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Mindfulness Meditation for Relaxation by Glenn Harrold

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Audio Text:

welcome to this mindfulness meditation recording which has been designed to help you relax and create inner peace the best place to listen is lying down on a better account at a time when you won’t be disturbed and for full effect I recommend you listen with headphones mindfulness techniques have been used for thousands of years and a proven to have many health benefits and listening to this recording regularly will help you to comfortably enter a state of being rather than doing and have an acceptance of the present moment with a sense of peace and before we start I encourage you to stay with my voice during this meditation rather than falling into a deep trance but if you find your mind wandering not to worry just acknowledge your thoughts without judgment and guide your awareness back to the area that we are focusing on our minds are designed to think and our thoughts are perfectly natural but this recording will help you to almost go beyond your thoughts and become the observer the silence still observer with no judgment and if you do happen to fall into trance at any time this is also fine and you will still benefit from the mindfulness session and I want to begin by guiding your awareness through each part of your body and as you become aware of each area of your body notice any sensations or tension or any tightness or warmth or coolness notice everything without judgment simply be and observe the sensations and remain in the present moment and so as the music begins to fade away you can close your eyes softly and make yourself comfortable and allow your mind to become calm and still any cares or worries can drift away now as this is your time to just relax and be and I want you to become aware now of the effect that gravity has on your body drawing you downwards towards the ground notice any sensations where your body makes contact with the bed or chair and stay in the moment now begins have focus your attention on your breathing without changing anything simply follow the gentle flow of air as you inhale and exhale be with each breath in the moment for its full duration notice the gentle rise and fall of your chest and stomach with each breath and become aware of any subtle movements in your shoulders your back even your arms and legs nor to sell each breath affects your whole body now as you breathe in feel the air flowing into your nose or mouth to the back of your throat expanding your lungs as they fill with air and as you breathe out feel your body soften releasing any tension allow your body to feel more relaxed and more peaceful with each breath enjoy the simplicity of this moment and whenever you feel tense anxious or stressed simply use your breath to anchor yourself to the present moment and when you focus on your breathing in this way you also take control of your stress levels at peace with yourself and the world around you at peace with yourself and the world around you at peace with yourself and the world around you at peace with yourself and the world around you at peace with yourself now bring your attention to your face and feel any tension naturally dissolve away be aware of any tightness in the crown of your head your temples forehead and cheeks just let it go notice the tiny muscles around your eyes your nose your mouth lips and tongue and feel any tension drift away now focus on your jaw allowing it to relax with your teeth apart releasing any tension notice any sensations in your throat and your neck and relaxed and now move your awareness to your shoulders and into your upper arms your elbows forearms and wrists sends the back of your hands your palms and your fingers and thumbs and notice any feelings or sensations em relax now draw your attention to the back of your shoulders following the arch between your upper back down to your lower back enter your hips and this awareness helps you to feel grounded and centered move your focus now to your thighs and down to your knees your calf muscles your shins ankles and feet and down to your heels and to your toes all the way to the tips of your toes and just relax notice any sensations in the soles of your feet and on the tops of your feet releasing any tension you feel calm and centered you feel calm and centered you feel calm and centered you feel cold that’s centered you feel cool and set your and become aware now of the front of your body your stomach and chest now just for a moment focus on your left side and now your right side perhaps noticing if one side is warmer or more relaxed than the other and release any tension as you become aware of it now focus your awareness on your body as a whole and rest for a moment feeling very safe and secure now you may even be aware of the energy field around your body sensing its vibration and color and as you focus on your whole body and your energy field just acknowledge any feelings or sensations as they come into being and maybe pass by and imagine any tension fear or stress dissolving away so anywhere that you’ve held tension or anxiety in your body or energy field just imagine it dissolving away down through the bed or chair and into the ground take a moment to pause for a while to notice all the things that are happening in your body in this present moment now feel yourself becoming very scented and evermore a peace with yourself and in time with practice you will become more attuned to the sensations within your body and you will develop a positive heightened awareness while feeling more grounded and secure and as you connect with yourself in this way you can begin to let go of any emotional or spiritual blocks which may be holding you back with awareness comes realization and from that realization you can let these blocks go and feel so much lighter and clearer in your mind and body you

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