth because it’s actually like a filter and also try not to keep your vegetables and fruits in here for longer than 24 hours especially the mint if you mate will actually turn brown or black and it just doesn’t taste good anymore plus the time you refilled it two or three times the vegetables and foods are done so you want to make sure you have fresh one so that you get your vitamins and minerals all right let’s go ahead and add those mint leaves in mint is like the cherry on top for detox water because it gives it that fresh and zingy taste I just love it so much in everything all in food actually and it helps soothe your stomach cramps if you have any and also aids in your digestive system the mint smell always reminds me of Vietnamese beef noodle soup or Foe which one of my most favorite things to eat because growing up my dad Wells make it for me on the weekend and there you go guys see we filled it all the way up and now I just need to put the twisty cap on just like so and look at that see those stars in there it helps filter out all of the gunk that’s not going to get your mouth you just want to put some of your water in that bottle and make sure it is ice-cold or you can refrigerate this here we go all the way to the top and we’re right on top snug fit right there put the cap right on and there we go guys that is your detox water for on the go natural belly slimming it tastes so wonderful now this I probably put in the fridge for at least an hour or two before I drink it to really make sure the vitamins and minerals infuse into the water and Plus that actually tastes better if you don’t have time to wait for it then do it the night before you can also do like a full picture of it and actually put everything inside but again try not to reuse and refill the fruits over two or three times because you won’t get your vitamins or minerals and also be sure to replace it every 24 hours or else you just it’s just going to taste nasty so guys I hope you really enjoyed that that was your natural belly slimming detox water I loved it in the comments below what other recipes you want to see and be sure to download the Blogilates app and go on my website Blogilates comm because they’re more detox water recipes in there in your hands and when you’re in the kitch or when you’re shopping you just you know grab it look for it in blood so easy so guys I love you so much and I really missed you here in the kitchen so I hope to see you again so guys stay hydrated stay beautiful and stay strong oh and before I go can I show you my OTD look at this cute shirt it’s like a halter crop top I’m loving crop tops right now and also this short skirt you can’t really see it but it’s really great just trust me I’ll probably Instagram it so I will see you later guys bye take care listen up I have something for you use code detoxify at shop Blogilates calm for an extra 10% off your own detox water bottle okay have fun shopping you

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