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hi guys welcome back to my channel hope you all had a good New Year’s and a good Christmas now see this is January we’re all going through this detox phase you know to shed up all those sort of jog and things have been eaten throughout the Christmas period not necessarily junk but you know you’ve been eaten quite a lot I have and just to kick start the year on a healthy note and I will share with you guys some of my favorite detox recipes that I’ve given you guys a bit variety and you know things that I like and hopefully you guys like – I’m sure if you might be familiar with some of the recipes some of you might not but then these are just great recipes that you can incorporate into your diet you know it’s a great way to start the year I’ll be using a lot of fresh produce and some good ingredients so it’s not just about flushed out and purities as detox is known for but it’s also using ingredients that actually benefit the body and that’s very important we want to benefit our body and take care of it and it’s all part of a healthy balanced diet so yes guys without further without further ado without me rambling on let’s get started okay so I have you took my detox water I have my cucumber mint and lemon and I also have my strawberry blueberry and orange cleansing water now I’m going to show you how to make the first one now I have here four strawberries I also have a handful of blueberries and one orange that I’ve sliced up now I’m going to slice my strawberries as well and I’m going to just hit stalk off there don’t get to do that and I’m just going to add all of this to my water mix I’ve also sliced up my blueberries here and we’re just going to add all of them to a glass these will make about a glass of water and I’m going to add about 12 ounces of water and I’m just going to shake that for you guys and get better look and now I’m going to add about a teaspoon of stevia this is just a great sweet dough for the water and there you have it guys now over to one mint and citrus water I have here a handful of mint I also have one cubed I’ve sliced up by lemon and like half the cucumber now just like the one before we could add all our ingredients to our bottle to your glass now cucumbers are very very beneficial and so what lemons and they’re very grateful you know getting rid of that bloated feeling I’m just adding about 12 ounces of water here and there we have it all also add a bit of mint just for freshness and a teaspoon of stevia I would recommend leaving this for about 24 hours so it can fuse so you can get a lot of benefits from these ingredients and there you have it guys my to detox water like I said it’s best to leave this overnight so you can get the benefits and what I do is with the fruits I just add them to the smoothie so they don’t go to waste now guys we’re going to move over to artis the first tea I have is my ginger and lemon tea since the great detox what you need is one lemon about an inch of or centimeter of ginger and some cayenne pepper and now I’m just squeezing my lemon just going to get right in there if you’re skilled juices and I’m just going to slice and chop my ginger and I’m going to add it to my motor and pestle absolutely love this because I get to grandeur by greedy –nt so we’re just going to grind our ginger and add a bit of lemon just so it can make it a bit more liquidy there we have it and then I’m going to add my cayenne and turmeric we have it guys I have about a teaspoon of the ginger and lemon mix and I’m just going to use a strainer and the spoon just to squeeze out all the ginger because you don’t want to get stuck in your throat and I’m going to add some hot water to that and it could just finish off with your lemon and they have it guides or lemon identity is absolutely great and you can have it any time of the day we’re going to move over to our cinnamon green tea what you need is one organic green tea I prefer organic to normal store-bought green tea because it has a lot of caffeine in there and it doesn’t give you that much benefit but yeah one organic green tea bag submit’ leaves and two cinnamon sticks and now I’m just adding that to a pot of boiling water I think this is a great way to really infuse the water with some cinnamon and they have a you can see strange color you’re just going to add that to your model here I have a jar which I’m going to now pour into my mug with my bag inside so there we go my bag then we’re just going to finish off with the mint leaves for a nice kick and some honey don’t forget to add your honey it’s absolutely delicious and if you don’t have time just add all of them to your mug and just pour over some hot water and leave it to set for about two to three minutes you can really get those nutrients or those flavors in they have it guys now over to our detox nudies i have here with me my green detox smoothie I absolutely love this movie I have breakfast quite a lot and all just have some kale some spinach some grapes and some apples and over there some cheese soup and finally my green tea now that’s absolute go to detox recipe now you’re just going to add all your ingredients into a blender I have their my kale spinach grapes and now my Apple and I’m just going to squeeze some lime guys you need some line for that kick and finish off with my cheeses I think these are great because they swell up to twice three times their size and it really does fill you up so this is great for breakfast and you’re just going to blend all of that together for a bad minute so you can add more water to it as well and they have it guys you’re my green smoothie green detox smoothie now over to my carrot cleanse maybe I call it carrot cleanse because it really does do a good job and here I have my spinach my kale my cats now kale and carrots are in season and it’s very important when you’re doing detox movies that you use try and use produce that are in season so we can get the full benefits I also have this some squeeze lemon and a bit of lime now we’ll also be using some oranges and some grapefruit just for that citrus kick and these two have a lot of benefit and they do help with the cleansing process now you’re just going to chop all of them and add them into your blender your smoothie maker so now I’m just going to add my lemon juice freshly squeezed lemon and I’ve used about half of that and I’m just going to pour that over followed by 8 ounces of water which is basically like a glass of water and there we have it I’m going to add about teaspoon of cayenne pepper and finish off with some honey for that sweetness and I’m going to blend it all together now and there you have it guys my carrot cans smoothie absolutely love this and in my not look back title but it definitely tastes good most importantly it gives you those vitamins that you need last but not least we have my cranberry juice absolutely love cranberry juice and not many people know this but cranberry juice is actually a very good detox and juice and it gets rid of all this impurity and all of those things so guys do give this a try and if it’s too sweet add your water oh you guys thank you for watching this video I hope you found it useful let me know some of your detox tips you can only just a conversation No and yeah finally toxin and getting started with this minion of the next time guys bye bye I sip my greasy

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