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Healthy Summer Diet Tips!

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hi there hope you’re having a good week can you believe here we are in the middle of July summer is halfway over I don’t know where this season has gone but it is escaping us the kids are already stressing out thinking that school starts at the end of August I don’t know about you but I am still enjoying the summer months wanting to make the most of it and based on your comments and your feedback a lot of you have been asking about summertime exercise summer nutrition so I thought I would do a tutorial today on healthy summer eating that’ll have you both looking and feeling great and for me the key about summer is color I don’t know about you but when I go into a grocery store I get so joyful when I see just produce and color everywhere it is beautiful the color of the season is healthy it’s coming from the ground it is full of nutrients so my encouragement to you is to take advantage of the seasonal fruits and veggies and really incorporate them in your diet to live a very healthy lifestyle provide your body with the fiber that it needs the vitamins that it needs and really enjoy the beautiful taste of the season so what I’m going to lay out for you today really is a slice of life a day in the life of my diet the types of things that I normally eat and as I begin I will tell you that everything is very high fiber lean protein and healthy fats those to me are the ideal combinations for healthful living and it really accompanies a fitness lifestyle as well to be able to see the results that you’re working so hard for whether it’s in the gym for a run a bike ride whatever I have learned that diet and I don’t mean being on a diet I just mean healthy living and healthy food is about 90 percent of the equation when it comes to how everything is going to look on the outside so here we go my breakfast is an easy kiyul muffin I love the Ezekiel product line because it is sprouted grain there’s no flour in this and I enjoy the taste so much I always have it with an organic egg either easy over or sometimes hard-boiled on the muffin I’ll use Earth Balance spread which is a non GMO vegan product and again very high in taste I’m embarrassed to say I have this literally every day at 11 o’clock in the morning I am such a creature of habit it’s ridiculous but I enjoy the taste of this breakfast so much I just don’t deviate to me it has the right balance and the protein in the carbs and the fat and it just makes me happy so I think that’s the key as well stick with what makes you happy and what feels good when it comes to my morning snack again this is when I tap into that fabulous produce so enjoy all of the fruit and the things that you see in your grocery store for instance cherries are in right now so I always have a handful of cherries here in the house or blueberries or raspberries these are wonderful healthy snacks I try to have my sugar my fruit sugar in the morning because it gives me enough time throughout the day to be able to burn it off when I hit lunchtime again this is when I’m seeing lots of color in my food we always have a salad here in the house and it come it is comprised of romaine lettuce cherry tomatoes cilantro scallions bell pepper cucumber and we make our own vinaigrette dressing so we’ll do a combination of a balsamic vinaigrette with an oil and then I’ll throw in some stevia to sweeten the dressing instead of using sugar so this salad is a staple you can eat it by yourself or you can add some protein to it pop in some chicken or some grilled shrimp and shrimp and make that a meal but this particular week what I did was and I know this doesn’t seem like a typical summer meal but it helped my summer cold so I made a chicken soup and I boiled organic chicken with the bone because that’s where all the flavor and the good health comes from and I literally threw in every vegetable that lived in the refrigerator so take a look at this soup I mean this chicken soup has zucchini green beans carrots celery corn potato and even Brussels sprouts I threw it all in there and look at this what a high fiber chock full of vitamins soup this became so it made me feel better with my cold it gave me something more to open up my head and at the same time it provided me with tons of fiber and vitamins so that was a win-win in my book and what I love about a soup is it lasts for a long time in the refrigerator and then you can throw it in Tupperware bring it with you to work and heat it up in the microwave so this became a lunch a dinner and it lasted for a good four to five days my snack in the afternoon two things really and I bring both of these to the station I always have a stash in my drawer first of all I love roasted unsalted almonds these are from Whole Foods and what’s so nice about these is it’s a great healthy fat I love nuts nuts or a wonderful way to kind of tie you over between lunch and dinner it fills you with the right type of health that you’re looking for I sometimes I need that crunchy satisfaction so roasting the nut makes it even crunchy err and I will also throw in there my personal favorite popcorn its skinny pop and it is a full of fiber snack and what I love about this it’s non-gmo and gluten free so the skinny pop line they really care about the quality of the popcorn it’s a GMO free corn which is a biggie in my book and it is delicioso so one of my favorite snacks and that helps me until dinnertime and here we go I took a picture of my absolute favorite dinner during the summer I’m a huge fish lover and so I gravitate toward baked grilled or broiled fish this is a shot of a wonderfully herbed salmon with market vegetables again more produce more color and it’s healthy and it’s light and fish is just so great during the summertime and it’s that right balance you know at night time you want to minimize your simple carbohydrates and I don’t do the potatoes or any starch on the side and so this combination to me is very filling you can eat as many vegetables as you want so pile on those veggies enjoy a nice piece of fish and then throughout the day very importantly during the summer months don’t forget to hydrate drink lots and lots of water it’s hot out there here in Houston it has been 96 97 degrees every day feels like temperature is a hundred and two sure it’s exhausting so make sure you’re drinking a lot of water especially if you’re exercising and my little secret here at the very end if you really want to get those results I always say I’ve said this before in one of my videos minimize the whites and I mean the sugar the flour the dairy and the sodium if you can minimize that you will see profound changes in your physical self which is what you want as you work out hard and you try to make those fitness goals you want to look the part as well so those things really have a way of whittling you down quickly and helping you get the results that you’re looking for so as we enjoy our fabulous summer produce I adore cherries that’s my favorite snack I’m going to have some right now I encourage you to share with me what you would like to see next we’re such a great community and I love your comments and responses and I do try to reply to each and every one of you because I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the time and an input that you give me means a lot please continue to follow me on social social media so we can keep that community growing and KPRC channel 2 at 6 and 10 as well as the station’s website click2houston.com if you want to see a newscast see what I do for a living you can check me out at 6 and 10 they do stream our newscasts live so with your healthy meal ideas I hope you go out there this week be bold and be blessed and I will see you next time adios

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