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My Five Basic Diet Tips! | A Model Recommends

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hello everybody excuse the hoodie it’s very very cold so I’ve got this over the top of all of my clothes I’ve just turned the heating on so if you hear some gurgling x’ and weird things that’s what that is all about this is my video which I’ve been meaning to do for ages and ages about my top five kind of basic healthy eating diet tips like my attitude towards eating and I’ve got feeling that having model and diets in the same title is going to not cause problems but bringing people who haven’t seen my videos before and who don’t know what I’m about now and I’m not a skinny skinny model I don’t condone that whole kind of Size Zero look if you’ve seen my videos before and if you’ve read my website you’ll know that already if you didn’t know that already then know it now this is not some kind of weird video about how to get model thin how to get really really skinny it’s not about any kind of crazy diets I’m really not into any of that stuff I’m the 32 year old woman I’ve been a model for 12 years I’ve never been like one of those skinny kind of catwalk style models but I’ve done kind of loads of lingerie and things like that so I’ve got quite a curvy figure I’m slim obviously but I’ve never been runway thin so that’s not what this is about if you want that kind of video then you’re in the wrong place if you want to know what I do to stay slim have a healthy diet have a good attitude towards my diet then this video is for you so I just want to clear that up so before anyone leaves some stupid comment about models being teasing or whatever then I’m just not interested That’s not me there’s nothing to do with me and that’s not why I’m about so Wow way to go start the video off on a really positive note but I feel like I’ve got to say that in the beginning there’s lots of people comment before they’ve even watched a whole video and it really really irritates me and also is something so sensitive as the word diet and I’m not talking about diets in this video in that sense in the weight loss sense I’m talking about diet as in what I eat what goes into my body and because it’s such a sensitive topic and the media kind of hang on to it and everything gets put out of context I feel like I have to say that at the beginning of the video mostly its common sense by the way and but I should get started because we’re at three minutes and I haven’t even done my first tip so tip one tip number one is actually about the word diet itself I hate the word diet I always have hated it to me it suggests having to deprive yourself of something having to sacrifice something that you like so what I try and do is really question the reason I want something and if it’s really that bad why do I want to be putting it into my body so a supersize McDonald’s meal with a full fat cocoa and an apple pie to finish why do I want loads of sugar and loads of salt and loads of processed food going into my body I suppose it’s all about turning things on their head and asking yourself not why you want something so badly but the reasons that you wouldn’t want to have something and then I can tell you it becomes a lot easier to cut things out now of course this won’t work on every type of food things like macaroons and eclairs I can tell you it doesn’t work on but things that have really really gross and over processed fine once in a while but ask yourself if you need to eat those on a regular basis or if you need to be eating a takeout on a nightly basis ask yourself why you want these things is it because you can’t bother to cook or have you become addicted to that kind of artificial taste just have a little look into what you’re eating and why you feel you can’t live without it and try and turn things on their head so instead of thinking I really really want this thing but I can’t have it think I don’t really want this thing in my life and then there’s actually no issue as I said doesn’t work on everything but I find it a really useful way of thinking about what I eat by the way give this a really big thumbs up underneath the video if you want more health diet fitness kind of thing tip 2 if you don’t buy it you can’t eat it if you fill your shopping trolley full of biscuits crisps fizzy drinks things like that then you will have them in the house and you will eat them people send me and sweets and all kinds of things like lovely cakes and things like that with samples and beauty stuff and if I have them in the house I will eat them I’ve got a really sweet tooth I’ve got no willpower however if they’re not in the house I’m not going to make journeys go to the shop and go and get them specially so I do make it my absolute rule that when I do my weekly shop I don’t put in any sweets chocolate crisps biscuits anything else you can think of it’s just rubbish and processed ready meals I’ve never really liked ready meals but you know sometimes they can be quite tempting I’ll come back to this on the next point but I just try and avoid putting anything too processed in the shop and trolley if it’s not in the cupboard I can’t go looking for it tip number three tip number three follows on from the last one which is all about processed food I try and cook every single night from fresh that sounds really complicated but it’s not it can be as simple as just a tomato pasta sauce with some pasta yeah the pastas dried but you know I’m talking about just really good fresh or uncomplicated ingredients and I try and do that as much as I can if you’re not eating loads of things with added salt and added sugar and flavorings and chemicals and colorings then I just think you’re better off and you’re less likely to overeat because you’re not kind of being bombarded with these artificial tastes but also it’s just a kind of cleaner way of living and I’m not saying that you have to do this for every meal but I think that once you get into the habits of just preparing nice fresh healthy food it becomes a lot easier and it just becomes a way of life tip number four tip number four is eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full I know that this one has probably been bantered around loads and it’s one of those kind of cliched diet tips but it’s absolutely true people really overeat and when I go to restaurants I sometimes can’t believe the size of the portions they’re about three times what you actually need as a woman or and there’ll be men watching you know but they’re a lot more than you need to have on your plate so I’m kind of the school old school thing where you eat everything on your plate you eat what’s given to you and you shouldn’t waste anything and that kind of makes it more difficult to control your portions but if you’re an adult then you’ll probably be cooking for yourself so it’s easier to control your portions because you just don’t cook as much food for yourself if you find that you’ve overcooked or over kind of estimated how much you need just don’t put so much on the plate leave the rest in the pan put a lid on it save it for tomorrow there’s always tomorrow it’s not going to be your last meal so don’t panic don’t overeat if you’re in a restaurant and you know that the portion size is going to be absolutely humongous then share with somebody or skip the starter skip the dessert skip the bread whatever just you know you know when your body is full eat more slowly and you’ll become more aware of that you know when you’re full stop tip number five now tip number five in a way is the most important one because it’s all about an overall view of your life and your health and your diet and don’t give up trying to eat more healthily if you have a bad day and you stuff your face full of ten Mars bars and five packets of crisps and have to McDonald’s meals it’s not great but you know what it’s not the end of the world you can always you can’t always start tomorrow that’s not what I’m trying to say I’m not trying to say put off eating more healthily but don’t give up and just kind of throw it all to the wind if you have one bad day because you know it’s it’s an overall thing you have to look at it over the course of weeks or months you know generally are you eating more healthily if you are that’s brilliant it’s all about small changes nobody can do drastic things and stick to them which is why none of these stupid diets work where you have to stick to this insane regime they work for some people but not for most for most people it’s just about cutting down your portion sizes eating less processed food eating less sugar and you know just having an overall better attitude towards your I’m gonna go now because it sounds really really preachy and I could go on for hours but this is all just really common sense and I’m going to go into more detail about the kind of things I do eat I’ve already done that for my breakfast thing and some of you are probably quite surprised it wasn’t like little oat cakes with little bits of scrapings of cheese and grapes on there you know like I eat normal stuff but it is all just common sense smaller portion sizes healthier stuff try and cook from scratch you know try not to order so many takeaways takeouts that’s it I’m off I’m going to leave you with this thought which is have you subscribed if you haven’t click the subscribe button which is somewhere around there or there and also pop your email into my subscription service on my website and you’ll get a post every morning every single day it’s brilliant and it’s free obviously so that’s me for now and I’ll see you in the next video

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