Full Body Stretch Yoga – 30 Minute Flexibility & Deep Stretch Workout

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Audio Text:
hi beautiful friends this is cold chance here with the Oh booty X coming right back from Asia stateside and excited to share some more videos with you all so today we’re going to do just kind of a total body stretch to get everything loosened up so we’ll work on the neck back side body hamstrings and quads of course but let’s go ahead and get started so go ahead and find your seat if you would like to sit on a pillow or something to raise your hips up over your knees sometimes that can relieve some stress if you’re having any issues in your knees but go ahead and just come to seated and take a big inhale and sigh it out let’s take one more inhale [Music] ah so next inhale let’s raise our hands up over our head let’s look up try to grow a little bit taller one more inhale and exhale bring your arms down just start to walk forward while you’re doing this make sure to keep your hips on the ground so at the same time you’re walking your fingers forward you can push the floor away and push your hips back down big inhale and exhale so you can come a little bit lower [Music] let’s walk our hands over to the right so here you want to keep your left hip on the floor so again you’re pushing away at the same time you’re falling forward [Music] you can also start to pick your left arm up a little bit and look underneath if you’d like more of a side body stretch so you can find your degree of where you want to be today one more inhale [Music] go ahead and slither on to the other side so reaching out to the left and also pushing back to keep your right sit bone connected so find where your stretches today if you’d like to lift that top arm can do that or you can stay here inhale who think a little bit lower I’m gonna walk back to Center push yourself back up here inhale again look up reach up and drop your left arm and we’ll keep our right arm and we’ll bring it up and over so looking that’s our right hand to our left ear and just gently pull pull your head down to your right shoulder here you can take your left hand you can open up a little more right here if this feels nice to you you can also reach your arm out you could walk your fingertips out you can also kind of move your arm around so find that spot for you it’ll be different for everyone but I’m pretty sure you can find it most people are pretty tight here so once you find that juicy spot take a big deep breath into it and send some oxygen to that spot roll your shoulders back here we tend to want to come in when we feel the pain so make sure you’re staying open one more release I’m going to take that top arm to your left knee here and we’ll take a twist so top arm to the left knee your left hand behind your hips here we’ll inhale lengthen so bring your spine up and out take it a little bit taller and then exhale we’ll twist our body and then bring your head around so you want to bring your head around the last protect your neck on your inhale come out a little bit and extend up and then twist one more time like someone’s pulling a string and then twist again [Music] unwind all of that and we’ll bring our left arm up break it all the way over bring your left head to your shoulder and then again with your right hand find what’s working for you and where you can find that that tight spot breathe big into it [Music] this is really good for all your computer users out there computers are trying to kill us so really spend a lot of time focusing on kind of undoing the work the stress you’ve created and your shoulders here [Music] and come back up and take your left hand to your right knee will inhale lift up and exhale start to twist and again head around last inhale up and exhale at the time [Music] we’ll take our hands and clasp them behind our head so we’re gonna take like a cat cow a seated cat cow it has the same the same variation same action so let’s inhale push your chest forward roll your shoulder blades together on your back so think about you can even think about visualizing that your shoulder blades coming together onto your back chin up start them going towards the ceiling here exhale we’re gonna round so bring your elbows together tuck your chin as you start to curl your back this should light up the muscles going on either side of your spine here so you can control the intensity so if you need to come not go as far this can be intense inhale separate your elbows look up just out to arch your back and again exhale bring it all back in [Music] inhale expand exhale come back down one last time inhale open and expand [Music] and then bring it back in belly toward your spine I’m good come back to seated here so we’re gonna come into cat cow and just turn sideways on your mat let’s go this way alright so we’re gonna come onto our hands and knees if you want to put a blanket underneath your knees for some more support feel free to do that here blanket or a towel anything will work so let’s take our hands underneath our shoulders our hips over our knees spread your finger pads wide and your knees about hip distance apart your toes will be on the ground here so we’re gonna take that same action the cat cow right here so we’re gonna inhale again chest comes through hips come up belly to the ground the same actually different position exhale push the ground away pull your spine up towards the sky bring your belly in towards your spine so everything’s moving up inhale bring everything back down you can go really slow here and fill that articulation of your spine so you’re not just pushing your belly down you’re also pulling your chest through so there’s two actions down and out exhale push away tuck your tailbone everything up and again inhale come through there’s also an action here of feeling like your knees and your hands are pulling together that’ll create that feeling of your chest coming through so you’re really pushing together [Music] really exaggerated this action it’ll get you really deep stretch wonderful let’s take our right hand right underneath your gaze here so we’ll move it over to the middle take your left hand and we’ll reach up you just final twist here and then take it and we’ll thread it all the way through so you’ll come down to your left shoulder here you can take your top arm and walk it out you can also walk it over to the left and look underneath your right arm so whichever feels better to you this will be a little bit more of a stretch here or you can keep it just straight so inhale walk your top arm back push yourself up and we’ll replace our hands here so let’s take a left hand right underneath right arm inhale open and then exhale twist bring it all the way through so we’ll come down to our right folder here you can take your top arm anywhere you’d like you can also push away here if you’d like to twist a little deeper or you can just walk it out [Music] one more inhale [Music] bring your hand back and push all the way back up here let’s go ahead and sit back Child’s Pose so let’s take a widen ease Child’s Pose so separate your your knees here is that your hips back walk our arms out your hips may not come all the way down you may be more like this and that’s fine too so whatever feels good to you but walk your fingertips out so we’re opening up underneath this underneath your armpit [Music] and inhale go ahead rise back up here so come back into tabletop we’ll start to transition into downward dog and start to open up our legs here so let’s take an inhale they come back on your exhale you’re gonna start to round like we were doing but then we’re gonna tuck our toes and push back into down dog so just take it small don’t go full expression and then we’ll inhale come back to our knees pull your chest through and look up it’ll slowly go deeper into your down dog exhale tuck your toes push away with your hands and he’ll come forward pull your chest through arch your back and then again exhale we’re slowly articulating the spine tucking the toes pushing back and this time let’s stay let’s check in with our hands spread your hands again very wide here why does you can like gecko hands gecko palms push away you can have your knees bent here your heels do not have to be coming towards the ground they want to be coming towards the ground but they don’t have to be touching the ground that’s the direction they’re going but they don’t have to be there and we’re pushing away we want our sit bones coming up towards the sky there inhale here sale or inhale [Music] start to shift through weight forward into your hands and slowly take little baby steps we’re gonna walk towards our hands it’s very slowly come up towards your hands I’m gonna separate our feet go let’s go all the way to the corners of edges of your back here so drop your body grab your elbows and just Rock side to side on your knees and start to open up your hamstrings and you can sway side to side here to just start to slowly wake up in there depending on what time of day you’re doing this that could be tighter tighter than others but just be gentle with yourself no one come to Center and again let’s take that twist that we did on our knees so take your right hand below let’s bend our little bend your right knee bend your right knee right hand here and we’ll twist open to the left and you can take your you can take your left hand to your sacrum or you can bring it up we’re just going to twist around so your left leg straight your left arm is straight and we’re bending in to our right inhale exhale one more inhale and exhale come back around and let’s replace so left hand left knee bends inhale I’m twisting open to the right and take one more inhale and exhale come back to Center step to our feet together here halfway lift then exhale fold plant your hands step back with your right leg we’re gonna drop our knee as well and again you can keep the blanket right there if that’s helpful untuck your toes we’re gonna take our left hand off the side of the mat and you can just lean over to the left you can bring your arm up we’re gonna open up this whole side body I’m sure you can feel it already before you get you don’t have to go very far into this to feel it but we’re just gonna kind of feel like you’re arching over so we’re just gonna arch over and if you can bend this arm to go a little bit deeper or you might just be right here today this is an intense stretch we don’t get into the psoas a lot so this might be new for for some of you a big inhale go ahead and drop that hand and take your right hand to the inside of your right foot we’re just gonna reverse this so we’ll twist over to the left here inhale exhale you’re feeling frisky today you can grab back for your left foot for your right foot sorry and get into the quad stretch or you can just stay right here today and know that that’s an option for maybe another day go ahead and frame your foot go and replace your hands here and we’re gonna push back so we’re gonna start straightening our front leg bring in your back leg so we’re gonna step it up about a foot today let’s go about a foot wherever you can wherever you need to go to drop your back heel so our back here will be at a little bit of an angle or back foot so be coming towards the right of the room here so we’re gonna take pyramid pose our hips want to stay centered they’ll want to come out to the left we want to keep them centered here so that means that you might need to bend your front knee you might need to come in a little bit more but those are the things that we want we want the back hill on the ground we want our hips going forward so just find what where you need to be to make that happen today I’ll stay about right here so once you find where we’re at where you’re at today go ahead and inhale and lift so every time we inhale we want to lengthen kind of a feeling of like I mentioned earlier like if you get a string attached to your head so you’re lengthening out of it in I’m gonna exhale then will fall forward and come into the stretch inhale lengthen and exhale fall just helps you work with your breath with that natural movement in helping exhale fold one more time inhale lengthen and exhale fold go ahead and plant your hands here we’ll take a big step up to the top of the mat and place your feet next to each other inhale lengthen out of your hips and exhale fold you can keep a bend in your knees here let’s do that one more time inhale lengthen and exhale fold let’s step back with our left foot now come down onto your knee kind of settle in here so we’ll take our right hand off the side of your back so you’re kind of coming up into your hips it really helps another thing that helps is if you are kind of feeling like you’re scissoring your thighs together or you’re compacting your hips it’ll help keep that strength also engage your core so you’re not quite as coming into your joints as harshly so to really feel that engagement in your core and your hips then bring your arm around so we’re centered here were stabilized here and then we stretch from this from a center spot so then go ahead and then you can start reaching over if this is too much you can also keep your hand right here and come this way so just think about rainbowy over the side here and this whole line should be lit up [Music] we’re inhale lengthen try to grab for the corner of the room and fold it over actually let’s do that one more time I feel good inhale lengthen I’m gonna exhale come over a little bit more we’ll come back around we’ll place our left hand on the inside of your left foot we’ll twist open to the right so bring your your top hip so your right hip here you can kind of feel like you’re bringing it back like bringing that femur bone back with you as you twist it’ll keep your hip centered and square know also when you do for stretching your IT band which we all need so twist around think about bringing your right hand back you can also grab your foot here if you would like and add in a quad stretch this is a multitasking stretch so wherever you are take one more inhale exhale release so replace your hands we’ll frame our foot straighten our front leg and find where you are here today so I’m gonna step in and they might be completely different on both sides you want your back foot at a diagonal your heel touching and really step into the back edge of your of your back foot so your arch doesn’t fall down you really want to connect that back edge a minimal Center we’ll square our hips facing forward so you kind of want to pull this right hip again pull it back into its socket so whenever you feel centered and straight here let’s lengthen up and then exhale fold and just continue to move with your inhales come up a little bit and lengthen and then fold on the next hill a couple more times inhale lengthen exhale fold inhale lengthen and exhale fold go ahead and plant your hands we’re gonna step back into plank this time so step back into plank [Music] take an inhale here you can stay in a plank you can bring your knees down either place it’s good right here whichever place you’re AG you want to roll your shoulder blades back and together on your back wherever you are let’s take one more inhale bring your core up towards your spine so belly towards spine let’s everyone go ahead and come to your knees here untuck your toes we’ll shift forward a little bit so bring your chest a little bit forward through your hands with your elbows in we’re gonna come all the way down slowly all the way down to the ground so let’s take our hands clasp them behind our back or you can just bring them to your sacrum if that’s easier we’re gonna bring our chest up and start to bring your fist towards your feet so we’re gonna be stretching away shoulder blades on your back this is another good one for your computer workers really bring them on the back here so inhale a little bit higher every inhale try to lift a little bit higher one more you can do it inhale leaving your chest up bring your hands forward underneath your shoulder blades and then press up into Cobra and then go ahead fall down you can rest your head on the left side here so we’ve done some twists to help with flexibility of your spine and this is a really good exercise now to help with some strength you want the flexibility but you also want the strength to keep a healthy back so we’ll do a little bit of both they work together so we’re gonna do a different variation of this let’s take your hands and place them behind your head on an inhale we’ll lift up so your whole back body will be lit up here I’m sure you can feel it if you were wondering what was working here inhale lift a little bit higher and really push into the floor with your toe with your tops of your feet that’ll help as well let’s do one more inhale keep your chest up bring your hands around underneath your shoulder blades inhale in Toccoa so you always want your arms bent in Cobra you never want to completely straighten but roi your shoulder blades on your back beautiful let’s push all the way up into Child’s Pose up and back and stretch your arms out here [Music] back up let’s come back we’ll do just a couple leg stretches couple more leg stretches here so let’s take our feet straight out – Pasha mota here we’re gonna lift up and out like we did at the very beginning pull your belly in and start to shift forward and we’re looking for length here so you want to be coming towards your feet not necessarily toward your knees so keep your back straight come forward if you want to bend your knees you can also put a rolled-up towel Blake it anything right here we really want to focus on keeping your back straight and bend over inhale this is a really good counter pose to the back of thing we just did and one more inhale exhale fold [Music] wonderful just come back up and to feed it where we began we’ll take one more twist just to get everything everything out here so let’s do the same twist that we did at the beginning let’s take our right hand to our left inhale up and out exhale and I’ll stretch up and out [Music] come around to the other side the left hand on the right knee inhale and exhale twist it out [Music] come back to Center all right thank you all for practicing with me today this is just a good quick routine to kind of wake up everything or we may be relaxed everything at the end of the night but thank you all for practicing with me and I will see you next time again hold chance at yoga TX Thank You Yogi’s he’ll come forward chin up exhale push back a chair [Music] should feel really flowy you want to be matching your breath with the movement so it should kind of like you’re riding a wave you [Music]

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