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Why Healthy Eating and Exercise Are Linked To Happiness [Live Well Corner]

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It is possible to achieve healthy weight loss through proper eating and exercise. This seems to be a secret which has alluded most people. Sadly, this does not seem to be entirely accidental. Think about how much money is made, and how much more there is to be made within the weight loss industry.

Over the years, how many weight loss aids have you seen on store shelves and in advertising? In fact, there are entire programs, known as infomercials dedicated to this very industry. Between herbal supplements, pharmaceuticals and gadgets geared towards particular forms of exercise, you couldn’t possibly list them all. So if these weight-loss aids are effective, where are all the people who have been benefited from their use? Granted, you will see a handful of people shown in these advertisements that will make the claim that this particular weight loss aid is the answer.

If these weight loss aids and supplements are truly the solutions, why is there still a problem? Why is the overweight population still at an epidemic proportion? The reason is that people have been allowed, even encouraged to believe that a quick, easy, effortless solution does exist and that they deserve it. Whatever happened to the idea that anything worth having is worth working for? The truth here is that if you really want to achieve weight loss and be healthier, you will have to work for it.

Healthy Eating and Exercise Combination

is-it-better-to-eat-before-or-after-exerciseThe combination of exercise and proper food choices will without a doubt create weight loss in anyone that does not suffer from an illness that prevents this from happening. When it comes to making proper food choices, one should place fresh uncooked vegetables at the very top of the list.

Just like painting your car will not make it run better, simply taking a pill or supplement will not create weight loss. Keep on working at it. Do not give up. Remember to eat healthy foods, limit your portions and exercise. You will soon be on your way to happy, healthy weight loss. Be sure to check with your doctor before changing your level of exercise or diet.

Having a good nutrition practice, choose better dietary options and adjust your intake to what your body needs. Let’s help you understand what’s going to be a healthy diet! With regular exercise, a healthy diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer. Some parents adopt bad eating habits and some children will naturally make the same choices. Friends and family members, as well as those who provide care to the elderly, should promote good nutritional habits and not deviate from them.

Why healthy eating is important

paleo-tableFor the common good, eating habits and fitness must go hand in hand. Fitness can improve with good nutrition habits, and good nutrition habits improve with fitness. Exercise and healthy nutrition should be part of your lifestyle. What applies to you depends on the type of exercise and the plan that suits you best. Nobody looks at a skinny person and asks why they are not exercising and why they are not following a healthy diet. However, a person who is not thin can be perfectly healthy because he has a good diet and an active lifestyle.

However, a healthy diet requires practice and planning. The problem is that many people have no idea what makes a healthy diet and what kind of exercise is appropriate. To begin, adjust your meals, snacks and what you drink to get the most out of your workout routine. Without the proper fuel, you may not have the stamina and energy to maximize the intensity of the exercise. Getting the lure of your food and reducing your eating habits can be difficult at first, but once you have established healthy eating habits, learning to maintain these habits can be time-consuming. Your doctor is also an invaluable source of information and advice on healthy eating and exercise.

Exercise routine

cross-trainingI recommend a minimum workout routine of three days a week, at least one day after each workout. No matter the time of exercise, you should never practice on an empty stomach. They argue that since body fat in the body is exhausted at night, you will lose fat if you exercise on an empty stomach. But do not try to practice an empty stomach. The carbohydrates that are stored in muscles such as glycogen are the most important ones to fuel during exercise. Let your experience lead you to eating habits before and after the exercise that suits you best.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise “burn” (or be active) for hours is a good exercise. Aerobic has many benefits, ranging from increased endurance, cardiovascular efficiency and muscle tightness in the entire body. Direct weight loss training is usually aerobic, using a large amount of oxygen to push and maintain the heart rate for a while.

So remember that the routine of integrating healthy eating and exercise into a daily routine encourages consistency and is essential to a healthy lifestyle. I hope this will give you a guide to healthy eating and exercise.


need-to-knowEveryone tells us that we have to change our eating habits to be “healthier”, but it’s not always easy; we need incentives and/or threats to do something with our eating habits. So the question that many people might ask is, “Why should I be bothered by a healthy diet? I am very happy and have never had any problem with my health.

  1. Promote more energy

Inactive people are at increased risk for premature death, heart disease, depression, obesity, hypertension and/or stroke, adult diabetes, osteoporosis and colon cancer. Lack of regular exercise and smoking are two of the main risk factors that prevent various diseases.

The right balance of foods will increase your energy and you will be able to do some kind of exercise which in turn consumes more calories. 

  1. Kitchen

It is very easy to get food or buy prepared food that you just put in the microwave and 10 minutes later is ready to eat but what to do, except that you can satisfy your hunger as quickly as possible? If you start cooking more, you can offer the following benefits:

Cooking fresh, healthy meals can be a fun way to spend time alone or with other people.

By taking the time, you are less likely to get bored and therefore eat something you really do not want. The kitchen gives you the opportunity to think about your inner state. Healthy cooking is more nutritious and makes the food much more appealing.

Some good cooking tips are:

  • Boil food quickly with a small amount of oil in the hot pan.
  • Stir small pieces of food in a hot skillet with a small amount of oil.
  • Experiment with exotic fruits and vegetables.

The appearance of food is very important to decorate green vegetables. They will also fill it up and save you very few calories.

  1. Best selection of food

A healthy diet gives you the opportunity to expand your food supply that you would not normally have, such as vegetables, grains, and fruits, to help you be healthy. This can alleviate the boredom of having the same food every day. Boredom is one of the factors that lead us to overeat and we are tired and lethargic.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products are important because they contain calcium, magnesium, riboflavin and other nutrients that help fortify bones. Vitamin A, B12 and often vitamin D are added to the milk we buy. Milk and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are also high in protein. However, dairy products are high in fat, so the USDA recommends instead to choose dairy products that are low in fat or not, such as skim milk instead of whole milk and yogurt.

If you have to eat chocolate (which does not!) Choose dark chocolate because milk chocolate and white chocolate contain more sugar and fat than dark chocolate.

  1. You are in better health!

Healthy eating habits created in childhood can remain in the adult throughout life and distinguish between a life that suffers from pain and discomfort or a life full of energy and stress. Healthy eating, which includes variety, balance, and moderation, has proven to be the key to longevity and helps improve quality of life. Healthy eating is clearly linked to reducing the risk of death and preventing many chronic diseases in adults.


new-lifestyleThe richness of books, magazines, and websites is widespread and often confused with anything else because news sources sometimes compete on a particular topic. For example, some people in the diet claim that late-night food leads to weight gain, while others point out that the amount of unapproved daily intake determines weight gain or loss; During exercise, some people allow the magic flat stomach to use their unique product or dietary product, while others strongly recommend that this be achieved only when you usually reduce body fat.

It is important that the information comes from a trusted source and has strong evidence to support the query. Using on-site expertise is very useful because they have answers and are aware of the recent findings of the study.

Of course, it is not a research of energy that would understand how to live a healthy life; most know the basics, but there’s more to it, right? Lifestyle is accelerating due to technological developments and the cost of living that cause stress, seizures, and emotions in roller skates, resulting in neglect of health. Visit them personally. It affects our health and is the main cause of health problems in the world, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression. Such chronic illness can be avoided by taking the necessary measures and making small changes in lifestyle that can positively affect their well-being.

Unfortunately, companies keep small parts actively and/or improve their lifestyle, while others continue to spread their health and chronic illnesses.

We all heard about the statement that “money is not your luck” and that’s true

A recent study has shown great prosperity with rising incomes; but when income exceeds a certain level, emotional feelings (such as happiness and love) are generally stabilized due to stress and disability related to work. Lower incomes are associated with more sadness and stress, more and more poverty and disease. With this in mind, both sides have health and happiness, because they have managed to balance elements that meet their unique needs and wishes, even if they are very rich or poor. Of course, a number of factors can affect a certain situation.

Physically linked activities that increase your heart rate several times a week can greatly improve your health

exerciceThis does not mean you should enter the gym if you do not like it. Go for a walk, swim or bike, join in dance or yoga, or go home and go to your Zumba DVD. Anyway, there are unlimited possibilities. The key is finding what you want to work with, regular education and support for your friends and family (their integration is even better). The results of good eating habits are even better. Keep it simple – eat a balanced diet that is full of natural foods that prevent saturated fatty acids and fat (avoid or at least reduce).

It is advisable to learn to read food because many products are labeled with healthy, low-fat or low-fat analogs, but remember that they are often very similar to those that are unhealthy.

There is scientific evidence that points to the relationship between body and mind, so keeping healthy eating habits and exercises is an important step in improving health in the right direction. The importance of mental and emotional health is very low and should be considered as important physical health. Emotions can cause physiological changes in the human body and long-term negative emotional health can cause hormonal imbalance, hypertonia, weak immune system, depression and other health disorders.

Why am I angry when another driver changes something under your control?

Your hot emotions only affect your health when your blood pressure rises and your mood becomes acute while another driver does not feel injured. Why am I getting emotional poison? Food does not solve the problem! Learning to control emotions and respond to different situations will definitely improve your homeostasis. Learn the techniques of stress management, relax (meditate and do yoga or just breathe), talk to someone, be positive and just smile.

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Relationships are another important factor, we all want something to belong and love. Find time to talk to your loved ones, meet, or even more often to make friends, organize regular meetings, and meet new friends who join the classroom. It’s so hard for your electronic device to turn off and talk to the right person!

Recommended Sleep

MORE-SLEEP_FEATUREMake sure you sleep 7-8 hours a day because your dream effects can significantly affect your cognitive function, lead to weight changes, diabetes, and other physiological imbalances. Also, be prepared to learn something new when presenting this option. The brain is amazing and brings new information not only enhances mental health but also improves mental well-being. Reasonable action according to our values ​​is another driving force of happiness.

This does not mean the ending of the work you do not like because it is not always possible, but you have the right to take the necessary measures for a long-term investment. Some are lucky enough to call for their passion to work, not to keep it at work, but it is a small population.


Life is beautiful and we all deserve it. There are things we cannot control but we have the choice of living and reacting. Taking small steps towards a healthier habit will greatly improve your overall health, taking into account the constructive balance of all ingredients. Do not wait until it’s too late because it’s hard to turn around. Live a healthy and happy life!

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Thank  you for reading my blog!

Marc Gil

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