How To Choose Your Weight Loss Program

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With so many different weight loss programs in existence, it can be difficult to know what is best for your individual needs. Not only that, there may be health issues that make it impossible for you to utilize a particular diet program, so that must also be a consideration.

The knowledge you possess is the key element

best Weight Loss ProgramI’m not trying to confuse you with the above statement by any means. What I am trying to impart is the importance of knowing what you can and cannot do and thus be helping you choose the right weight loss program. For example, if you have low-blood sugar (hypoglycemia), you do not want to select a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates nor do you want to use a diet that eliminates food groups.

Choose a program that offers healthy choices

best Weight Loss ProgramIt’s essential to make sure the weight loss program you choose includes a variety of healthy foods. Although there is nothing unhealthy about eliminating red meats from your diet, any program that forces you to reduce protein products is unhealthy from the start. In fact, the best weight loss program is one that can offer choices to those with different food needs including vegetarians and pregnant or nursing mothers. There should be more emphasis on eating the right foods rather than decreasing the amount of food you eat. The problem with most fad diets is they stress a reduction in calories rather than eating healthier foods.

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best Weight Loss planPrograms such green coffee bean max that require you to eat their pre-packaged foods and also teach you how to make lifestyle changes once you lose the weight you desire. While you are losing weight, you need to learn how to eat differently and how much exercise you need to perform to increase the speed of your metabolism. Weight loss programs that decrease your calorie intake too much also have the potential to cause your metabolism to slow down and thus reduce the speed of your weight loss. From a health and success standpoint, weight watchers is the best in my opinion and the one that has worked best for me individually. There are programs for many different health issues, which is advantageous to those who may be restricted in their choices.

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Dieting without exercise has limited potential for success

best Weight Loss ProgramSome weight loss programs tell you that you can lose weight without exercise, but you should question the validity of those claims. The best way to weight loss is to burn more calories, so that means you have to perform some calorie-burning activities to do that. Indeed, it may not be exercised as such, but you do need to find an activity that will help you burn calories. You cannot eat even healthy foods and become sedentary without detrimental effects. Strenuous activities are essential to weight loss whether exercise or other types of activities.

Choosing a weight loss program

Almost all year many people make resolutions to lose weight and get back into shape for a variety of reasons. For the majority of people, losing over five to ten pounds is very difficult and maintaining a reduced weight is even harder. When choosing a weight loss program to follow, there are a few essential questions you should ask yourself before following any new diet.

best Weight Loss ProgramIs this safe for me? A safe diet consists of a wide variety of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Do not design or follow a program with a primary food group restricted or too much of one group. You should have a varied diet to cover the recommended daily allowances of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Conversely, following an advanced workout program when you are a beginner is not recommended and very unsafe. Be sure that your medical practitioner has cleared any physical activity. Is this program credible? Many people get sucked into purchasing programs without asking questions about its effectiveness and credibility.

Here is a list of questions you should ask before shelling out any money or signing any contract:

  • What does the program consist of? Is there counseling or group sessions? Do you need to purchase any additional supplements or special food? Will it fit into my lifestyle?
  • What are the qualifications of the person who will be teaching me?
  • What are the potential side effects or risks of this program?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the typical results of participants in this program?
  • What is the resources portion of the program?

Before undergoing any new exercise or dietary changes, it is always a good idea to speak to your doctor.

After figuring out exactly what you want, you should find websites that give reviews of a few different programs in the area you’re looking for. Review sites are a great way to find out what programs are good and who they’re made for.

Here are some questions you may ask yourself

Is there a guarantee? If not, don’t even bother.

Can I afford it? With this, realize that for the most part, you get what you pay for. If you pay $10 for a book, I can pretty much guarantee you that it’s not going to give you what you need.

best Weight Loss ProgramNext, you should figure out if that’s the type of exercise you want to do. If you’re going to do high-intensity stuff, but they’re telling you to make sprints, apparently it’s not for you. Although i should caution you, anybody saying that you should do low-intensity exercises isn’t up to date with the current fitness research and doesn’t know what they’re talking about! Most of the current weight loss programs are up to date however so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

And that’s about it. Those three questions you ask yourself should give you ample information, and you should be able to find a great program.

If you eventually find a program and it’s not for you, the guarantee is there for you to use! Don’t get scammed like many other people trying to find a good weight loss program. Use these steps, and you’ll see a significant program in no time.

The reasons why diets fail – how to choose a weight loss plan that works

We all know one or more people who have tried to lose weight and failed. You may have even tried yourself. I know that I have until recently (failed, that is).

One of the reasons that we so often fail is because we don’t understand the reasons why diets fail and keep those goals in mind when we choose a weight loss program.

 There are many reasons why diets fail, including:

best Weight Loss Program

  • They are too restrictive concerning the foods that we are allowed to eat.
  • Many diets require excellent self-control and because following those diets leave us feeling hungry or deprived.
  • Most of us are not accountants – keeping a record of everything that we eat and the calories involved, keeping “score” so to speak, is just too tedious.
  • Some diets would have us banish entire food groups (carbs or fats) from our diets; which is contrary to the way our bodies are designed and how reasonable nutrition should work.
  • Most foods just are not designed around the known medical facts about how the body responds to dieting.

So, the reasons why diets fail are many;

The primary reason why diets fail is that only a few weight loss programs are designed to allow for the body’s natural reaction to dieting. In essence, our bodies are programmed to maintain – not to lose.

Weight loss is a function of the metabolism; which controls the rate at which we burn calories as energy, rather than storing those same calories as fat, and the metabolism responds to what it has been given over time; and it expects to receive what it is accustomed to getting.

When we alter our diets by eating less food, or fewer calories the body perceives that as a threat of starvation, and responds by slowing the metabolism. This can cause burn calories at a slower rate; to store more calories as fat, to carry our bodies through this “time of famine.” this is an automatic self-preservation response, “hard-wired” into our very being.

This same self-preservation response can be experienced if we stand outside on a cold day: we begin to shiver uncontrollably, and our teeth start to chatter…our bodies are trying to protect us from freezing; just as they will try to protect us from starving. The body can think and feel and react, apart from the brain, in matters of self-preservation.

Well, it must seem like weight loss is pretty much impossible right now. A mountain too high to climb but it is not. There are weight loss plans recently developed, that is designed around the reasons why diets fail and how the body responds to dieting.

You are one click away from seeing a most successful plan, which will help you reach your weight loss goals with a minimum of disruption to your current lifestyle and a minimum of sacrifice. To say that it is a “miracle diet”…well, maybe so

Some tips on how to maximize your weight loss program

best Weight Loss ProgramBefore you begin a weight loss program, there are many steps you can take to ensure that it becomes a successful endeavor. Here are seven proven and useful tips that will help you to lose as much weight as possible.

Goals – the number one way to kill motivation and doom your weight loss program is to set unrealistic goals. It is essential that you set goals as far as how much weight you want to lose, but these goals need to be realistic. Unrealistic weight loss goals will only end up frustrating you and ultimately disappointing in the end when they are not achieved.


It will help you to start preparing for your weight loss program before you start it. This means getting rid of the junk food in your refrigerator and pantry and restocking it with healthy, nutritious meals. Stock up on fruits, vegetables, healthy snacks, juices, and any supplements you plan to take before you start your program.


It may be cliché to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is the truth. If you skip breakfast, you will program your brain into thinking that you are starved and deprived. This will result in you feeling lethargic and fatigued, and increase the temptation of actually eating more.


To boost the rate at which you lose weight, exercise is a critical activity that must be incorporated into your routine. Choose a quality exercise program that will give you an excellent cardiovascular workout and help you burn fat. Determine your exercise routine including the dates and times you will be exercising before you begin your weight loss program.


It is imperative that you get plenty of sleep during your program. Most adults require 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep helps to regulate all of your bodily functions which is essential to you losing weight.


Relaxation should play a critical role in your weight loss program. Be sure to take time out to relax, meditate, and reflect on what you want to achieve. Having a clear head will help you to focus and ultimately accomplish your weight loss goals.

Weight loss programs to avoid – how to recognize the warning signs

best Weight Loss ProgramThere are certain things in life that people can become desperate to achieve, such as making more money, giving up smoking or losing weight. This desperation tends to lead to a massive demand for products which will supposedly address this need. Unfortunately it is also the perfect market for poor and scam products which promise a lot (for a hefty price), but usually, deliver very little success or achievement. There is nothing more frustrated or depressing than putting all your heart and soul into climbing the ladder, only to find it was leaning up against the wrong building.

The weight loss market is awash with diet plans, programs, and products which simply will never lead to permanent weight loss. They may build up your hope, cost a lot of time and money and even more disturbingly, put your health at risk. You need to learn how to spot a weight loss scam and recognize the weight loss program to avoid.

Evaluate any program or diet against the following warning signs before committing emotionally, physically or financially to it:

Does it make extravagant claims?

Can the program promise rapid weight loss in a short amount of time? Crash diets rarely deliver long-term permanent weight loss and are just not realistic over an extended period. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. Look for a plan that promotes sensible weight loss (around 1-2 pounds a week) over a more extended period.

 How many calories does it provide a day?

best diet PlanAny diet plan that provides less than 1200 calories a day should only be attempted for health reasons and under strict medical supervision. A program which does not contain enough calories will leave you feeling weak, tired, and hungry all day long. Your concentration, memory function and general mental well-being (you will feel miserable) will all be affected. In the long-term, your body will start to eat away your muscle tissue if it is starved of calories, this can endanger your major organs such as your heart, liver, and kidneys. A program which encourages you cutting around 500 calories a day from your diet is much more realistic and better for your health.

 Does it include exercise?

Any decent diet program worth its salt will incorporate regular exercise. You cannot achieve long-term weight loss or a healthy lifestyle without doing regular exercise. If there is no mention of exercise in the program, then run a mile.

 Is there any ongoing support?

Your chosen program should provide continuing support when you are on it. Do you have a helpline or a personal adviser to help you? If there is no backup or support mechanism in place offering both practical and emotional support, then give it a wide berth.

 Is there a large financial outlay?

Losing weight should not cost the earth if there is a significant initial outlay, expensive ongoing fees or expensive products to buy, and then alarm bells should be ringing.

Before committing fully to any weight loss program, do your research, try to find someone who had done the program already or look for reviews. Ask searching questions (like the ones above) and make sure you get the right answers before continuing. Get checked out by your doctor and run any proposed diet by him first. Try to keep your weight loss goals realistic and remember that your health should always remain your number one priority.

Diet question – how safe is your weight loss program?

safe-weight-loss-programFirst of all, it is essential to understand why you want to lose the weight. When you know this answer, it will help you set your goals. You need to realize that not all weight loss programs are safe or beneficial to your health. A secure weight loss program consists of providing your body with the necessary food and exercises it needs.

No healthy weight loss program will require you to skip meals and simply focus on doing some aerobics in the gym. Consequently, if your current diet program suggests crash dieting, then know that you are not on the right path to losing weight safely. I advise that you do stay away from these types of insane diet programs and focus on a healthier weight loss plan.

Here are some guidelines:

safe-weight-loss-programEating healthy foods is essential and valuable to fuel your body at all times. Your body is built to turn food into energy. Try to avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats and too many processed calories. At the same time, do not remove carbohydrates and fats from your diet. Your body needs both substances. Do make sure that you are getting enough lean protein in your plan.

One more thing; avoid consuming more calories than what you burn balance the quantity of calorie-rich foods with the daily calorie expenditure. An imbalance may occur if you don’t and that could obstruct you from reaching your diet loss target.

exercise-weight-lossExercising, exercising, and exercising. You don’t have to need to sweat it out with intensive activities regularly but at least get up off your butt and start moving your body. Exercise like going to the gym can be beneficial to help develop more lean muscle. You can also engage in some aerobic type activity such as cycling, swimming, jogging, skiing, etc. So start out quickly and begin to work up to 1 hour a day.

You can even invite some friends if that will help you make it more fun and enjoyable. If you don’t have to drive, avoid the car and walk. When you take a moment, consider how easy it can be for you to be active at all times.

Enjoy life. Don’t get too much obsessed with losing weight. Remember this is part of being not all of life. So select a diet program that you can follow, enjoy and commit to doing.


Skipping meals could lead to the adverse side effects such as loss of energy, weakness, and of other problems. Eating well and exercising frequently is very important and you need to balance both.

So, just ask yourself again; “is my weight loss program safe?” if you are not too sure about it, maybe it’s time you located a specialist who will help you through the process of losing weight safely.

Get in touch with a weight loss therapist, who will help you establish a safe weight loss program and get rid of the fat. Most importantly choose to enjoy your life!

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  2. I didn’t realize that it was so important to get plenty of sleep during your weight loss program. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I find the right one for me. Hopefully, I can do some research and find one in my area that will get the results I’m looking for.

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