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what is up guys and welcome back to my channel so today I thought I did a type of video that I haven’t done in a while obviously unlike fitness but not always fitness especially on YouTube and that is because I guess like my life definitely doesn’t revolve around it and I had like a few years of my life very much revolving around it and so now I’ve got to the point where it’s like okay like fitness the gym I like you I spend time with you we’re not like best friends anymore and so I’ve kind of just got to the point where yeah I’m fitness but I’m more like a student who goes to the gym but there’s a lot more to my life and I just want to say first of all like either way that’s absolutely fine as long as you’re healthy as long as you’re happy if fitness is a big part of your life that’s absolutely fine if it’s not a big part of your life that’s absolutely fine as well just because I feel like being in the fitness industry and especially lately I feel like I’ve just let myself get sucked in to a big bubble of kind of like what you should do and what you shouldn’t do and what you should won and what you shouldn’t want and I was thinking about it last night and I’m very clear that my goals at the moment are to lose a bit of fat tone up a bit so get more like muscle definition and generally just get a lot fitter now over the past few months as you guys know if you are regular to my channel if you’re not hi welcome please subscribe if you’re regulars to my channel you will know that I actually just took a bit of a break off like the gym just cuz I I wasn’t loving it every time I’d go I’d be like and I just wouldn’t really enjoy it and I didn’t want to get to the point again where I was kind of like pushing myself to do it actually hating it and not really getting anything out of it apart from kind of having worked out and so I gave myself like three months of kind of going to the gym very sporadically like I did not know a lot at all so I just needed to take a step back I needed to kind of refresh myself I needed to come back to myself and what I want to do and everything and so long story short I’m back on the kind of train of not cutting because I’m not gonna bulk after or whatever but I do want to lose weight not much and not quickly but I just do and because I’ve read up a lot and I’ve spent a few years kind of having different bodily goals I do know what I need to do in that situation if I decide that I need want to lose weight or whatever so I thought as I was writing it down yesterday and writing down things that I was going to concentrate on workouts I was gonna do and everything I thought you know what like fuck it I know what kind of work especially for me but I also know what works in general and I want to share that and if you don’t share my goals that’s absolutely fine they’re my goals so I thought I’d basically sum up kind of what you need to do to lose weight now first of all I just want to clarify that you probably if you want to lose weight well yes you may want the number to decrease what you actually want probably is to lose fat now obviously losing fat is different to losing weight especially if you’re doing something like weight training so you’re gonna be gaining muscle that’s gonna go on this way but we’re just going to talk about it as losing weight because that is the more like commercial term for it so this is generally what you need to do flashing this is generally what you need to do if you want to lose some weight gain some definition and everything like that these would be my top tips and what I follow if I’m on that kind of trim down train to fucking – okay so first things first to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit now this means that you need to be eating less than you are expending or you need to be expending more than you are eating and this is init calories so this means that if in a day you burn 2,000 calories you need to be eating slightly less than that to lose weight otherwise bottom line you’re not gonna lose weight . now you can kind of do this one of two ways you can either eat less or you can exercise more or you can do both first things first i do want to say that you want to be very careful you do not want to drastically decrease your calories and you do not want to drastically increase your exercise now both of these things starting with drastically increasing your exercise you are going to increase the amount of cortisol in your body cortisol is the stress hormone and this is essentially going to make it a lot harder for you to lose weight you also may be over exercising which means that your body is literally just going to be stressed and you’re not going to recover properly so you’re really not going to get the most out of the exercise that you are doing now with eating too little this is a very very common thing when people go on a diet and they decide to lose weight so yes you need to be in a caloric deficit but you if you’re normally eating 2,000 calories a day 2,500 calories a day 1,800 you do not want to dramatically go down to 1,300 that’s not going to work yes you will lose some weight you will also be really hungry you’ll be really cranky your body will be fucking confused you will get to a point where you’re like fuck this and as soon as you go back to eating how you were before you will put on the weight again generally what I am saying is that slower you do it the longer it’s going to last and because they’re more sustainable it will be and also the more enjoyable it will be so that’s first things first there are no kind of special tricks there’s no kind of like you want to do sit-ups in bed or you want to take skinny tee like fuck no secondly one big piece of advice that I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of times in magazines YouTube videos people online everything is that you should be drinking a lot of water now this is not just for weight loss or anything this is for your skin this is for your body to work properly this is for you to be healthier it’s fuel brain to work better like just drink a fuckload of water invest in a reusable water bottle now this is obviously not just a lot better for the environment than using plastic water bottles but it’s also a really really good way of getting your water in so I have one of these which is a Cadillac Eddie I will link it down below I keep a full one of these by my bed when I go to sleep I don’t drink it before bed because boys are just gonna be peeing all night but I do drink as much as I can in the morning I wake up and I often have a really dry throat anyway I have really bad asthma so usually and then I haven’t been like and poorer and like I do fucking snore the great thing about these is you’re not gonna pour it over your face or something I’ll let you lie in bed like okay there we go I also just keep it in my bag at all times and I’d literally just say try and have a good few of these a day drink more water just do a next very classic tip is just about sleep now everyone needs a different amount of sleep it is not true that everyone needs eight hours what everyone needs 10 hours or everyone needs six hours it completely depends on you now you’ll probably know whereabouts and that you lie I lie on the eight hours scale and I’m really really really busy at uni in them with social media and everything’s but like the one thing I do is I make sure that nine times out of ten I get eight hours sleep I literally that is just just prioritize your sleep you will be so surprised at how much better you will feel if you just make sure you get eight hours a night now you may need more than that you may need less than that but I know for me I need eight hours and sleep is so important for resetting your body for making you feel better for making you more productive and also if you’re not sleeping well your body’s not gonna work well enough to be concentrating on losing weight you’re not going to lose weight it’s efficiently if you aren’t sleeping so make sure you’re getting enough sleep a few tips I have our first of all phone with bed situation I know this is so tough but when I decide to go to sleep my phone is on airplane mode it’s on Do Not Disturb like I don’t even think about my phone until the morning like if it helps you to listen to music while going to sleep do that there are loads of meditation apps which are really really helpful that there was one that I was listening to where at the end of it I didn’t realize that it was like a finishing meditation I was using it to go to sleep and then at the end this guy starts literally like wailing in some fucking whale song and I’m literally just lying in bed like so close to being asleep and there’s like oh then another thing is reading which could really help now I know lots of people don’t read but novels are the best thing ever if you haven’t been into noble since you were a child and if you liked them then and chances are you’ll still love them just have a novel and read for like 15 minutes ten minutes five minutes before bed and it’s just such a good de-stress it makes your eyes more tired and you will fall asleep a lot easier another huge thing you want to do is you want to make sure it’s more of a lifestyle now I know you’ve heard that about fifty billion times good to make it a lifestyle you’re gonna make it live something you’re like but it’s not my fucking lifestyle like I don’t live and breathe broccoli but I just say with a few things you can mix them in a lot easier and it will just make you general your weight loss process just a lot easier now things like this are walking more so I walk to uni everyday and I’ve made more of an effort to do this that’s like a 35 minute walk and I do that to and from uni try and maybe get off like I stopped early from what you usually do and walk maybe try walking to the grocery store that will add so much on to your expenditure in terms of energy and so will make it much easier for you to get a deficit now this goes onto my next one and that is to do with motivation I know that motivation is like such like a key word in the whole of the world not just this industry and I would say that 99% of the time the people you are watching or you’re looking at and you’re inspired by are not motivated like fuck motivation I’m sorry yes you might have one night a week where you’re literally like community I’m gonna put my that clothes out and go it’s 6 a.m. to 1 morning but like it’s no I’m sorry it’s not normal to be motivated the whole time I know I’m definitely not but you’ve just got to plan you’ve got to make it a habit I have a note on my phone that basically has what workout I’m doing every day of the week and that can be helped by following a guide Chiqui blog link in description box or you can just like follow something off the internet there are loads of free things everywhere and but just write it down because that means that you won’t get to the gym and then be like the fuck am i doing and then have a really ineffective workout and chill it in like you would anything else another huge tip in terms of eating is eating voluminous foods now this is basically just eating kind of lower calorie foods but in larger volumes now this is a lot easier if you are cooking from home on days where I go into uni I don’t really meal prep because again I’m lazy and shit but on days where I’m working from home or if I go into uni for a bit and come back like oh my god it makes everything so much easier if you do cook from because you can essentially just get fuck loads of vegetables make really really really delicious dishes and the calories will be so much lower like I grabbed something formerly on the other day bearing in mind Leon is like really healthy and everything got it and it was like 700 calories and it was literally like a salad and I was like I got this is the healthy option like SOS and you do need to generally be really careful about that but if I’d made that at home it would literally probably be a snack of like 250 300 calories I my staple kind of things to buy are peppers onions mushrooms leeks spinach like loads of vegetables essentially and what I’ll do is I’ll literally just put them all into a saucepan not a saucepan like a frying pan and then like simmer them for a bit so to then maybe put some balsamic in there maybe put some teriyaki in there use your sauces season it how you want to and just generally make the main part of your meal a huge thing of vegetables because you will stay fuller for longer you’ll get fewer cravings and you’re basically just being a goddess another thing is just find what works for you I know that some people intermittent fasting works or if having loads of small meals works for you or snacking the whole time works for you I know it works for me so I always have like blueberries raspberries everything so that if I’m working and I need a snack I won’t just grab like a chocolate bar or something I’ll grab a whole thing of blueberries and it’s a lot more voluminous as well another thing is obviously if you are then kind of going to work and you eat food at work or whatever then do try and meal prep so cook from home and then put it into Tupperware and then you know that you have a guaranteed healthy lunch that you’re gonna enjoy because you can make it a lot tastier healthy than shops can cuz they’re like here’s something healthy it’s a leaf so yeah just find what works for you now my last thing is again just another one of those kind of make it a habit type things if there is something in particular you want to improve aside from like losing weight so whether it’s getting abs or like getting a bigger bun or whatever so making it a habit essentially just tying it into your daily life so it’s absolutely foolproof now what I would do for apps now first of all abs you get them unless you lose the layer of fat over your abs because everyone has absolute literally be like a fucking piece of cooked spaghetti you’ve got to reveal them by getting rid of the layer of fat on the top in the first place to be able to see them but then when you want to build up your abs in general and even before you’ve got rid of all that fat you definitely can build up your abs generally heavy lifting or specific ad work can work really well now I find planks work so well for me and they do build up my core as well so they make me generally better in the gym anyway and what I would do with planks sad as it sounds you know when you wake up in the morning and you’re like well and then you grab your phone and you’re like going through social media like I’d not let myself go on social media until I was in a plank sounds stupid worked for me when I was in the plank that’s when I’d go through my social media so when I scroll down my insta feed look at Twitter look who’s hated on me you know don’t do that anymore it just made me so strong in general like my core I had fucking amazing ABS and I want them back so yes there you go those are all my main tips in terms of kind of how to lose weight tips to lose weight whatever I haven’t decided what I’m gonna call this video yet probably clicked because you know we only the views I’d see him general you do just need to make it part of your lifestyle you do just need to get used to certain things you do just need to realize that you don’t need to eat food the whole time like look after your body it’s 2018 like you want to glow you want to be healthy as well as looking amazing outside so just like treat your body a bit better and get into the routine of it just don’t concentrate on it too much please don’t try and lose weight too quickly because it’s gonna come back on just as quickly you’re so much better off just working walking and healthy eating and everything kind of into your like into your whole lifestyle and then you will see the changes but I hope you really enjoyed this video please like and subscribe if you did especially if you’re new here welcome and I will see you guys really soon as always leave requests down below please share your fave tips on how to lose weight down below so kind of if there are certain things that really work for you in terms of getting abs or in terms of losing weight or in terms of making you feel fully fully for long me pull-up or longer or and all things whether they’re recipes leave them down below so we can create a whole forum to help each other and I will see you guys next time and thank you so much for watching

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