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Keto Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

christmas cookies

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Keto Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Yields:                              15 servings.   Prep time:                        0 hours 15 mins. Cook time:                       0 hours 30 mins.  Total time:                        0 hours  45 mins

Type:                                Breakfast/Snacks


2 large eggs

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbsps. heavy cream

2 tbsps. raw cocoa powder

2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

2 cup coconut powder flour

1 pinch. sea salt

1 tsp. stevia

3/4 cup dark chocolate chips 


  • Preheat the oven to 350°.
  • In a large bowl, beat the eggs with butter, heavy cream, and vanilla. Stir in the almond flour, salt, and sugar.
  • Fold the chocolate chips into the cookie batter.
  • Shape 1” ball and flatten the balls on baking tray that has been lightly greased with cooking spray.
  • Bake until the cookies are golden, about 17 to 19 minutes.

Nutrition Facts


Vitamin B1-0.015mg (01%),

Vitamin B2- 0.037 mg (03%),

Vitamin A-38 IU (2%),

Vitamin E- 0.59 mg (04%)

Vitamin K- 2.3 µg (03%)

Magnesium – 12mg (04%)

Amount per serving 21 g
Total Calories92 kcal
Fats8.51 g
Protein0.76 g
Total Carbs3.5  g
Fiber0.1 g
Starch0.02 g

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