Delicious Detox Juice to Cleanse the Kidneys & Liver!

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hey you guys it’s Christina and welcome back to my kitchen today we are going to be making a fully raw juice that is healing for your body and that helps to cleanse your kidneys and your liver and helps to detoxify your system this is an amazing juice to drink in the morning because it literally resets everything this juice helps to jumpstart your system in the morning it helps to give you more energy it gets your digestion going it helps to clear your skin this is all around an amazing juice and for those of you who maybe perhaps drink too much or really feel like you need to detox or really need a reset this is the perfect juice for you now I know a lot of people have issues with beets they think they don’t taste good or they have a hard time maybe perhaps with their palate and beets but this juice is good it’s sweet enough to help and cleanse that palate I promise you’re gonna love it if you’re worried about not liking beets don’t even think about it because you’re gonna love this juice keep in mind that this juice is strong but it is also very powerful and it is good for you make an effort to drink it at least once a week all that being said I feel like our body’s craving this juice so let’s get started for this recipe I’m going to be using my cure ROM juicer and when ready go ahead and add into this recipe approximately one full head of kale half to one head of parsley you can use Italian leaf or curly leaf a cup of lemon juice or the juice of four to five lemons one large bulb of beet now this may be a little for some people this may be a lot for others I’m using one here but if it were just me personally I would probably use two feet is pretty strong so use however much you feel you are comfortable with approximately five to six DOX of celery you can use more or less as desired and approximately three to four apples I’m using Fuji apples you can add some ginger if you want to give this a kick I’m gonna go ahead and leave this juice as is once you’ve run all these ingredients through your juicer grab a strainer and strain this juice into a bowl get it real smooth after that feel free to pour this into your glass of choice how delicious and fulfilling and nutritious does this look ladies and gentlemen I present a fully raw juice that will help to cleanse your liver and your kidneys I know you’re gonna love this one mmm this is so good and it’s just like that right amount of powerful and sweet and creamy and delicious mmm mmm this is just mmm so good for those of you who love juice and who feel like juice gives you life give this video a thumbs up and for those of you who want to join the family hit the subscribe button below show your support to sit up I appreciate all of you so much if you guys want to follow me daily you can find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter the whole shebang all at fully raw and fully rock Kristina all right you guys I’m gonna go and enjoy the rest of this juice and I hope that you get to go and do the same sending you all my hugs in my love I got this feeling [Music]

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