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Liver and Gallbladder Flush | Detox Update | Danette May

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hi danette may here for some of you you already know this for others you do not know yet that I did a gallbladder liver flush I am loving learning about all sorts of detoxes for those of you who have never done my 3 day detox you need to try it but I’ve researched tons of detoxes around the world and I have never ever done a full gallbladder liver flush now this liver flush is taken from many many traditions passed down ancient form of cleaning out your liver and they say it’s actually surgery on your liver without the side effects and I actually felt it I’m going to show you with you my full journey it’s actually not that complicated but I what I want to say before I get into this is always consult your doctor be very safe about it I’m not saying you have to do this because trust me it was a process and I’m going to explain everything but if you’re going to do it do it right be committed to it because you don’t want to harm your body and maybe even consult a doctor if you’ve had problems with your digestive problems liver or your colon irritable bowel syndrome be very careful okay so the reason I did this is because the liver can actually it has about 500 functions it’s what metabolize is fat if you’re dealing with acne low energy you feel like you might have adrenal fatigue it’s a really good idea to do a liver flush a gallbladder flush also I’m a big believer in the emotions that tie to different parts of our organs and the liver in the gallbladder is tied to resentment pass anger actually livers like the anger zone and if you have any resentment or anger that has come up in your past which we all have it’s a really good way for you to release that anger release those things that no longer serve you so that you can stand an optimal health what happens during this process is you’re going to eliminate gall stones yes it’s not pretty and I’m actually going to post a link below this video where is exactly what I did and the program I followed so that you can actually read that document that I read to do this but all I did was for about six days I prepped my body so I ate really clean if you’re doing my program you’re eating clean so I did my 30-day new you chow and meal plan so that’s all I did I tried to not eat too much and I also didn’t eat a lot of heavy proteins or fats but my 30-day new challenge was perfect the other thing I did was added four ounces every single day of apple cider vinegar now in the document it says you can do apple juice I do not want that kind of sugar in my system a whole liter of apple juice every day for six days so four ounces of apple cider vinegar is the same as a leader of apple juice because of the malic acid in it so I did that I filled up a big glass of water I did a half of a lemon in it and I sipped on it throughout the day for six days leading up to this on the day of the cleanse what I did for breakfast is a something very like no proteins no eggs no fat so no peanut butter things like that make sure you read the document below so you know exactly but I just ate like fruit some veggies I did that for breakfast I also did that for lunch I stopped eating at 1:30 and then at 1:30 I took this container and I put three cups of filtered water in it and four tablespoons of Epsom salt now Epsom salt used normally for soaking your tired muscles but if you get an Epsom salt that doesn’t have anything added to it it’s totally safe and fine I did four tables in it spoons in it and I mixed it all up [Music] then I distributed into four different cops so it made about 3/4 cup each of each cop and I drink my first cup now that let’s see hard as part of this whole thing was drinking that nasty salt water so I drank 3/4 cup and then two hours later so I did that at 6 p.m. 8 p.m. I drink my 2nd 3/4 cups of this Epsom salt water then before bed here’s the deal this was the big kicker right before bed which is around 9:30 10 o’clock I took a half a cup of cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil very very pure olive oil with half a cup of fresh squeezed grapefruit you put it in another container shake it up so it all gets all emulsified in there [Music] stand at the edge of your bed I drank it and then you lay down instantly with your head kind of propped up for 20 minutes we obviously did a little prayer little healing for our liver my husband did this with me and it was really weird I felt this like flush of warmth in my body but then I went to sleep but I woke up in the middle of the night and I was so sick so this is the part that scares me to share with you guys I was so sick I felt like I had the flu it was an if this is too much TMI for you just watch my other youtube videos but I was in the middle and I felt like I was going to throw up but then I felt like I was going to use the bathroom and I did and I saw like little pea sized golf stones in the toilet and it was amazing to me because it was like this full-on flu that I felt and then as soon as I went to the bathroom and released I was like was like I was fine it was really really strange like to feel such intense sickness where I was laying on the ground like in the fetal position to feeling fine so I went back to bed I woke up Sunday morning we definitely both felt so weak on Sunday when you wake up first thing in the morning you have to drink your third cup of the Epsom salt water not eating anything try to meditate I just felt weak I didn’t feel sick but that whole day I was eliminating gall stones their little pea-sized and about 15 of them insane and the whole day I was like oh no I’ve made myself sick I don’t feel very good at two hours after that before about 10 o’clock I had my last drink of epsom salts which is basically cleans out the : Epsom salt water will just flush out that colon because so many of us are carrying toxins in the colon but I was doing the flush with olive oil through the liver in the gallbladder to push everything out so the whole day eliminating eliminating not feeling well – waking up the next day filming this and feeling absolutely amazing I feel really good I feel like a tons of energy it’s a really mind-blowing how in two days you can go through so much and now feel so good so that was what I did and if you want to try it please click the link below and you can try it at your discretion but once again consult your doctor if you have any issues and if you have tried this please leave your comments below I want to hear from you what was your experience like if you want to do this let us know we love hearing from you and if you like these videos click like click subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any of my videos like [Music]

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