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The Very Best 5-Ingredient Sugar-Free Vanilla Frosting. Sometimes I want to top my low-carb cakes and cupcakes with a frosting that’s slightly less buttery, but still rich and delicious. So I developed this super-velvety 5-ingredient sugar-free vanilla frosting. It’s a tad lighter than regular buttercream frosting but still outstandingly rich (a great fat bomb, too!). And it’s perfect for piping.


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Honestly, did the The Very Best 5-Ingredient Sugar-Free Vanilla Frosting video help? Hope that’s the case! Sharing it was good fun. If you ask me, it looks pretty delicious!

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I just wanted to say a few things…

There are like a million and one diet plans available to you these days. You may be overwhelmed with your options. I know that I get overwhelmed with mine!

So once you’ve committed to a diet, and it’s time to start menu planning, it’s important that you stay committed to your plan. Wavering could be detrimental to your weight loss success. It may just take you back to the drawing board.

For this reason, I suggest starting a diet-focused recipe library. If you’re going low-calorie, then compile low-calorie recipes. If you’re a low-carber, then you’ll want low-carb recipes.

This is extremely important.

In the past, I’ve definitely hopped from one thing to the next… like crazy. Why did I do this? Only one reason…

On low-sugar, you crave sweets. On calorie-restriction, you crave calorically-dense foods. It’s always super tempting to dabble. And one thing that’s clear… Food-based videos can oftentimes be unbelievably tough to resist. 😉

Sticking to the plan long-term is perhaps the most important component of dieting. Calorie reduction and fresh, healthy foods and drinks are said to be the most surefire way to lose weight healthfully.

I’m no diet or fitness guru, but I see merit in that. Don’t pig out all day, steer clear of prepackaged junk, and you should see some pretty powerful results. This is especially true if our activity levels are relatively high.

This, of course, is the world’s most popular weight loss advice. There’s probably good reason for this!

Not all diets are calorically restrictive though. Macro-nutrient ratios are a key focus of many diet plans out there. And it’s generally not advised to mess around with those, if you’re trying to maximize your weight loss.

Stick to the plan. Give yourself a fighting chance!


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2/3 cup = 160 ml heavy cream
1/3 cup = 80 ml powdered erythritol OR Confectioner’s Style Swerve
3 egg yolks
6 oz = 170 g unsalted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
(optional: pinch unrefined sea salt)

Place the cream, erythritol, and the egg yolks into a small saucepan.
Heat over a low heat, constantly mixing, until the mixture thickens. Don’t let it boil!
Let the custard cool down to room temperature.
When the custard is cool, beat the butter until fluffy and pale.
Add the vanilla extract, the salt (if using), and the custard.
Beat until fluffy, about one to two minutes.
Use immediately as filling or frosting.

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