My Top 10 Tips For Losing Weight

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hey everybody today I want to do a video on some tips for getting healthy because I know a lot of people are looking to do that this time of year myself being included so I wanted to share some of my top tips secrets advice or just general things that have worked for me over the years as most of you guys know I struggled with my way a lot in my childhood and my early teens so I’ve come to realize two things that I need to do in my life to maintain my weight or if I want to lose weight well one of my points probably looking straight forward and not that difficult so losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight isn’t really a fasting there’s no extreme dieting there’s no secret or trick I’m going to share it like the green shirts with you guys but there’s no like magic to it it’s a lifestyle change that you guys need to do in the long run not just for one month not just the beginning of the year not just as a New Year’s resolution so all those these things you probably already know I hope this video can serve as a reminder to you to do more of these things and I hope that you can take away one or two points that you can start doing new in your life for this coming year so what do you want to lose weight maintain your weight or just generally be more healthy here are some of my top tips and secrets for that big day losing weight is 80/20 80% diet and 20% exercise how exact that is I’m not really sure but I do know that doing both works really well for me that let’s and lime tactic the first thing I want to talk about is moving more and a lot of people have a lot of excuses on why they can’t move more of the main things people have is they are too busy however if you have an hour any one of the day and I most guilty for this in the morning I either sit in bed or with my coffee I’ll sit on social media especially YouTube and watch youtube videos in the morning whoa and having my breakfast on my coffee then you have time to exercise my solution for you would be to get to the gym and watch YouTube or suit your social media thing on a treadmill on the bicycle or just doing something so if you have an area a day to spend on which most people do then you have an hour a day to spend at the gym and you can do two at once and give it a the only way to do it you can also do exercises at home so you couldn’t watch YouTube videos and follow along and do them you could go for a run outside it’s outside you can even walk up the stairs if you wouldn’t have Hartman building you can take the stairs up instead of the elevator you could walk more instead of driving park your car further away from your workplace and walk to your workplace little things like that they all add up to the only person that’s going to be hurting by your excuses is yourself even if it means multitasking I don’t know Judah’s it is well doing squats just find time to get some exercise in every single day my second point is to change things up when you do the same exercises day in and day out your body becomes used to it and it’s just becoming a challenge for it and you stop seeing results so people often will do things for a long time say two to three months and then they’ll say I’m not getting any further I’m not losing that last bit of weight that I’ve been trying to nothing’s working and that’s only because you need to change up your routine so make sure you do different types of exercises and with that I would say work out with friends because that’s always fun and keeps you going and you can both put in different ideas try out different classes maybe the gym you belong to offers different classes I would love doing martial arts or different dance classes or if you don’t want to again you could also join something fun like join salsa classes during ballroom dancing just be changing things up and challenging your body to be sure that you don’t get bored and give up and to be sure that you continue to see the results that you want my third point is timing you want to work out when you have the most energy I have learned that I need to get up and get a big wave like a banana or something to coffee and go straight to the gym and get it done first thing in the morning if I say it may work out later in the afternoon I’m going to work out it’d never get done when you work out at a time when you have the most energy you get the best workout you possibly can get in and for me it’s definitely great in the morning because once I do that and I have a good sweat and a really good workout I have those feel-good endorphins that last me all day long and I always have the best day after that so find that time that works really well for you both in your schedule and energy level wise and try to get in that good workout at least four times a week all right moving on to diet the number one thing that makes or breaks my diet is meal prep if I had nothing planned or nothing in my fridge I’ll often work all day or be doing something and then I’ll come home starving and nothing will be there so I’ll just grab the quickest google jump is through whatever which is usually a bag of chips and just scarf that down for dinner my solution to that is plan a week ahead set aside one day a week when you know you have an hour to to just write all your thoughts down search recipes figure out which types of foods you want to eat write down recipes write down things you want to make for breakfast lunch and dinner snacks and then organize all that and organize a grocery list accordingly go up there and get the food and just have a set plan ready and try to follow that as best as you can so once you have your meal plan and recipes ready and you’ve gotten all your groceries you can go ahead and click the food if you have a busy week if you’re in school if you’re going to work you can make big batches of food say something like a soup or a stew and then you can just put in the fridge or freeze it and just have it ready for whenever you need it really quickly whether that be for dinner or for lunch then you’ll be better the whole week with quick and easy meals that you don’t need to think about when you’re busy my fifth tip is to drink more water and I know everybody said that zero rely on myself but it’s true and I always need to remind myself all the time year after year that I need to drink more water it won’t go into the details the drinking water is really important so just always be sure to keep water on you I always drink a big glass of lemon water first thing in the morning I stopped doing that for a while but I started doing that once again this year and I really enjoy that if you’re completely hydrated you’ll tend to eat less because a lot of times when you think you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty so just keep water on hand if you feel hungry take a big glass of water and drink it wait about thirty minutes if you’re still hungry after that and get your home range to eat but all other times you are actually just thirsty and you don’t like water then just make it exciting you can add different fruits vegetables herbs my favorite is when a newcomer and peppermint it tastes so fresh and it just makes me drink so much more water when I have inside my sixth point is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and high-fiber foods this works really well if you want to lose weight and this is one of the tricks that I used so if we look at your stomach so it shapes something like this curate that’s a small storm and I push to do it okay so I’m not going to figure and preach a vegan diet to you guys most of you guys know I try to eat mostly plant-based but I’m not doing I’m not saying you should go vegan or plant-based but just take this into consideration to eat more fruits and vegetables so if we look at oil let me go get a throw oil to check the exact calories but I love from olive oil here it is a hundred and twenty six calories for 14 grams so let’s say report we are eating fats or oils that will take us about that much space 500 calories if you want to eat no red meat you might get a little bit more bulk in your stomach for that amount of calories but if you want to eat 500 calories of fruit and vegetables you’re going to be filling up your stomach really fast when I carrot that is okay so how do you know when you’re full when your stomach starts to stretch out the receptors will tell your brain to stop feeding so if you’re eating a lot of fat a lot of meat you’re going to need a lot of calories to fill up your stomach so that the receptors tell your brain to stop but if you eat a lot of fruit it will signal your brain earlier so what I’m trying to say if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in a high-fiber foods you can get the biggest quantity of food for the least amount of calories so you’ll feel full faster but you’ll have to consume less calories to feel full one of the main things that I had to change when I wanted to lose a lot of weight when I was younger it’s just dog eating earlier and that’s what I always come back to when I need to lose a few pounds and when I finally weight I would eat dinner around 5 p.m. and I was still after that I wouldn’t even snack at night here I tend to eat a little bit later maybe 6 or 7 so I feel like if you stop eating at least 4 hours before you sleep that’s my magic number for hours before you sleep then it’s a good way to lose weight or maintain your weight that is my hub long time around 10 p.m. or so when I’m on the couch watching TV I always want to snack on something salty or sweet like chips or candy or chocolate and then you go straight to bed and your body is in relaxed mode and it just stores all the fat and calories overnight and you gain weight if you don’t eat the food before bed you have enough time to digest your dinner and then when you’re sleeping and your body’s relaxed low then it’s just doing what I need to do instead of trying to digest all the junk food you just ate and store any excess and sometimes it’s hard to just totally cut off snacking I know when I was trying to lose weight when I was younger it was pretty much impossible so just quit over healthy snacks especially ones that are all like negative calories like celery or cucumbers sometimes you just need that crunch in that motion it’s not really what you’re eating it’s just more of a mind trick and my eighth point and final tip about diet is to clean out your cupboards if the food isn’t there you won’t eat it believe me it works for me all the time if there’s pips and junk food stored in my cover I don’t have a person that will just go and open the fridge even when I’m not hungry to just check with bear and walk away and I constantly do that all day nothing to do crazy or cover if there’s something there like tips I will think about it all day it will haunt me until I go and have that fun we probably at 10 p.m. so if it’s not there I won’t think about it and I won’t eat it so try to clear Hubbert the hardest part is living with someone so when I lived alone I justify that food and I didn’t eat it I didn’t worry about it I didn’t crave it now my boyfriend buys it and he stores a lot in the cover and a lot of times she just goes to work and leaves the house and I’m stuck with it all day because I spend a lot of my time at home doing my work here so what you really need to do is get on board with whoever you with with ask them to not buy it or get healthier with you or if they you have to have it ask them to just buy a little bit of it exactly what they’re going to eat for the next few days or something like if they’re craving a chocolate bar go on how to talk apart with your 510 and store nine in the cupboard in 51 another thing they could do is you could collect everything put in a basket and they can take it to work and have it out work in their desk in ETS I want to eat it and not eat it at night at home if you do it alone or you’re living with someone that wants to get healthier and eat less junk food – then just collect everything and get rid of it whether that be give it to one of your friends who wants to eat it donate it do something which days just get it out of your house and out of your sight and I guarantee you you won’t need it you have healthy fruits and vegetables already or I don’t know healthy cereal or healthier snacks you’re going to grab that especially if you don’t have your junk food in your cupboard so do yourself a favor and clean out those covers the last two secrets of mine that I want to share with you have to do with the mind because I feel like people don’t don’t really think about that or talk about that enough when it comes to loosing weight and I have to say that that was probably half the battle for me when I was trying to lose weight when I was younger it’s really a mind thing a a lot of the times we just feel discouraged you think you can’t do it or you’ll do it tomorrow we’ll do it the next day and it just becomes cut off and you become you go down this dark hole but one thing that really stuck in my mind a quote that works for me and I often think about is that you need to eat to live not live to eat and that’s what I tended to do before I would always just whiskey constantly be thinking about food and what I want me next and I would always think that those delicious things are the junk foods and those healthy things are not good and it’s not a good life to with the eat that way but once you change your mind and you need to live you eat things that are nutritious and good for your body and healthy for you and you eat the right amount you don’t need as many calories and you think you need to sustain your life so just need to live a good life instead of the other way around and take care of your mind do medication take long baths read books have a journal write down your thoughts regarding successes and achievement reward yourself not with food with other things like a spa day or I don’t know go and get a new pair of jeans when you go down a size those types of things really helped me and helped my mind stay really healthy and on track and focus and there were times that I would screw up and I would have a day where I just went up wind up in eight every kind of junk food I could get my hands on and I would feel bad about myself and then I would feel depressed and I was done is our fall but it’s really important to know that everyone does that but you just got to get back on track and tomorrow is a new day just start fresh and keep going because every day that you make the decision to live healthier whether that be just changing a few of your eating habits or adding some exercise is the day that you get closer towards your goal my pens and final tip is to get inspired surround yourself with people who inspire you whether that be family members or friends or people on social media I know for me when I follow accounts that really inspire me whether it be with positive quotes or the way they live their life or cooking and recipes or workout routines they do I always feel so much more motivated and inspired when I see those things like when I wake up and I see a girl working out at the gym and you do those taking a selfie the gym or she’s posting her workout routine that she’s doing right then I’m like I need yo is in right now get a whole bunch of inspiration and motivation around you and you’ll feel so ready to take your life into your own hands and just do more I take on the world and that’s all I got for you today guys if those are my 10 top secrets and tips for weight loss and health I kind of I’m not sure I’m gonna settle this I feel like it’s more for weight loss or how I lost weight or how I maintain my weight I don’t know if this remember you guys are a lot stronger than you think in your mind is a really powerful tool so if you want to do something just set your mind to it and get it done just try to work hard this year and make things happen let’s make you thousand seventeen our best year yet all right guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon [Music]

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