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Chocolate Lava Cakes (Instant Pot) || Recipe Test + Gluten Free Variation

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For the gluten free lava cake variations replace the 6 Tbsp of flour with either 6 Tbsp of cassava flour (like Otto’s Naturals brand) OR 3 Tbsp of almond flour and 3 Tbsp of arrowroot flour.

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Diet plans are in no short supply, my friend. Choosing one diet over another can be a daunting task.

So the moment you’ve made your choice, and prepping healthy meals is the next step, you need to adhere to your chosen diet plan. It can really hinder your success to stray from your chosen path. It will take you back to the very beginning.

This is why you definitely want to compile a small library of recipes that fit within your particular diet plan. If you’re going low-calorie, then compile low-calorie recipes. If you’re a low-carber, then you’ll want low-carb recipes.

This is extremely important.

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I’ve been guilty of hopping from one diet to the next. And there’s really only one reason why…

You generally tend to have cravings for whatever foods your particular diet program won’t allow you to consume, which some other diet system allows. It’s always super tempting to dabble. If the person on the screen tells you it’s healthy, you should probably eat it, yeah? And let’s not kid ourselves. Recipe videos are oftentimes 100% irresistible. 😉

Choose a lifestyle that you’re thrilled to stick with. That’s how long-term results will be achieved. Calorie reduction and fresh, healthy foods and drinks are said to be the most surefire way to lose weight healthfully.

Makes sense when you really think about it. The fat should come right off if you control what and how much you eat and drink. Oh, and move that body of yours a little more! 😉

This is common-sense weight loss. And this is for good reason!

Even still, if you’re trying to stick to a particular plan, you may want to stay the course. Many diets have more of a macro-nutrient ratio focus. And playing around too much with those may be something to steer clear of.

Please stay the course. Your future self will thank you for it!

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Original Recipe Here

1 stick butter
3 eggs
1 egg yolk
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tbs Vanilla
6 tbs flour
1 cup powdered sugar
for topping:
Ice cream
Caramel drizzle
chocolate Magic shell ice cream topping
4 Pyrex 6oz bowls

place chocolate chips and butter in a large bowl and microwave for 2 minutes mix until well combined.
Mix in powdered sugar until smooth.
Add 3 eggs and egg yolk until well combined.
Add Vanilla and flour and stir until well combined.
Spray each Pyrex Bowl with pam cooking spray.
Pour batter into each bowl filling to the top.
Place your trivet in your instant pot with one cup of water.
Place your bowls on the trivet.
I had to fit 3 on the bottom and one on the top.
Place your pot on MANUAL HIGH PRESSURE for 9 minutes.
Do a quick release.
Remove from the Instant Pot and place upside down on a plate Top with ice cream, caramel, and magic shell.
For Peanut butter Lava Cake: Same directions as above but mix together 4 tbs peanut butter, 1 tbs butter, 2 tbs powdered sugar. Pour batter halfway in each cup and Place Peanut butter mixture in the center. Cover with more chocolate batter. Cook as directed above.

For Peanut butter Lava Cake: Same directions as above but mix together 4 tbs peanut butter, 1 tbs butter, 2 tbs powdered sugar. Pour batter half way in each cup and Place Peanut butter mixture in the center. Cover with more chocolate batter. Cook as directed above.

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