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Keto Recipes for Tuna Melts are SO GOOD! Perfect Recipe for Keto Diet, low carb diet, or No Diet. Keto and Low Carb Recipe in under a Minute !

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There are obviously many diet plans in the world. The sheer volume of diet options is ridiculously overwhelming.

That’s why I believe that, when a particular diet has been chosen, and and you’re watching these recipe videos to get meal ideas, you need to adhere to your chosen diet plan. It can really hinder your success to stray from your chosen path. You could very well find yourself needing to start over.

It’s really a good idea to build up a diet-focused recipe library on your computer or device. So if you’re going low-carb, then build up a low-carb recipe library.

Pretty basic stuff, right?

I’ve been guilty of hopping from one diet to the next. And there’s really only one reason why…

On calorie-restriction, you crave calorically-dense foods. On low-sugar, you crave sweets. It’s always super tempting to dabble. They say it’s healthy, after all. So it should be okay, right? And let’s call a spade a spade… Food-based videos are, in many cases, undeniably will-shattering. 😉

If you expect to see lasting results, you need to stick to your chosen plan of action. Calorie reduction and fresh, healthy foods and drinks are said to be the most surefire way to lose weight healthfully.

If you’re honest with yourself, I’m sure you’ll see the merit in that. Eat clean, don’t stuff your face all the time, and the fat should come right off. Add some exercise into the mix and look out!

It’s the most popular weight loss model in existence. As well it should be!

Not all diets are calorically restrictive though. Many diets put more of an emphasis on macro-nutrient ratios. These are often pretty meticulously calculated, and straying from the prescribed ratio may jeopardize your results.

Give your chosen diet plan enough time to work for you. Then, if it doesn’t, at least you won’t have yourself to blame!


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Each Tuna Melt Muffin is a serving containing – 20 g Fat — 14 g Protein — 1g Carb Calories 240


-1 can Tuna Fish – drained 5 oz can but recipe is flexible if you like more tuna add more
-¼ cup Mayo
-¼ cup Sour Cream
-2 Large Eggs
-1 ½ cups mixed cheese
-Salt and Pepper to taste
-1 tsp. Parsley – chopped


-In a medium bowl add tuna fish, mayo, sour cream, eggs, cheese, salt, pepper and Parsley and
-combine well.
-In a greased cupcake tin divide tuna mixture evenly.
-Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
-Cool and enjoy!

Enjoy Keto Lifestyle !!

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