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[Music] [Applause] [Music] and way close the so far away everything that you always dreamed up close to for you but she just can’t redeem it you know it gets a chance in your face in the dog is more frustrated impatient wait we live take one step back time and no need to rush [Music] why [Music] I know [Music] how to lose weight with no exercise who wants to exercise these day no one don’t want to sweat change your clothes think put deodorant have all that shit’s going on no one wants it you think it’s a waste of time but here comes the a be detailed yeah be due to lose first of all I’m gonna tell everyone how much weight I actually lost to make this video actually more interesting since you know what so today I’m going to talk about how I lost weight and how I went from this to this before our last week when I actually let people know what my weight was I was a good 95 kilo dozen maybe more just 202 pounds and I reduced myself into 55 kilos which is 121 pounds basically I lost 40 kilos which is like any pounds Before we jump to conclusions that I lost 88 pounds in a very short time I can also say that I lost 59 pounds actually in a matter of five months five to six months the rest can became slower as your body gets used to doing the same routine all the time so it reacts slowly so basically I want to start with the good stuff right now pingzhi came forward out of my speech I want to talk about how I went from a size I was 18 to 22 to a sigh it’s almost between 4 to 7 sometimes between stores it flavors but yeah I just want everyone to know that there was no exercise at all no running no walking no [Music] no dancing either no benching no starving no aerobics um so basically I didn’t follow any diet plans anything no program no copying off the internet no Bigfoot little foot medium foot diet XS I should die plan I don’t know I’d follow anything like that let’s get down to the basics the real steps are than watching me rule number one see how beautiful these are see how get rid of your do not eat chocolate get rid of the Twix get rid of the candy get rid of all of it do not go anywhere next two things that have sugar do not eat what your grandma made for your birthday and do not cheat and go into your friends lunchbox I need her piece of chocolate donut you nasty basically do not eat anything with sugar sugar is actually bad and these products are there to kill you stay away from these unhealthy products the people who make them not care about how much weight you put on and what diseases come with what weight you put on I don’t know if that was mean but I suffer from some stuff because I was overweight so so yeah after you’re done with number one and you fish staying away from your mother’s pie and now sugars you can go next to our sugars are healthy for you sugar is like Apple Apple contains sugar and so do all the other foods like banana and apple strawberry grape blackberry blueberry oranges and also other things that have sugar which is good for you is high some people say honey can we keep it on faith but no you have to choose a direct honey and actually see what you’re buying not just by applying ly not all honey actually contains sugar now there are certain types of natural god-given food I actually had a lot of ingredients that you know that helps you lose weight number one the best best thing you can invest in is this food called mmm pineapple pineapple is so so good for you it has natural acid inside it that helps collaborate with their acids in your stomach and in mixes and makes your digestive system more and more healthy and more vast it makes you digest your food really quickly and also help with the metabolism another very good national media that helps to lose weight which is also as siddik is lemon that too real lemon anyways so so lemon actually is also said it helps increase fat this is deposited in your body which is very helpful Casto skeptics helped me through my time if you don’t wake up you can take lemon and use it on anything you like before you go to sleep mix honey mix lemon hot water and go to sleep it’s my favorite thing to have that so I’m so happy you know another type of food that helps digest fast and detox is you is prunes prunes is a very good tasty sweet fruit that is out there you should really invest into buying something like that because it helps you I mean if this is your plan and you don’t want to exercise go for it another thing that is also important and your new found change is tea I drink a lot of green tea yes I admit it green tea is the best it is hypnotized me green see I love it this actually helped me so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much yes really helped me a thousand times better than pineapple raisins prunes honey and lemon it helped me to the core what you do is that you have it three times a day I used to have four but that’s only after my body said getting used to it what green tea does is that it speeds up your metabolism you wouldn’t want that’s better let’s say the bathroom becomes your friend after that what you want to do is when you go to college work or school at this before you go this will start off here more it’s a good energizer it’s good for detox and metabolizes you do that’s that you can you can say that other good for your metabolism think about green tea is that don’t have it on an empty stomach only in the morning that’s acceptable but on the other parts of the day a bit half an hour to one hour after every meal because first you want your body’s iMacs acid to digest your food and when it starts digesting your food then you take the green tea half an hour to one hour later and then it starts speeding up your metabolism so now everything is working together and becoming faster digesting faster and yeah your bathroom will be your friend by the end of the day another thing when you start doing this for at least three months straight every day green sea three times a day running noon and evening if you do this your body will start getting accustomed to this you want to like doze it up you have to buy boolong tea mmm yeah you want to buy the oolong tea legends of China a so about along tea it is twice as strong as green tea do not start along like a hero and not start green tea your body needs to get used to it don’t start without starting beauty if you want to do the same thing three times a day as green tea you’ll start seeing major result woman or man I lost a good four kilos one monkey at least a good ten to eight pounds in a month thing is that green tea does not work when you’re on a full stomach or when you’re and a half stone basically within this sort of happy diet you want to minimize your eating habits let’s get the straight let’s get this out in the open clear and everything like that I used to eat four to five chicken legs from KFC out of day at least once a month but still now I don’t need KFC but if I did I would eat one or two you have to minimize your eating habit your stomach is this small if you pack it with the amount you eat which is obviously this much you’re cramping and making the walls expand the less you eat the more balanced to eat your stomach contracts and becomes back to its normal size you don’t want to keep expanding your stomach because then once you expand it and it’s expanding more you get less full with the more you eat making it expand slowly slowly slowly slowly after time until it disappears from the screen disappeared you wait too much mmm you really want to reduce your portions start eating stuff like salad pasta no pizza no burgers stay away from loads of Reds don’t include in your diet no rice things you can eat it’s real stuff like chicken grilled vegetables vegetables are good I’m not talking about French fries eat as many vegetables as you can I’m not telling you to become vegetarian eat chicken grilled chicken get eaten beef don’t have it soaking in gravy or barbecue sauce that is unhealthy you can eat sausages just don’t eat a lot of sausages sometimes you may get hungry your body I’m used to eating such less food this would be your version of cheating but cheating in a healthy way take food bars or yeah food bars you can have Kellogg’s hashey you’re gonna have anything just have it like a snack bar take it eat it did work eat it at home eat it during your snack time either during a movie popcorn is good too you also want to you want to snack on nuts if you want to snack more walnuts almonds pecans academia and all the other nuts that for peanuts don’t eat peanuts and definitely not peanut butter do not eat peanut butter if you want to eat peanut butter one teaspoon a day not more make sense and also another process is water I drink this before I go to bed every night because when you wake up all the toxins that you carry through the day at least in the you know we’re so water it’s a really good thing that you should have in your daily life whether you needed me to say that or not I really never believed in the eight glasses a day kind of thing I just drank this this water bottle throughout today I don’t know why I made a mess around this game don’t have a lot of dairy products I ice cream you can have frozen yogurt you can have both screams try to cut down on dessert anything that involves sweets cheese cheese can be really really really really fattening and you can really get on to your hips and if you’re a guy you will get hips not that uncle thing if you want to eat chocolate or dying on your last leg it’s like you’re surrounded in a desert I have nothing but a piece of chocolate that you’re craving I have dark chocolate that really helps because dark chocolate it has some nutrition facts that are good for you that’s some nutrients and if you’re really dying to have something that is awesome some biscuits for a snack like I just have biscuit glucose biscuit biscuit that do not include sugar on top sprinkles don’t cheat you’re only fooling yourself Oh cheap and one more thing if you have a good hungry to bully up like you know I said habit all the time and I loved it now here comes the uninteresting part counting calories an average woman is supposed to eat at least over 1,000 calories a day including males what I did was Benny sure I count a lot of my calories if I was eating a snack bar and that was 100 calories I made sure they in my head I knew what I was keeping count on you should always keep count of your calories things you should look out for in your nutritional facts I’m going to make this simple for you so umm sure you have your calories it’s 160 which is good the thing you want to stay out and look for is trends trans fat should not be over 8% sugars should not be over 12 grams or 9 grams that you could actually get products that way never take anything that is over 200 calories that is not good always look at your serving size and see if it’s worth it remember this about nutritional facts always look at the calories always look at the sugar always look at trans fats now that got that down so for me I lost a lot of weight after five months doing all of what I did right now now summarize everything I just said blonde green tea in the mornin green tea in the afternoon bun green tea in the evening honey and lemon with hot water in the night throughout the date fruit vegetables grilled chicken meat without heavy sauces snack on nutritional bars the only reason I know that this process will be effective is that my sister tried it and she lost 8 kilograms in a month she’s doing what I did and think is that I’m experienced in trying to lose weight from a long tile so did go to Fitness first and I did lose some weight like at first but then I had to move and it has you max s so I had to make my own diet plan so that’s basically part of the whole thing of how I lost weight I hope that whoever tries the green tea because that is the primary ingredient in this whole entire friggin weight loss thing I want people to tell me if they have seen result I saw a lot of results so I look like a mess for this video I’ve been out almost 12 hours my hair is a mess my makeups all over the place so oh thing is that’s the end of the tutorial if there’s any more questions feel free to follow me on Twitter Instagram key don’t forget to also follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my youtube channel sending requests help it works for everyone and I’m good you wanna actually have maybe the and not cheat on it by going to your friends lunch box and he went a full routine that you’re going to encounter it and take up because Abigail said so [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] where we find reasons but the back

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