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Chocolate Frosting – Low Carb + Keto Diet friendly chocolate icing recipe.

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Well, did you like the Chocolate Frosting video? I hope so! I’m glad to have been able to show it to you. If you ask me, it looks pretty delicious!

Anyway, welcome! My name is Marc Gil and this is Live Well Corner. I’m glad that you’re here today. I’m a big fan of delicious-looking, health-oriented food videos. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. 🙂

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So here’s the story…

Diet plans clearly abound. Choosing one diet over another can be a daunting task.

I believe that once the choice has been made, and you’re looking to prepare your own tasty meals, you want to avoid looking outside of your chosen diet for meal options. Straying from your original chosen plan may very well lead to failure. It may just have you returning to the beginning.

This is why you definitely want to compile a small library of recipes that fit within your particular diet plan. If you’re going low-calorie, then compile low-calorie recipes. If you’re a low-carber, then you’ll want low-carb recipes.

Pretty basic stuff, right? But it’s super important.

In the past, I’ve definitely hopped from one thing to the next… like crazy. Why did I do this? Only one reason…

On low-carb, you crave carbs. On low-sugar, you crave sweets. And let’s tell the truth here. Cooking videos are often quite will-shattering. 😉

Clearly, you need to stick to your chosen diet plan long enough to see results. While each diet is completely unique in its approach, many say that healthy food and a slight caloric deficit are really all it take to help you reach your goals.

Makes sense. The fat should come right off if you control what and how much you eat and drink. This becomes even more powerful as you raise your activity levels.

This is common weight loss advice. As well it should be!

Calorie reduction isn’t the only game in town though. Many diets have more of a macro-nutrient ratio focus. And it’s generally not advised to mess around with those, if you’re trying to maximize your weight loss.

At least stick with one thing long enough to see results!

Here’s My Suggestion…

Head over to my Keto recipe videos category page here on Live Well Corner. These should certainly keep you engaged and on track.

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Thanks much, and please keep it going!

Wishing you great happiness,

Marc Gil

Low Carb Chocolate Frosting Recipe
1 Cup Cream
1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1 Tablespoon Stevia
2 Tablespoons Cacao Powder

Beat the cream until you almost have stiff white peaks.
Add the vanilla, stevia and cacao powder and keep beating until thickened.
Enjoy your chocolate frosting on cupcakes, a cake or brownies.

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