★Best★ Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss | Foods that Burn Belly Fat What to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

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what are the best fat burning foods for weight loss well I can tell you one thing for sure it’s no secret that certain foods are better for your health your insulin levels and your metabolism while other food is much worse for you on the other hand it’s also no secret that you could fill lose weight while eating foods that aren’t so healthy for you such as junk food and processed foods for example I know that might come as a surprise to a lot of you but it’s definitely possible to even eat ice cream and still burn fat that’s right portion size is probably the biggest determining factor of whether you’ll lose weight or not contrary to the mainstream belief you can gain weight eating healthy food like brown rice chicken breast and broccoli and you can lose weight eating processed food like plain pasta and meatballs if you limit your portions however to achieve the best body composition after burning the fat away it’s best to eat real healthy food instead of junk food while still also controlling that portion size so what is considered healthy real food well it’s definitely nothing that you buy that has a picture of what you’re buying on the front of the box along with a long list of ingredients this is going to be natural mostly single ingredient foods for carbs for example you want to stick to natural sources that are low glycemic some examples are brown Wrights yams sweet potatoes oatmeal quinoa beans legumes lentils all brand zico cereals and breads and brown rice pasta any kind of carb that digests slowly and doesn’t spike the insulin is a great choice even moderate glycemic carbs such as fruit are okay when trying to burn fat but again it’s all about portions if you’re planning on eating six fruits a day plus other carbs you’re not going to lose weight or burn fat focus on getting one to three servings of carbs per day depending on how much you weigh a serving size for carbs would be considered about a fist so a fruit would be considered a full serving of carbs if it’s about the size of your fist next you want to make sure that you have a lot of protein when trying to burn fat I’m not saying that you can’t burn fat on a low protein diet but it is a lot harder than on a high protein diet even though for years especially back in the 70s and the 80s doctors were saying that bodybuilders are absolutely crazy for having so much protein in their diets it seems that many doctors have changed their mind and now for weight loss many of them advocate a high-protein diet a big reason is because of thermogenic effect of foods certain foods will require more calories for digestion and many sources of protein will use 40% of their calories just for the digestion process so in a way you end up with a lot less calories to use for energy from protein than you do from carbohydrates or fats when your body doesn’t have enough energy from your diet that’s when it pulls that energy from your fat stores so eating a lot of protein helps create a negative calorie balance because a lot of it gets used for digestion and also especially because protein is also very filling so with all that said try to get about one gram of protein per pound of body weight when trying to burn fat that usually turns out to be about one palm of protein 5 times a day again this may vary based on your weight if you want to have 5 palms of protein in one meal and only eat once a day you can do that or if you want to spread it out throughout the day you can do that as well good sources of protein for fat loss include fish especially lean white fish chicken breast turkey breast lean turkey shellfish Greek yogurt lean pork cottage cheese tofu eggs and especially egg whites and then finally for fat you want to have good natural sources of fats such as avocados salmon or egg yolks which would count as both protein and fat also nut butters were great pasture-raised organic butters are good olive oil nuts and coconut oil if you’re eating carbs in your plan then you can have one to two tablespoons of fat per day or about half an avocado per day or a handful of nuts per day once again this depends on how much you weigh some people will have more and some people will have less also it’s very possible to lose a lot of body fat through a ketogenic plan in which you have a very high amount of dietary fat throughout the day however most Keogh plans take out carbohydrates entirely again that’s up to you you can have more fat if you lessen your carbohydrates and the same goes vice-versa obviously the last thing that you have to remember to have is vegetables avoid veggies that are high in sugar like corn peas and carrots try to stick to mostly green vegetables and don’t forget that tomatoes tomatoes count as fruits any kind of green vegetables like broccoli green beans kale spinach and chard are great cauliflower and peppers are good too you want to have about two to three fifths of veggies every day to help keep you full and healthy while dieting so that’s a simple guide to help you pick good sources of carbohydrates proteins and fats to burn more body fat remember that portion size is one of the most important factors and will be the number one determining factor that makes you lose weight through your diet meal frequency and meal timing are mostly a matter of preference so you can organize your macros however you want throughout the day however try to make sure that you have a protein source in every single meal that’s it guys I really hope this video has helped you guys out if you enjoyed this video make sure you leave it a big thumbs up comment below and subscribe to this channel to get more tips and tricks just like this one I’ll see you guys next time bump it [Music] [Applause]

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