Best Butt & Thigh Workout — At Home — No Equipment

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hey everyone my name is Tamara date and I’m a fitness model from Los Angeles California and today I’m going to be showing you a killer leg workout that you can do without any weight at home wherever you are when you use your body little water you’re good to go so let’s get started with a quick warmup I’m going to show you guys and walk you through it so I’m gonna be super easy for you alright so we’re going to start with some jumping jacks for about 20 seconds now we’re going to move straight into a jumping jack squat pretty much so you do the same thing and just bring it a little bit lower okay now we’re going to do some high knees something I used to do on soccer days but I love to incorporate it into your workout you want to keep your butt down and your knees up as high as possible okay it’s off turning down that we move into body weight exercises I would go ahead and start with some basic squats you’re really going to want to move it dink I’m going to squeeze the butt on the way up I’ll try the side make sure you guys see the right form your legs are going to be a little bit wider than shoulder-width and you wanna make sure your feet are firmly on the ground really get your center gravity so here we go really feel like you’re sitting in a chair and on your way up I always like to say squeeze the peanut in between your butt cheeks really activate your glutes if you can put your weight towards your heels it’s really going to help you get a deeper squat and more balanced on your way up it’s also going to activate your hamstrings a little bit more all right all right when you about to feel the burn your glutes and your upper thigh we’re going to go ahead and keep burning with some standing lunges so you can start with whatever foot you want make sure your feet are firmly fanuc place your weight into your front leg and make sure you’re dropping your back knee straight down to the ground and straight up find your center of gravity I like to put my hands together drop it straight down and straight up you should be feeling the burn in your frog leg your hamstring area your glutes and your a part of the runners here make sure you keep your core really tight it’s really important for your balance go ahead switch to your other way if you have like one mean weaker than the other make sure that you’re really balanced before you started why am i right eat some plants offer I have to imagine if someone has a string going through me to the ground and you just drop straight now straight up make sure you want to go over to front me with your body okay now that you’ve just killed your legs probably you can hold some more we’re going to go ahead and bring it into a bring it to the ground we’re going to do some hip thrusts or bridges whatever you want to call them hit on the ground you want to bring your feet close to your back we’ll call it up their hands length in between hands overhead and ground and you’re going to tighten your core keep it tight the whole time and just thrust your hips up into the air squeezing your glutes on the way up and for me it’s really important that I feel that connection happening so you want to grab your boots that’s kind of fun and make sure what they’re squeezing really tight on the way I like to pop at the top I’m just getting good sleep make sure you have tails from the way up this is not only looking a car but it’s working your hamstring and glutes you don’t feel it working probably not you’re in here right make sure you’re really for this back it’s squeezing at the top okay now my Hampshire’s on fire let’s get up we’re going to go with something a little bit more intense and we’re going to jumping fought if you have bad knees maybe don’t try this one maybe scare but what if you think you can do it you’re going to go ahead keep your like a little bit wider than shoulder-width make sure you have a really good supportive bra always a Spartan if you’re a girl drop it down all the way up we’re going to look like Superman you bring your arms down when you drop down make sure that your weight is on your heels as you push up you want to really activate your glutes and also you want to make sure that your butts dropping down so that with me I’m not going over your feet and keeping your weight back so important to protect your back in to protect your knees don’t worry if you can’t do too many of those it’s your first time up we’re going to really kill you that’s a great exercise now we’re going to do a curtsy one should kind of get our breathing back and then we’ll go back to our jump lunges so curtsy lunge very similar to a straight-out lunge we’re going to bring your back leg behind you I’ll show you the front I’ll show you the side flip front you’re gonna bring your opposite leg behind you a little bit of a twist not too far I drop it straight down as equal to one come on back to the middle straight back this way down straight up over work that outside curve when you’re glued the sweep of your side let’s watch me from the side lift this straight down come back that right foot down really push through your heel on the way up to have to get this or here all the girls money they’re too little fat right there it’s going to lift your butt up plus how you do 15-hour either time and again make sure your weight is back your back is straight don’t bend over forward I always say the slower the better we really get a connection if you move too fast sometimes we’re going to do it wrong and you’re not going to protect your knees or your back especially when you start adding weights like if you’re holding dumbbells right now I just really want to make sure you prep for all right you’re adding in move into jump lunges these ones are a little bit more difficult if you have balance issues so make sure you already are used to doing a regular standing lunge before you move it to the jumping because the side-to-side motion can be a little tricky sometimes for knee problems let’s try to get in 10 on each side if you can do 30 so if I change let’s get that I like to go ahead and reintroduce the heck breath because I really like to work on my hamstrings okay so make sure you bring your heels in close to your butt we really want to activate our glutes on this one you’re gonna press kick to the family really squeeze your butt as you can work keep your core tight and if you feel it start the travel down your legs just simply bring your feet in a little bit closer make sure your weight is in you heels when you push up if it helps to bring your toes up and that helps you focus on squeezing your body perfect probably fizzling your thighs as well if I’m or – perfect take a break next move – do a few more leg exercises okay so remember the curtsy lunge that we did when we’re going to kick it up a gear and you’re going to go into a skier yeah okay more like a speed skater okay so it’s going to move a little bit quicker than the curtsy lunge and your side jump and then sweep that leg behind you and another side trip so we thought like hide it you don’t need to go side to side very far so keep it in here use I’m sorry kick it out make sure you keep your weight over your thigh don’t lean too far forward and touch the ground with the opposite hand make sure you split all the way over and as you come up drive through that bad leg to get to the other side I might perfect she’ll like you need some water max we’re going to see please enjoy everything I hope you love this workout if you did please like the video and if you haven’t already subscribe to the channel and for the number one boat workout go to 30 day bye transformation calm you

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