Keto Veg Quesadilla | Easy Mexican Recipe

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Keto Quesadilla | Veg Quesadilla |

Today , I am going to make Veg Quesadillas which are full of vegetables and cheesy goodness inside while crispy from outside . It will definitely fulfill your Mexican food cravings.


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Ingredients for dough :

Coconut flour. 75 gms
Psyllium husk . 2 tbsp
Butter. 100 gms
Salt 1/2 tsp
Warm Water . As required

Ingredients for filling:

Bell peppers. 200 gms
Indian Cottage Cheese. 100 gms
Broccoli. 100 gms
Onion. 1 medium sized
Butter. 75 gms
Mozzarella. 100 gms
Oregano. 1 tsp
Chilli flakes. 1 tsp
Salt. 1 tsp
Mayonnaise (per Quesadilla). 1 tbsp
Salsa ( per Quesadilla). 1 tbsp

Net Carbs :

Coconut flour . 15 gms
Psyllium husk. 0 gms ( full of dietary fibre ).
Bell peppers. 7 gms
Indian Cottage Cheese. 3 gms
Broccoli. 4 gms
Onions. 4 gms
Mozzarella. 2 gms
Salsa . 5 gms per 100 gms

Total Net Carbs : 40 gms
No. of tortillas 6
No. of servings. 12
Net Carbs per quesadilla . 6.6gms (app)
Net Carbs per serving. 3.3 gms

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