Weight Loss Exercises- [Lose Weight in 20 Min/ Day]

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Quite often when people are looking to lose weight fast, all they think about doing is going on a diet. While it is essential for you to reduce your caloric intake to lose weight, regular exercise will help you to attain the figure that you desire faster. It is a fact that no weight loss program is complete with a proper exercise regime. Almost all diet programs recommend that you exercise for a minimum of twenty minutes, three times a week, and if you are serious about losing weight fast, you will need to up that to at least five times a week.

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Weight Loss ExercisesAre you looking for quick exercises that you can use to help you lose weight and keep you fit for an extended period? Then you just need to know some of the best exercises that anyone can use to achieve their weight loss goal and easily maintain it. Most people consider exercise to consist of aerobics, jogging, running, or weightlifting; there are other forms of exercise that you can perform on a daily basis that will help you to lose weight fast without putting too much stress on your body, especially if you are significantly overweight.

Here are some of the best exercises that will help you lose weight quickly and that you can continue to do once you have achieved your weight loss goal to help you maintain your new weight.

Cardio Exercises 

Weight Loss Exercises-runningThere are many types of cardio exercises that you can do on a regular basis. Some of the different types include:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Biking

Any cardio exercise is going to provide you with a high body metabolic rate, and this will help you burn fat at a faster rate.


housework- Weight Loss ExercisesWhile not a big calorie burner, doing housework such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting will burn, on average, two to three calories per minute. Now you can think of doing housework as something that is good for you because technically it is.

Incline Walking – Walking

incline-walking | Weight Loss ExercisesRegardless of age or body type, walking is one of the most natural things that you can do to lose weight fast. Walking also helps to burn a significant portion of the stored fat that most people put on during the winter. Walking for about fifteen to twenty minutes daily can help you burn those extra calories fast. Find an incline that is 10 to 15 degrees and spend 15 to 20 minutes a day walking it. Walking on a straight path is right is used for weight loss.

Strength Training Exercises

This is one of the fastest ways that you can use to lose weight. It has two benefits which are losing weight quickly and building up your muscles at the same time.

Pilates and Yoga

These two types of exercises can help you burn calories if you do them on a regular basis. For the maximum results possible set up a routine and be sure you stick with it.

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Many people don’t realize that you can get a lot of exercise by having fun and playing games at the same time can help you lose weight. Find a game that you like and join in and before you know it, you will start seeing the desired weight loss. The best type to get involved in for the best results is a sport where you are active a lot.


Whether you ride a bike around your neighborhood or use a stationary bike, biking is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and burn calories at the same time. Biking will get your heart rate up, and as a side benefit will help to build tone and muscle in your legs and arms.

Rock Climbing

Is not only but also uses arm and leg strength. Rock Climbing can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes if you do it regularly.


swimming- Weight Loss Exercises

Swimming is another good option in a list of exercises that can make you lose weight fast because you can burn up to eight hundred calories in one hour. With swimming, you can also at the same time give your body a great shape as well. Swimming helps in burning fat from all the areas of the body, and this is the reason why it is recommended to a lot of people.

The above-listed exercises are considered a beneficial form of exercises that are utilized by people to lose weight, but there are also many other exercises that can be practiced by you to have a balanced and healthy weight.

The only things that should be considered before choosing an exercise from a list of exercises that can make you lose weight fast are that it should be used or else you would just waste your energy and time on it without experiencing any significant results. If you have time on your hands, then you can also try playing your favorite sport to lose weight.

Now that you know these fast weight loss exercises; all that is left is for you to choose the one that will work the best for you and get started using it right away. All this exercise should be done on a regular basis, and before you know it, you will see definite results from your efforts.

The Exercise Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight Fast – Beat That Fat Tummy

Weight Loss ExercisesAll exercises are guaranteed to help you lose weight. In fact, all activities that would keep you moving for a relatively long period will shed out some of the weights you have packed on over the years. However, it is a different thing if you want to bust the fat out fast for good. While it is true that fad diets and exercises can help you lose weight very fast, they can also cause damages to your body quickly. The best solution then is to do it very slowly; physicians and researchers believe this to be the most effective process to shed off pounds.

Among the most recommended exercise for weight loss is strength training. It cannot be emphasized enough how this type of workout can help remove your fat pockets.

First off, it encourages the build-up of lean muscles. Lean muscles are consumers of calories. The more muscles you have, the higher is the possibility that you would burn fatter faster and more efficiently. In a way, more muscles raise one’s metabolism considerably. Take note that all muscle cells require energy (which translates to calorie expenditure), while they function. If you give your muscles more work, you will lose more stored energy.

Second, strength training helps in permanently keeping the weight off as it builds up muscles that will continuously use up body fats. On top of this, you will have a stable muscular body structure that you can maintain even after you have already passed your prime.

Self-Reflection Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight

The self-reflection exercises below can help you focus on what is essential. Through them, you will be able to free your mind of contrary ideas and relax and uncover the peace that you desire. Being negative will stop you from reaching your goals.

Make positive affirmations

positive-afirmation for Weight Loss ExercisesWrite down at least 50 positive thoughts. They should support your goals and help you become who you want to be in life. Make sure you write in first person and the current tense. Example: “I’m a great writer.” When writing your affirmations, it is imperative that your direct your attention to things which are happening now that can lead you to your happiness.

Sometimes you may hear a negative voice in your head telling you things like,” You blew it today.” You have to eliminate such thoughts. Think positive. It takes a while to get adjusted to this new way of thinking, but you’ll get there.

Tap into the subconscious

Did you know that your sense of worth is housed in your subconscious mind? It is the foundation of the person you are, and it is extremely powerful.

Reflecting on what is in your subconscious will help you better your sense of self. This process is considered meditation for many. Being self-aware enables you to gain insight into who you are and what you believe.

Be creative and visualize what you want to happen

Create a box to represent your hope and dreams or make a vision board. Put in words and pictures to serve you and your goals. Add up as many features as you can, and it will be more efficient.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions

Make a note of the questions and their answers. These issues should be about your present and your future, and you should give positive responses. Feel free to be as creative as you like with your questions. You’re the only one that truly knows what is inside of you.

 Reflect daily and write in a journal each day

Every day write something positive that happened to you and then jot down the question about yourself, but don’t answer it. Reflect on the issue and then explain it in your journal the following day.

What You Need To Know About Weight Loss Exercise

Whenever you get bored with your exercise method, or it is just not producing the results you expected, it may be time for a change. There are ways to optimize your workouts to ensure that you are getting the most from your time spent in the gym. Here are some exercise secrets to help you lose weight as fast as possible… safely.

Weight Loss ExercisesMany people have problems losing the amount of weight that they want because they are just not using the right workouts or because they are not switching the exercises up enough to make them useful. Working the abs and tummy region over and over again is not going to help you lose weight. You absolutely must alternate your exercises so that you are working different parts of your body each time you work out. So if you work your legs one day, the next day you should work your arms or anything other than your legs.

Secondly, one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast is to work out the biggest muscle groups in your body. Use workouts like the squat and deadlift to optimize the big muscle groups and push your metabolism to high levels. Working these muscle groups will, in fact, boost your metabolism so you can max out your calorie burning during the day even when you are not working out.

When you are going through your workout routine and doing your exercises, make sure that you are pushing yourself to higher standards. Your body will make no strides if you don’t take it upon yourself to push yourself to get better and stronger each time you work out. Up your repetitions or weight and force yourself to do a little more each week.

I know what you are thinking….

….most people dread having to sweat and work and it is a lot easier, and more fun is getting fat than it is skinny. But there are all kinds of sports and activities that you can pick up that are fun to participate in. If you used to play basketball or volleyball and loved doing it, look into joining a league or getting your friends to team up with you and start making your workouts fun!

Cross Training Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight

cross-training | Weight Loss ExercisesIf you are like most people, you find it hard to find the time to get into a place and exercise. In fact, if you are regular you usually have so much going on that you actually can’t find the time to work it in. That is why it is so critical that when you get the time that you make the most of it. One of the best ways loses Weight is to do what is known as cross training.

Most people do the same exercise, such as running for example but The truth is that if you are doing one routine, then you are doing a great disservice to your body, your muscles, and your overall health. Different muscles move in different ways, and if you want to improve your overall condition, honestly you need to find a method to work out all of them efficiently.

Cross training will improve your overall cardiovascular system and will allow you to take your exercise and the benefits of it to the next level. It allows you to condition more than the one or two muscles groups that you are using in your singular exercise routine.

It is essential for someone like a professional runner to make sure that they accurately train to improve the muscles in the legs and thighs. But if you follow an expert you will see that they also work on improving the overall fitness by using other exercises that help to tone, strengthen and define the other areas of the body. That is because they are aware that the best way to improve overall and to increase the endurance and stamina is to cross train and enhance all the muscles in the body and not just the areas that they use when running.

How Do I Lose My Love Handles: Exercises That Can Help You Get Rid of Loose Fat

Are you embarrassed by sagging flesh and have to wear baggy clothing to conceal your figure all the time? However, you need a solution that can give you the results you’re looking for so you can proudly walk around in swimwear anytime.

Are you asking yourself ‘so how do I lose my love handles?’

The first thing that you need to consider is exercising, and not just any exercise will do here. You will need to concentrate on exercises that would build muscles around your stomach region. Here are four exercises that can get rid of loose fat right now.

Double-Arm Reverse Row

Bent-Over-Row | Weight Loss ExercisesThis exercise bolsters your back and eradicates soft flesh around your midsection. This exercise is performed with you standing up with a pair of 3-pound weights. You begin the activity by bending over with your arms resting on your thighs.

Then you use your back muscles to slowly raise your arms up and move them back as if you are trying to row an imaginary boat. Do ten. Take a breather and do ten more.

 The Twist Crunch

Crunch-Twist | Weight Loss ExercisesThe Twist Crunch helps to work out the abdomen, buttocks and oblique muscles where your droopy flesh tends to reside. You start this exercise with a standard crunch. The only difference here is that your legs are up and knees are bent. Interlock your fingers behind your head and as you raise your body up, twist it to touch your left elbow with your alternate knee. Repeat the motion with your other elbow. Do it 25 times daily, and in less than a month, you will see a world of difference.

 Alternate Knee-Ins

Knee-Ins | Weight Loss ExercisesThis exercise is conducted by bending back on your elbows with legs extended before you and slightly lifted off the mat. When you support your back with your hands, try to bring one knee towards your shoulder and try it with the other. The motion that you would generate is similar to a bicycling movement. It keeps your stomach muscles tightened and eliminated love handles if you are consistent with doing this exercise.

 Standing Trunk Twists

trunk-twist | Weight Loss ExercisesThese are aerobic exercises that can help destroy fat lodged around your tummy area. You stand in a position that you are comfortable with and spread your feet a shoulder-width apart. You then twist your upper body to the left and as you do this, punch out with your right arm and vice versa. Ensure that your hips are still, you should only by moving your waist. It is the easiest of all the exercises mentioned here, so doing a 100 daily is not an impossible task.

Exercise is a crucial component in your battle against the bulge. You do not have to take on too much early on. Do what you are comfortable with and feel free to combine it with a physical activity that you enjoy doing like walking, swimming or running on the treadmill. It does not matter what you choose as long as it is something that you can do at least five times out of 7 days.


Now you have some of the best workouts for melting fat off your love handles. Remember that you still need to monitor your food intake because no matter how much exercise you do, if you’re putting in more calories than you’re the body is burning you’ll always gain weight.

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Top 5 Exercises To Lose Weight
Top 5 Exercises To Lose Weight

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