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I LOST 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS – 13 Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight Fast

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hi guys so I’m back for another update this is my one month update on my diet and how much we have loved by the title you can see I lost 30 pounds in 38 days now this video isn’t just to tell you that but is to tell you exactly what I am doing on my diet I had over a year to prepare for this I was expecting to go on a diet as soon as I had my baby that wasn’t the case though I had to wait another nine or ten months before I could diet after I had her because I had preeclampsia for a month and a half during my pregnancy and it actually affected my kidneys really bad so bad that I needed surgery for it it took me a lot to make this video I was dealing with a whole lot like a four year old and a one-year-old she just turned one and then I come in here to do my video and I noticed that the time that we played last night with my son he most likely cut my hair off right here so um I was playing now and he was playing with my hair last night it was really late and I think he kept my hair so okay I have written I have this journal and I have written in this journal for quite a while but the beginnings of my journal and about the Risen and a car the beginning of my journal has like a year ago so it has to do with everything that I have always thought in my head that I wanted to do when I start dieting and I wanted to implement things that I’ve never been able to do before certain things I still can’t do like intermittent fasting I’ve tried I can’t do it I can’t do it I have my binge trigger is four o’clock and my body knows what time 4:00 o’clock is no matter where on that no matter if I even have a clock with me it knows what time four buckets and I get really high anxiety it’s because when I was a little kid that’s when everybody started coming home was at four o’clock and that’s when I want to lots of food I would usually especially when I was a teenager I wouldn’t eat all day long until my mom came home at night from work she started getting home early or o’clock and then my dad would come home four o’clock and then I would have to go into my bedroom to the rest of the night so that was that’s that’s what comes to my anxiety and now it’s my husband and I’m you know I told him many times don’t walk in and say why is this here why is this here because he’s very OCD with like cleanliness and stuff and if the toys are out of place and they’re like right in front of the door he always says something so that irritates me and he’s working on that he’s working on that and I you know I’ve talked about it in my journal and then I have told them you know those are things that I need him to work on but right now I’m just going to explain my diet and I have written down here of course I have 13 things written down here of what I do and what I did to lose 30 pounds in 30 days okay so the first one it says all my life I’ve never been able to cheat on a diet without having a 6 to 10 pound weight gain for one meal I’ve worked out cheats once a week where I don’t have a full meal and I’ll either have three to four bites of a dessert or I’ll eat half an entree and give the other half to my husband my husband is all mean like he’s not really on anything but he keeps his calories under 2,000 not on purpose but because he doesn’t have time enough to eat during the day because he works a lot so when we go out it’s like my pleasure to give him half of my food you know what I mean we started that before we had done that when we lived in a lot down south and we would go out probably once a month and he would get half of my food if I got schwarmann or something he would get half of it that’s one thing that I’d have done when I do have a cheat and I do have a cheat like once a week I don’t think I even missed a week where I don’t have a cheat one time I had ice cream and I had like literally three bites and then my husband got the rest of us or my son depending on you know cos it okay the second one it says I eat low carbs and ketogenic and look hard for me being zero the 20/20 being my max effort Mustangs I eat zero carbs I eat low carb because it’s best for my body it makes me feel good and when I feel good I’m happier and that’s the truth and I have more energy but I also wanted to state that not everyone feels good on low carbs my husband for instance he can’t eat low carb he is run down like everybody said keto flu I get the keto who I feel great when they were sick I’m feeling great so he can’t eat that way and he’s tried for a long time he tried and he can’t do it his job is very demanding he’s a very physical person he runs up and down flights of stairs all day long just for fun of it so he can’t do it okay number three I’m a recovered binge eater we do not buy any of the binge food at home and it is never in the house ever when I have cheat meals it is outside of the house my husband is always with me and we don’t bring home leftovers and that is very important to not have the binge food in your house binge foods for me cakes ice cream sweets any kind of sweets any kind of bread bread is my complete weakness I have and will cheat with bread and I know that so that’s what I stay away from unless house having a cheat meal and then I’ll have half of what I was going to eat number four I’ve cut my portions by at least half and when I say half I mean I put as much food as I want on that plate and then in the beginning and then I will literally divide it in half sit right back and that has helped me to understand that I only need half of this food because the other half is going to get stored as fat sometimes I cut it down by 3/4 now that I know that I can like eat one bite this is what I’ve always said I could probably eat one bite and be satisfied you know with my hunger not with my head hunger was but with my physical hunger you eat one bite and you’re not hungry anymore so why do we pile it in you know what I mean so I’m trying to change my brain as I go along here because I want this to be a forever thing I don’t want to be dieting for the rest of my life I want to eventually be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want and maintain a 10 pound you know waking weight loss right there so I said I played my food and I think okay how much would fat Andreea eat for eggs for breakfast okay try to then after a while I went down to one egg one egg fills me up honestly and it looks a lot bigger than what it is like if you fry an egg and you put it on a plate and it’s got onions and Parmesan cheese in it it’s good so it’s it fills me up for like three or four hours I’m satisfied until lunch fat Andrea also used to eat an entire package of bacon the new me with new thinking eats three to four slices for a meal and that’s the truth and most of the morning for the first month I ate three to four slices of bacon for breakfast and that’s what I have breakfast is it okay number five when I am NOT eating a cheat meal on the weekend my diet is extremely strict and that’s true I zero to twenty cards max per day and I never cheat through the week ever if I’m going to cheat through the week that I don’t get the weekend she you know when I’m with my husband sometimes if we don’t go out I don’t get a cheat meal at all so I lose more weight than normal in that week and I’m also in ketosis longer for a longer period of time for my body it does take two weeks to get into ketosis when I eat a cheat meal when I eat a small cheating kill three to four bites of something I’m fine I’m going to have no problem losing weight for the rest of the week number six I tricked my brain by using a small plate to put my food in and it works it does certainly does work so we use the luncheon plate sometimes for a meal and now I don’t have to like I like the way my little food fits on a big plate now I’m like yeah look what I used to eat piled up high and now I’m eating this yeah here was another tip filled of food fill this plate up full of food and then take half off that was number son number eight never eat more than one snack per day I want to be eating all day no grazing give your body time to digest and be properly hungry I think I have like a fear of the being hungry and being hungry is like one of the worst feelings for me I hate being hungry I hate it when you water fast you’re hungry for three days and then the hunger goes away the physical hunger goes away but those three days are help help to be properly hungry that’s when I know that it’s time to eat again when four o’clock rolls room and I get my anxiety where I want to binge that is when I go and get snack and that’s my snack or if I am not having anxiety and like everybody’s home anyway and nobody’s like is going to show up then I will go and have a snack right before bed I can’t go to bed hungry because I stay alone I literally stay out all night so I have to number nine when I do eat snacks my snacks are high in fat and this is like nuts and seeds that they do have carbs in them as well but I make sure that I eat except you know something with cream in it on maybe I’ll just have another a with cream in it so my snacks are definitely high in fat yeah we’re talking about my bench I’m very predictable our night I read this quite a while ago number 10 finish our snack type 4 means around 4 that’s when my anxiety is high because before coming home from work and I just always been sheer outside I said this is me I’m learning to know myself and saying things out loud and positive affirmation as well I mean saying things out loud so you know what is wrong with you so you can fix it and having positive affirmations as well to get you through the day I guess to make you know that you can do this 11 writing in a journal will help you to realize what pattern has come up for you if you write I hate this and I have anxiety or I had trouble breathing which I do have trouble breathing have a lung condition or I felt really tired maybe you shouldn’t eat that food for a while you might have a sensitivity or you might even be allergic to it I was on a raw food diet for a solid year and I found all those videos you know a couple years ago I have a lot of bad issues with fruits because I can’t digest them very well they bloat me and they make me feel terrible I love fruit and how it tastes but the sickness I get keeps me away from as most of the time I’ve learned that I’ve also got sensitivities to cruciferous vegetables like broccoli cauliflower cabbage squash and mushrooms and milk are what I’m allergic to Tilly’s weight it helps to stay away from sweets that coffee is to have an allergic reaction or any kind of bad reaction to it if it makes you tired you probably shouldn’t eat it because it’s doing something back to your body number 12 my face is cleared up tremendously I still get this plague around my mouth and because I do have some hormonal issues that I’ve always had my entire life since I was a kid I started drinking loads of water water is also your number one way of ridding your body of fat and toxins from the head more water you drink them more fast to conclude so that has been something that’s really important in my weight loss is drinking loads and loads of water and I hate water so I get my water by tea sweetened with stevia where I’ll have like the mixed kind of is what it’s not like Kool Aid is better than Kool Aid it’s like vitamin kool-aid it’s all natural in a sweetened with stevia so I’ll have one of those you know little packets and number 13 I have not an exercise routine yet okay I’m done with those notes that I have these notes and I wrote those like six or seven months ago but the first time that I actually lost a hundred pounds in nine months I didn’t exercise except for to sit down and lift weights sitting down because I have an issue with like standing up for a long period of time in the same place without moving and during this video I have actually bent over and got my history so everybody who knows me everybody who’s ever gone out with me and sat in online with me will know that I have to lean on something when I do the dishes I have to lean on something because I get physically sick like kyookie sick and sweaty and really bad and you probably see that I’m sweating I don’t do well when I stand up to lift weight so I sit down so big deal I’m still working the same muscle but what about stamina so that’s all that I did and I walk like minimally through the whole thing right now my exercise is I walk 10 minutes on the treadmill whenever I feel like it sometimes I do not sometimes I do and sometimes they do 20 minutes a day but it’s whatever I feel like I’m not going to get into the serious exercise routine until I hit that first plateau and when that first plateau comes and I’m like already working out really hard right so in the first plateau come I have to work out even harder so that’s when I’m going to like to start my hard work out this when I hit that first touch over that first plateau gets me off of the diet every single time that’s right single time so I’m just going to start exercising when I heard hit that first place out and I don’t lose weight for like three or four weeks like cycle month and I don’t lose anyway that’s what I’m going to hit it hard let me see oh yeah okay I’ll right here very very minimally weight loss plan smaller portions on the low-carb keto diet smaller plates use measuring cup which I have not used I that’s another thing that I can’t do is measure my food and I just always have a really hard time with that I’ve never really hard time with writing down every single thing that I eat as well because it triggers me into binging so those are my triggers and I can’t do that don’t drink with meals drink before meals and 30 min a factor meal I’ll click this up so I don’t drink with meals I drink before meal and after meal I don’t drink with a meal because why you’re washing down all of your foods and it gets taken out of your stomach sooner so I want it to be in my stomach because I’m only eating a little bit right so I want to fill my stomach up with foods that sits on the bottom for a while instead of just like going straight through me okay and I’m going back to the basics of how I lost 100 pounds before on low carb and ketogenic diet going back to basics you know when I first started that diet just several years ago and I lost 100 counts I got triggered into dieting basic wait and that was the best trigger in my whole life I ate four cheeseburgers every single day and that’s all that I ate and that was probably like noon maybe six cards because of the cheese so I ate four cheeseburgers every single day for months and months and months I bought the Walmart brand of burgers in like the Super Value talked a huge one where they’re already pre-made and all you have to do is just cook them you know the pre-made products and that way I knew that I got the same amount every single time which was really helpful to me and that was the basics and right now I’m doing basics eggs bacon hamburger turkey chicken fish you know basics a lot of the times zero carbs so I’m going to be making some recipe videos so my other channel fully cooked right now I’m working on decluttering my house which is another process that I’m going through to declutter my body declutter my house so that’s a whole nother process that I’m actually going through my husband and I are making this year are here to get healthy in head healthy and the body healthy and our marriage healthy in our house Healthy Kids it’s our year to like turn everything around from disease to health I’ve been sick for so long that I’m really I’m just motivated because I’m able to be standing here and talking to you instead of laying down in bed you know I’m extremely grateful for how I feel right now 30 pounds in 30 days and I’m not too far behind on the second month either so I’ll give you an update on the second month here in a couple weeks and I just want to tell you that I am feeling great on low carb and keto if it’s not for you find something else that works for you this works for me and I am loving this diet I love the food that I eat I love how I feel I love how my brain is able to function on low carb and keto it’s just functioning better not in the days all day long like in a fog so I feel good I have energy to do things now even though you know I’ve only lost more than 30 pounds would have only lost you know just a little bit of the weight that I had gained really I gained 200 pounds and I was already really big to begin with but this is a really really good beginning for my weight loss and I’m super happy so if you don’t know already we daily blog every single day on the channel called fully living and I do my house stuff and my cooking videos on fully cooked and my son has a vlogging toy channel called sleepin so I hope to see you on this channel have a great day take care thanks so much for watching don’t forget to check out last week’s video and my other channel fully living fully cooked and fully fun have a great day

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