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Morning Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym | Strength & Stretch

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Audio Text:
hey guys we are in beautiful Costa Rica I’m at surface de villas in Santa Teresa and I have an awesome yoga sequence free today which is called sunrise surf yoga this yoga sequence is targeted for surfers or anyone that wants to work their shoulders their core and their hamstrings it’s also a great way to start your day in the morning so if you’re ready grab some water your mat let’s do it [Music] [Music] okay guys so starting in Child’s Pose opening your knees nice and wide and allowing the chest to come right in between the legs [Music] finding your breath breathing into the lower back inhale exhale slowly from here rounding up into our tabletop position hands and knees on the mat inhale open up into your cow exhale rounding into your cat inhale open exhale rounding the spine inhale arching your back look up exhale round one more time like that and you let it go and from here bring the hands all the way to the top of you’re not taking a puppy posture allowing the hips to stay over the knees and letting the chest fall right into the mat it’s a great posture to open up your upper back stretch out the shoulders and then bring the elbows down transitioning into your baby Cobra allow the hips to come forward look up to the ceiling and then lift the hips back up coming back into your puppy pose letting the chest come down deeper into the floor and then walking the hands back into a tabletop extending your right leg all the way back and reach in your left arm forward holding this pasture engaging your abdominals drawing the navel into the spine inhale extend your leg and arm exhale crunch inhale reach touching the elbow to the knee reach and crunch reach and releasing the left hand tucking your left toes lifting up into one-legged dog reaching your right leg up to the sky bending the right knee coming into plank touching your chest with the knee for one inhale reach exhale to reach the leg up exhale bring it to the chest three reach the leg up exhale four reach it up stretch hold exhale releasing into your high plank opening into side plank onto your right hand left arm reaches up stacking your feet or if you like to modify bending the bottom knee into the ground and then releasing the left hand back down go ahead take your knees and give me push-ups two three for high plank deep breath in exhale chaturanga dandasana inhale upward dog exhale downward facing dog put a moment to really release and then coming down onto the knees into Child’s Pose rounding up through the spine back into tabletop let’s switch other side left leg extends right arm reaches forward find your balance and hold draw the navel to the spine deep breath in exhale crunch inhale reach exhale touching your opposite elbow to knee exhale crunch inhale as you extend exhale crunch reach reach release the right hand tucking your toes under and lifting up into one-legged dog into the other side hold and breathe bending your left knee exhale come forward into plank one and he likes down the leg touch the knee to chest two inhale reach touch knee to chest three reach for very good reach and hold lower the left foot down downward dog round through into plank give me push-ups two three four tuck your toes under lift up into your high plank and chaturanga down inhale upward dog exhale downward facing dog rounding through the spine into plank and then opening into your side plank on your other side right arm reaches up the left hand stays down again stacking your feet or bending the bottom knee to modify and right hand comes back down deep breath in exhale take yourself back into chaturanga upward dog ullu exhale downward facing dog give it a good stretch allow the heels to release and then round through the spine into plank coming down into our elbow plank hold in your plank and then slowly lifting up into dolphin lift the hips up into the air exhale drop one up drop it into plank to lift the hips up plank three it’s almost like a downward dog except we’re staying on our elbows lift up and plank great exercise for the shoulders and the core hold your plank breathe and then going side to side dipping one hip at a time to the mat working the waistline in your obliques don’t have to physically touch the ground just come close to it with each hip hold hand hand onto the mat elbow elbow hand hand elbow elbow so using the strength of your upper body to come up into high plank and then coming down into low plank hold in your high plank chaturanga upward dog lift exhale downward facing dog hold and breathe reaching your right leg up bending the knee exhale stepping forward into your right high lunge standing that right leg allow the forehead to release to the knee bring it down into the lunge exhale as you extend inhale Bend exhale and push and he’ll come forward exhale extend and hold get that forehead close to the knee coming back into your lunge deep breath in exhale reaching the arms right up to the sky hold and breathe palms together if you can and then opening into your warrior two releasing the right hand down left arm up into your extended side angle and go ahead and reach the left fingers to the very top of your mat lengthening the entire left side of your body coming up and then releasing into your peaceful warrior your right arm up left arm down keeping that front knees still bent over the ankle back to your warrior two reach the arms up extending that right knee and turning the toes inward slight pitch and toe in the toes and then go ahead and take your body forward into your wide legged forward fold hands come on to the mat or if you have a prop like a block or a chair hold on to the prop your goal is to get your forehead as close to the floor as possible you can also reach the hands for the ankles to help yourself get a little deeper into this pose breathe in exhale slowly hands back to the neck rounding the spine bending the knees coming up inhale arms up to the sky exhale turning your right toes out back into warrior two reach the arms up exhale big step with the left foot into your Tadasana inhale arms up big breath in exhale forward fold staying for a moment adding gentle nod of the head you can also go a little deeper by placing your two fingers over to your big toes and pulling your body closer towards the knees up you’re more advanced you can place the entire hand underneath your foot come back over inhale halfway exhale stepping back into your plank position chaturanga dandasana or a push-up if you like to take a more advanced version upward dog exhale [Music] downward facing dog reaching your left leg up to the sky bending the knees stepping forward top of your mat you can take a couple of steps if you need to to come forward exhale extending your left knee inhale forward exhale push and extend inhale forward exhale extend the left and you let your forehead come down over to the knee inhale forward into lunge exhale extend and hold breathe I mean back into your high lunge and then from your finding your balance reaching the arms up to the sky hold sinking down deep into that lunge and then from your opening our bodies into our warrior two and then coming over into your extended side angle left fingers reaching for the mat as your right arm reaches towards the top of your mat fully lengthening that right side of your body deep breath in and exhale come all the way up into warrior two peaceful warrior your right arm down left arm up careful that that front knee stays over the ankle does not roll in coming back to Center reaching both arms up extending your left knee turning both toes in and taking our wide legged forward fold one more time this time to go a little deeper we’re going to try and bring your hands through the legs and see if you can bring the forehead closer to the mat you can also take our first version by keeping the hands on a block or a chair or on a mat and now clasping your hands behind your back go ahead and take the hands forward and allow them to fall towards top of your mat giving the shoulders another stretch and then slowly rounding on through the spine coming all the way up and arching the back see if you can look to the back of the room open and come back to Center inhale reach the arms exhale warrior two and big step with the right foot top of your mat deep breath in reach exhale forward fold hold and breathe inhale halfway up exhale stepping back we’re jumping into your plank go ahead and take four more push-ups or if you wish go ahead and write into your chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog stretch it out let the heels sink into the floor open through the upper back and the shoulders and very slowly coming back down onto the knees I’m going to do our thread the needle opening the right arm out first and go ahead and thread that right arm through allow the left hand to reach forward and try your best to get that right shoulder onto the knot so you feel the stretch along the right arm looking towards the top of your mat if you can reaching the left fingers forward and then switching sides left arm opens exhale bring the left arm through drop the shoulder down reach the right fingers go ahead and release try to get that right shoulder to come on to the mat as well so you deepen the stretch along the left arm coming back up walking over into your seated position reaching the arms up exhale bring your knees together releasing the hands over to the floor into your Child’s Pose staying here for a moment breathing in and exhale let it go rounding up the spine up to a seated position we’ll go ahead and make yourself comfortable on your mat crossing your feet in front and resting your hands on your knees taking a moment to roll the shoulders back a few times and breathe inhaling reaching the arms up to the sky exhale hands together over to your heart bowing down to your heart and thinking yourself for this wonderful practice today for allowing yourself to start your day in a great way thank you guys so much I’ll see you again soon bye [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] you

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