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Is Detoxing Real? 2 Biggest Detoxing Mistakes + Recipe – Saturday Strategy

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there’s 42,000 new toxins entering our environment every single year and our body is an amazing healing machine it does everything it needs to to get rid of these toxins until it’s too late and when it’s too late all these toxins start draining your body of the minos the vitamins the minerals the phytonutrients that you actually need to ward these nasty little things off the ten-day smoothie detox is a book that we actually launched last week we’re getting it out into the world it was number one on Amazon for three days in a row still is and we’re so excited to get this in as many people’s hands because we know how radically transformed people can become when they start putting peer positive nutrient vibrant energy into their mitochondria for growth so I’m excited to talk about a smoothie detox that we have today and some other mistakes people make when detoxing I want to prepare you for that so there’s two big mistakes people make when detoxing number one is most people are in a state of chronic dehydration well when you’re detoxing and you’re in a caloric deficit and your body starts excreting these toxins it goes into your bloodstream and your body needs more water to flush it out your system so if you’re dehydrated what you’re essentially doing is it’s getting it out but then it’s to be put right back in you know what I’m saying and that’s not a good thing with detoxing which is why in the ten-day smoothie challenge we recommend drinking tons of water and even having some delicious soups that can go with this as well that are really easy for your body to break down secondly a lot of people are just really overly toxic they’ve been absorbing toxins their whole entire life most of the toxins are stored in their fat cells and once you get so much bad it actually starts to creating its own hormones as if it was a horror organ in your body which is crazy right so it’s almost like a scale and you’re on this end and you’re trying to push the scale down so that you can actually win the fight and get the ideal body of your dreams but you have all these toxins that are fighting against you so once you get to a point to where your body starts to work for you it’s going to be much more effective and easier to actually get to that so those are two things that I want you to be aware secondly when people do this as well they quit as soon as the healing starts to take place it’s also known as a healing crisis maybe you’ve heard this before but what it means is after 3 to 4 days of actually going through a cleanse or going through a detox you start to get a headache your nose starts to run maybe body aches you feel like you’re going through flu symptoms that’s actually a really good thing it’s it’s your body telling you that the sip that you’re healing is starting to take place it’s a healing crisis so what we recommend is pushing through that allowing your body to clean up that stuff loading your body with the essential vitamins and minerals and the aminos that it needs for phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification and getting rid of rid of the rest of the nasty chemicals that are in your body so now let’s talk about this delicious smoothie micronutrient dense recipe that’s going to help you detox this is a green smoothie recipe it’s in the book we’re starting with a handful of dandelion greens and we have a half a cup of oranges we have a celery stalk ginger lemon we got a handful of parsley and the base that I chose to use is simply coconut water coconut water as you know acts as a transport in your body and it’s going to load our body with all these delicious vibrant micronutrients and I’m excited to make this movie so come on in let’s make it cheers to you hmm ah that’s good spicy I put a little extra ginger in there like I always do so if you don’t like the spice tone it down a little bit I happen to absolutely love it mmm no yeah whoo all right let’s look for a juicer winner who do we got I like Teresa Rose Jones she’s fighting fibromyalgia she’s making it through she’s having her own transformation at the same time she’s taking care of two special-needs kids and she’s a veteran congratulations Teresa Rose Jones give it up for her juicer and the organifi is coming out to you I’m so excited to shoot this episode and I’m pumped at all the testimonials and the transformations that we have coming in from around the world that are people that are taking this type of advice attracting it into their life and implementing not only to change their lives but other people around them with the 10-day smoothie challenge so if you have not purchased the 10-day smoothie challenge yet get it now I’m gonna give you a special deal today I’ve actually dropped the price to $2.99 real simple and easy it’s got dozens of different recipes in there it walks you through the challenge some ins and the outs and different tips that you can do and I want to show you a real cool trick that I learned this morning from my buddy Cuccia actually and it’s draining your lymphatic system and you’ve heard me talk about the lymphatic system before it’s like the mother to your immune system you have your lymphatic system is actually bigger than your circulatory system so we have to take care of it right you’ve seen me do the chi gong stuff the Tai Chi to get this the lymphatic system rolling but you actually have a lymph node right here it’s your biggest limb and it’s right underneath your collarbone in this area see where I’m pressing and when you press up and in and pull it out like this you’re actually palpitating your lymphatic system and I’m feeling a little awkward doing this in front of you why don’t you try it out yourself and see how it feels so you’ll you’ll know when you hit it because it’s a similar effect of skin brushing if you have our skin brushed which is taking the brush and rolling upwards towards your heart pulling it in your body just feels like this new energy reserve that you didn’t experience before and I love it stimulating the lymph is one of the greatest things you can do for increasing your immune system and helping you cope with doing the cleanse 10 day smoothie cleanse or challenge whatever you’re into and I just wanted to give you a little trick so if you like that give it a big thumbs up share it like it love it tweet it get it out there use this recipe make it and download the book I’m sure you’ll love it thanks for joining me my friends drew Canole as always remember we’re in this together I’ll see you next week all right is I started the field of awkward kidneys in my gut you know I’m talking about

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