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Make changes in your life is something that you, I and everyone are afraid of. Changing what you eat, your daily routine, what you buy, what you do, is scary to think that all I need to change. How do you do that? How do you say it’s OK and that change is a good thing? How are you motivated enough to really start the change? Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight and start the journey to change lives forever.

Create a plan

You are more likely to keep your weight loss goals if you have a plan to stick to. Trying to lose weight without a plan is like trying to go to a place where you’ve never been without a ticket, gps or any address. You need a plan!


The power of imagination and visualization is wonderful. Look at the future and see how you want to live the rest of your life. Imagine where you are, how to look and what you would do. Write it, cut photos, make an album, drawing/ decide to manage your weight, think about the changes you want to inform the world of your projects. They say the universe has tremendous power and seeks heavenly intervention, and the guidelines will not hurt it.


After deciding what changes will happen in your life, you know why you want these changes to happen. Find inspiration. Do you lose weight for your children? Do you do this for your family? Are your friends really worried about your health and why are you making them? Is your husband your inspiration? Let your loved pet be your inspiration. Finding the right inspiration is an important step to motivate you to lose weight and have the courage to really start your journey.

Love yourself

First of all, you must love yourself. Start with change because you know in your heart that you can change and that it is a change for you. Know in your heart that any difficult obstacle you will encounter and overcome is worth it, because every step is for you. Nothing good will come from your visualization, nothing positive will inspire you if you do not love it enough to make this change. Ask yourself, “Do you deserve trouble?

Set realistic and achievable goals

Focus on short-term goals rather than long-term goals. If you want to lose 150 pounds, you will feel beaten and you will probably not be happy if you always focus on it. But if you are targeting a loss of 4-5 pounds a month, you will be motivated because it is much more realistic and achievable.


motivation weight lossAre you one of those people who have tried a lot of diet or have used many different weight loss products with little success? Will he end his efforts to lose weight in the future? There is no great answer. This is very good news, mistakes in the past will not be successful. Remember, you are the owner of your fate.

There are several reasons why you did not lose weight before. Maybe you were not mentally ready or strong enough, maybe not just your time. If you have always tried to tear and crash before, instead of changing your healthy diet and regular exercise, it is extremely difficult to achieve a loss for a long time. The fact that he has been trying to lose weight several times shows that there is no motivation, and that’s a good thing.

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Maybe you think this time is different and ask yourself how will I lose weight during this time?

Here are some tips to keep track of, which will give you an excellent opportunity to stay motivated and achieve long-term weight loss goals.

  1. Accept a positive approach to weight loss

Continue with the hope that you will do what you think, and you know that you lose weight. If you have a strong positive attitude towards weight loss, good things will happen to you.

  1. Take the diets to a crash

Serious diet usually include food suppression and excessive calories, which in the long run makes unsustainable (and weight loss). Do not look for a quick fix, it is more likely that a slower weight loss will last.

  1. Make some healthy changes in eating habits

One of the reasons you missed out earlier is that you’ve changed too fast. Make some healthy changes at the beginning (for example, the size of a cup and the exchange of some foods with a low-fat medicine) and add a little more once you get used to it.

  1. Introduce a regular exercise

If you burn more calories a day than you consume, you will surely lose weight. Eat more calories through regular cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or whatever you feel and increasing your heart rate.

  1. Define and focus on short-term goals

Your long-term goal (ideal weight) may seem too far away. Concentrate on your energy to achieve a reasonable goal in the short term, for example 1 to 2 pounds a week. Stay calm and patient, in the end you can achieve the long-term goal of losing weight.

  1. Remember your reasons

You have low points and you can give up, it’s pretty common. Right now, the real source of motivation can focus on why you want to lose weight. Is it better for your health, to feel better or just to grow? Regardless of your motives, never forget it.

The weight loss path can be an emotional experience if you are weight-motivated and the others are focused and firm, then there is a good chance of achieving your long-term weight loss goals.


motivation when you are depressedBills, finances, job, family, friends, relationships, business, school, and so much more runs the lives of many of us. Unfortunately for most of us, many of those things may not be going so well or they are just too stressful… and will, therefore, lead to an abundance of stress and anxiety in our lives.

But what if you want to lose weight and get in shape?

How can you get motivated to accomplish this if your life is so stressful?

It’s not like you can just easily turn off all the noise in the background (better known as your daily life) and successfully implement a solid diet and exercise program to get the body of your dreams. Or is that actually possible?

Dieting and exercising will REMOVE all that stress and anxiety!

Here’s how with a number of examples:

  1. You’ll have more energy to get more stuff done.
  2. You’ll have more confidence at interviews, meetings, proposals, and in every other area of your social life since you are now in much better shape and health.
  3. You’ll look better, so therefore you’ll attract more people for relationships and friendships. As superficial as that may be sound, that unfortunately is how a high percentage of this world runs.
  4. You’ll naturally decrease stress and anxiety through fitness routines, being more flexible, from eating healthier, from drinking more water, and also because you now looking awesome.

Bottom line: if you want to get motivated to improve your body, but the annoyances and stresses of your life are stopping you, then I highly recommend you change your mindset around. Instead, look at the fact that improving your overall health and body can, in fact, eliminate those stresses and greatly improve the quality of every area of your life!


consistency is keyHave you ever felt that health reports are too weird, quick or hard to read? We also look at the healthiest trends in health, health, and nutrition, which are the most interesting and exciting discoveries. We say exactly what you need to know and how to help you become a healthier and happier person.

You’ve probably heard that losing weight is slowly the key to weight loss and retention, and new research from the University of Drexel shows that the key to your weight loss is continuity and constant development.

“My best recommendation for patients based on this study is to keep their diet very similar “Things like planning, preparing a Sunday grocery store and reducing the frequency of a meal can reduce the ability to make impulsive decisions about what to eat.” Creating healthy and consistent eating habits helps patients reduce body weight and lose body weight, slow and steady.

You know what they say: Slow and steady wins the race.

The 6 Best Scientific Methods

scientific methos weight loss

  1. Find out how incredible it is in weight loss

We’ve all heard that they help you imagine the ideal person you want. Theory says that if you do enough, your behavior will finally remind you.

That’s a good idea … but does it work?

Contrary to what most people assume, people with negative fantasies lost an average of 12 pounds more than those who have a positive fantasy.

  1. Depending on your performance, you need to lose weight

Roy Baumeister, a researcher at Florida State University, who after many intense examination and investigation of the will now think strength is similar to strength.

Willpower Instinct Book by Kelly McGonigal summarizes his theory:

It seems that people who use theirs will disappear. Smokers who store cigars for 24 hours are more likely to eat ice cream. A suffering that is resistant to its favorite cocktails is physically worsened as a resistance test. Perhaps the most worrying thing is that people on the diet are probably cheating on their husband. There is so much for everyone. If you are exhausted, you will not know temptation or at least a disadvantage.

Using pure energy to achieve weight loss is a complex balance.

What happens if you have trouble or lose sleep? Almost everything that requires effort (even calming) seriously undermines your will.

Although some intentions are needed for any diet or physical activity, it should not be the only motivation.

To get the most out of your weight reduction efforts, you should try to improve your will.

  1. Use formula to motivate your body to lose weight

A few years ago, the famous British psychologist Richard Wiseman had great psychological experiences that motivated weight loss.

There were over 5,000 people who wanted to achieve a specific goal such as losing weight, completing new weight, getting new courses or starting a relationship.

The party followed one and another six months. At the end of the survey, only 10% of the 5,000 participants achieved what they started.

After analyzing all the data, Wiseman found out what motivates the participants to lose weight and what else.

Wiseman has his research role in his book “59 Seconds” Total:

This concept is opposed by anyone who recommends an article on motivation to lose weight.

What’s strange, it seems to work … every time I come to the bodybuilders I thought I was always I always motivated.

  1. How to determine the goals of your weight loss

As already mentioned, Richard Wiseman, the psychology of motivational studies for all 5,000 participants was objective, but only 10% managed to achieve this goal.

When analyzing the data, Wiseman discovered that defining objectives makes the difference:

Successful participants broke their overall goal and created a set of partial tasks in a step-by-step process that helped to alleviate the concerns and doubts often associated with achieving a better life. These plans were particularly strong when the secondary objectives were specific, measurable and time-based.

I just want to lose weight and write that wanting to lose weight is not enough. You must subtract the task from the measurable partial objectives. You must say what your goal is and how to reach it.

  1. Getting angry at yourself without losing

“What are the effects suggested by researchers Peter C. Herman and Janet Poliva?

Kelly McGonigal has examples from her book Willpower Instinct:

It has been observed in smokers trying to quit, in alcoholics trying to stay calm, in shoppers looking for a budget trying to control their sexual impulses. No matter what you want to challenge, it’s the same. Because you feel bad, encouraging you to learn more about yourself.

All eating habits at one time experienced the effects of “Hello, hell”. We follow the perfect diet and then, for some reason, we gave one of the useless things and the other, we know that we visited the center.

As unintentional as it may seem when you forgive the next time … you are not released!

You are, the first good feeling, so you feel good with the little one … So, come and get her.

Birth is the same thing as an eating and eating disorder. Try to eat, but if you do not try to blame!

Fighting each other reduces motivation to increase weight.

  1. The best diet to lose weight

At night, taking high carbohydrates makes you fat, and almost everyone agrees that if it to avoids the processed carbs, by eating all the protein, fruits, vegetables and exercise food, he will probably lose weight.

Let’s say that in terms of reality almost all traditional diet work if you have the motivation to follow them.

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Motivation And Weight Loss- [How To Motivate Yourself]
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Motivation And Weight Loss- [How To Motivate Yourself]
Make changes in your life is something that you, I and everyone are afraid of. Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight and start your journey.
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